"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The UK elites and their prediliction for sex with children

Jersey is a small (90,000 population) island with a mediaeval system of Government - it isn't in the EU - Aangirfan has collected together information about Edward Paisnel, the "Beast of Jersey", who was the son of wealthy Jersey landowners.

In the period 1958 - 1971, Paisnel abducted and abused a number of children and at the same the time visited visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenne orphanage dressed as Father Christmas. This was revealed in first revealed in a book written by his wife, Joan, in 1972, after he had been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Paisnel, apparently was keen for the children to call him Uncle Ted, died in 1994. He apparently also did work on the premises as an odd job man /painter.

The mainland were alerted to an intensive study centred on that orphanage by the BBC in early December - Investigating Jersey's 'abuse' history . Mr Syvret, 42, the former Jersey health minister who has been involved in fierce clashes with Frank Walker, the island’s Chief Minister, over allegations of a cover-up, said that the abuse extended to several more children’s homes in addition to Haut de la Garenne and Greenfields, which is the subject of a separate investigation .
Aangirfan provides an excellent running commentary on paedophile scandals and cover ups ... which he traces through Lenny Harper the NI policeman in charge of the inquiry on Jersey today , via the Kincora Boys Home the North Wales , Bryn Alyn paedophile ring and MI5/6 /SIS involvement with both.

By way of police cover ups at Dunblane and Labour Party Politicians like Margaret Hodge (née Margaret Oppenheimer) who (reminscent of Kenny the Red) accused the accused the Evening Standard of "gutter journalism" and rejected its dossier on paedophile activity in the homes when The Evening Standard began a series of reports alleging that dozens of children at two Islington council homes were abused.

..to the curious case of George Robertson ... Secetary general of NATO

Blair's Protection of Elite Paedophile Rings Spells the End For His Career / Mike James

"NATO boss and Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland's leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for the British elite. "

Aangirfaan gets better ... read also the way Israel / Turkey / US are forming a sinister triangle of force ready to tackle Iran. Turkey is being persuaded to join an attack on Iran?

Gannon - see WAPO Friday, May 4, 2007; Page A02 see also

The BBC have been on the case of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse and cover up since 2006 and this link gives an excelle time line with links to all BBC stories. Something is very rotten in the States of Jersey.


Anonymous said...

May I draw My Lord's attention to A v Hoare etc and ask him to take note of Lister v Hesley Hall and see the Jersey case in this context. (Not to criticise the claimants, I would applaud them, but I would say that these cases have given an impetus to the scandal).

Anonymous said...

Note that the Cullen Inquiry into the massacre of 16 children & their teacher in Dunblane on 13th March 1996 by masonic maniac Thomas Hamilton contains sections which have been put under lock & key for 100 years.

Hansard records Mr. George Robertson (then a Labour MP, who went on to become the [malleable] General Secretary of NATO) stating that "I argued with him [Hamilton] in my own home".

Maybe they were arguing about the Gun Licence awarded to Hamilton, based on the character reference provided by (Lord) George Robertson. (Robertson apparently later sued over this insinuation).

More info here.

Anonymous said...

I never understood why (some would say pug-faced) Robertson held so many senior appointed roles.

Have a look at 'em here.

ziz said...

Anon 8.51

"But people who commit sexual assaults are seldom worth suing."

Hoffman's directness is refreshing.

"The situation was radically changed when the House of Lords decided in Lister v Hesley Hall Ltd1 AC 215 that sexual abuse was not necessarily outside the scope of an employment. It depended upon whether there was a sufficiently close connection between the work which the employee had been employed to do and the acts of abuse. A company which owned and operated a school boarding house was held liable for sexual abuse of pupils by a man employed as warden. After that, claims against the operators of schools, detention centres and similar institutions for sexual abuse by employees came thick and fast."

Which didn't stop them resisting them thick and fast either.


My Lords,

Until the 1970s people were reluctant to believe that child sexual abuse took place at all. An age of inoccence ?

Now we know only too well that it does. But it remains hard to protect children from it. This is because the perpetrators are so often people in authority over the victims, sometimes people whom the victims love and trust. These perpetrators have many ways, some subtle and some not so subtle, of making their victims keep quiet about what they have suffered. The abuse itself is the reason why so many victims do not come forward until years after the event. This presents a challenge to a legal system which resists stale claims.

Why make the reference to staleness ? They simply resist. Society would run more smoothly if people responded in a sensible way to negotiate claims - especially medical negigence, whwere delay in settlement only adds to the damage caused - but does of course boost the fees for the men in pinstripes.


" .....the sort of considerations which ought clearly to be in mind in sexual abuse cases in the new era which your Lordships are now ushering in ..... Don't build your hopes up however.

"....... a substantially greater number of allegations (not all of which will be true) are now likely to be made many years after the abuse complained of....."

...and just as likely resisted despite these appeals ...because ....

