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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Panic! Don't Panic ..Show bizniz crisis hits Metropolitan Police Entertainments Unit - all their patsies stars locked up . more required...

Peter Clarke ,Met Police Assistant Commissioner responsible for specialist operations, (AKA The Sphincter of the Yard) said on Monday when launching an advertising campaign to coincide with the ending of the 5 month "Don't Panic I'm Islamic" Trial (Joint Production BBC / MI5/6) ... "Terrorists live within our communities, making their plans whilst doing everything they can to blend in, and trying not to raise suspicions about their activities."

This blending in the community naturally involves being filummed for TV - BBC 2, Sunday 12th June,2005 19:00 ( er...one month before the 7/7 false flag bombing of the London Transport) ....The BBC paid for Mr Hamid and fellow defendants Muhammad al-Figari and Mousa Brown to go on a paintballing trip at the Delta Force centre in Tonbridge, Kent, in February 2005 for a BBC programme commissioned by MI6 (who also supplied an Asian agent provacateur for the set up / entrapment ) "Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic"

The men, accused of terrorism training, starred in the programme which was screened in June 2005. Woolwich Crown Court was told the BBC paid Mr Hamid, an Islamic preacher who denies recruiting and grooming the men behind the failed July 21st 2005 attack, a £300 fee to take part in the programme.

Mr Clarke went on to say on Monday ..."We want people to look out for the unusual, some activity or behaviour which strikes them as not quite right and out of place in their normal day to day lives."

Well look carefully at these two photographs and decide whether you should give him a call and advise him of something out of place.. or ...er...not quite right.

Nasreen Suleaman, "a researcher on the programme," *** was born of Pakistani parentsin Britain and brought up like Mohamed Sidique Khan in Yorkshire and has worked for the BBC for 13 years. She has written a considerable number of stories ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 )which have appeared on BBC Online about evil Islamic, bearded/non bearded , brown skinned Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist terrists . In November 2005 she produced a BBC 4 documentary , "Biography of a Bomber " - a search for reasons why Mohammad Sidique Khan turned from being a non-mosque-going Yorkshire Brit into a suicide bomber for Islam on July 7.

Nasreen Suleaman also spoke at a conference in Madrid organised by the British Embassy in Spain with the aim of discussing Islam and communities in the future some time in 2005.

Nasreen Suleaman appeared in Woolwich Crown Court and told them that Mr Hamid contacted her after the July 21st abortive attack and told her about his association with the bombers. (read about trial here)

Nasreen Suleaman explained to the court that she informed senior BBC managers but was not told to contact the police and therefore felt under no obligation to contact the police with this information. It appears it was her idea that they went paint balling - she told the court: "There are many, many British Muslims that I know who for the past 15 or 20 years have been going paintballing. It's a harmless enough activity. I don't think there is any suggestion, or ever has been, that it's a terrorist training activity." WRONG WRONG

Nasreen Suleaman had no need to worry, Peter Clarke and the masterminds of the Met knew all about Mr Hamid, they had a man on the inside (Agent 1259 ) for over 2 years, they were secretly recording conversations in his house.

Regrettably so busy have the Busies in Blue been in masterminding their secret cells of evil Islamic, bearded/non bearded , brown skinned Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist terrists they betrayed the trust the public put in the security services... and allowed patient, clever , well organised enthusiastic committed eco-freaks to not only identify the glaring weaknesses in security at our major airpirt and the Houses of Parliament but to breach them and explouit the resultant publicity.

They managed to sneak huge banners, Day Glo Jackets to parade for hours their message to be relayed worldwide by a primed and waiting Press.

Mr Peter Clarke the terrist mastermind added on Monday launched a massive (and no dobt expensive) advertising campagn in Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, and the West Midlands (that's the hideout of the evil Islamic, bearded/non bearded , brown skinned Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist terrists).

Mr Peter Clarke the Sphincter of the Yard and Keeper of the Lunch Pails added: "I completely understand and appreciate that some people may have concerns or reservations about contacting the police."

"Any information passed to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline (0800 789 321) is treated in the strictest of confidence."

So, if any readers see a group of people (they don't have to be evil Islamic, bearded/non bearded , brown skinned Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist terrists) standing on top of an plane at London Airport with a huge fluorescent banner.

If any readers see a group of people(they don't have to be evil Islamic, bearded/non bearded , brown skinned Jihadist Islamic fundamentalist terrists) hanging banners off the roof of the Houses of Parliament while policemen (they are usually the one's in fluorescent jackets - but not always) with Heckler and Koch MP5 automatic machine guns skulking around looking very awkward.

RING 0800 789 321

Ask for Peter.

*** Small research program for the reader , simply Google the phrase, "Nasreen Suleaman, a researcher on the programme, told the court that Mr Hamid, 50" (no quotes) ... and see if you think the beautiful, doe eyed, Asian beauty , Nasreen, 13 years with the BBC who speaks to conferences at the UK Embassy in Madrid and produces TV programmes which take 24 months to make is a "researcher"

One thing is for certain beautiful, doe eyed, Asian beauty , Nasreen Suleaman is a very smart lady.

UPDATE March 17th see also Antagonist 26 February 2008
Osama bin London Exclusive - terror training and extremism gets BBC sponsorship

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Unfortunately, Peter Clarke's every statement reminds us that he's someone who pisses upwind. If only he were a little more retiring...

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