"By no means everyone who brings a late claim for damages for sexual abuse, however genuine his complaint may in fact be, can reasonably expect the court to exercise the section 33 discretion in his favour........."

Hesley Hall

16 A preoccupation with conceptualistic reasoning may lead to the absurd conclusion that there can only be vicarious liability if the bank carries on business in defrauding its customers. Notsuch an absurd proposition when they won't accept responsibility over claims about PIN's being stolen, fraudulent cedit card use, negligent Trustees etc.,or the criminal crew who ran Northern Wreck

20. Our law no longer struggles with the concept of vicarious liability for intentional wrongdoing. until you read ....

28 "Matters of degree arise. But the present cases clearly fall on the side of vicarious liability." SO we are back to the Judges discretion.

34 Then Lord Clyde says "the Lord President (Cooper) said of the rule respondeat superior "What was once presented as a legal principle has degenerated into a rule of expediency, imperfectly defined, and changing its shape before our eyes under the impact of changing social and political conditions". Nothing much has changed then.

35 A variety of theories have been put forward to explain the rule. The expression "respondeat superior" and the maxim "qui facit per alium facit per se", while they may be convenient, do not assist in any analysis.

and quotes Lord Pearce 1965

"The doctrine of vicarious liability has not grown from any very clear, logical or legal principle but from social convenience and rough justice". I am not persuaded that there is any reason of principle or policy which can be of substantial guidance in the resolution of the problem of applying the rule in any particular case.

In 1974 just prior to the General Election RAP (Rochdale Alternative Press) made allegations about visits by Cyril Smith MP (Now Sir)in his role on the Rochdale Education Committee to an approved school.THose who made complaints were said to have been assisted in emigrating to Australia.

These allegations were never complained of by Cyril Smith ... but do after all these years raise the question of vicarious liability for those visitors et all who are not employee.

Whilst these appeals improve the situtation for the handful of cases dealt with I doubt whether much is going to change to the litany of lies, destruction of evidence. obfuscation , secrecy, that has existed and still exists today.

ziz said...

Anon 12.12

G W Bush and G Robertson were both born in 1946. GWB spent summer hols at the Perthshire farm of the Gemmell family whose son Bill(b.1952) not only was a mate of Tony Blair (b 1953) at Fettes but was best man at Bill's wedding and when GWB came to Lunnun and had a banquet with the Queen. Bill Gemmell was invited (as was US citizen Mrs Quinn who was, unkown to the public at large, mistress of Mr D Blunkett and eventually mother of his child).

Bill Gemmell's dad, big wheel in Edinburgh blue chip Merchant bank Sime Ivory was a major funder of Dubya's dads oil interests.

Mr G Robertson's rise without trace has always been a puzzle. A modest man , with a lot to be modest about.

Maybe if we hang around 100 years (or someone blows a whistle) we might have some light thrown on this fascinating subject.

paul said...

Your knowledge of our most rarely seen and exotic fauna has me in awe. I'd heard about the sinister bush/gemmel nexus and was told that bush was rather strapped at the time, hence the lifelong palship (maybe his riggs bank cheque was in the post). Though that may have just been traditional scotch braggadocio.

Just shows you old europe's good for something...

Anonymous said...

Sir Cyril Smith MBE, former MP for Rochdale and subject to serious published allegations in May and June 1979. (Rochdale Alternative Press RAP and Private Eye, May 11th 1979).

These published allegations will be on the internet somewhere.

The facts published in 1979 involve a Children's Hostel in Roichdale in the early 1960's.

Cyril was an influential councillor with an interest in visiting children's homes and hostels.
He also founded a charity called Rochdale Childer.

The RAP and Private Eye articles describe signed witness statements made by solicitors and the Lancashire Constabulary. They describe Cyril Smith administering punishments (smacking bare bottoms then wiping the red marks with a wet sponge). The articles also describe the influential politician conducting medical examinations Idi Amin - Ugandan style - by squeezing the testicles of 15 and 16 year old boys- without their consent. Sir Cyril has never held any medical qualifications.

The sexual abuse of young men and the abuse of his very influential position in local politics have been swept under the carpet for far too long.

The cover up that is referred to in the published articles needs to be investigated.
The DPP could not confirm or deny that the prosecution file ever existed. There is mention of special branch taking the file away for safe keeping in the early 1970's.

Gentleman Jim Callaghan was Home Secretary back then.

Other reliable sources state that Rochdale's MP at the time, Labour man Jack McCann helped a sobbing Alderman Smith out after the police interviewed him. Big Cyril repaid the favour by joining the Liberal Party to fight the Rochdale by-election in 1972 when Jack McCann died in office.

There is rumour of MI5 having an interest. Investigative journalist Paul Foot mentioned Operation Clockwork Orange and that Cyril Smith was a target as information was held about him.

Cyril never sued Rochdale Alternative Press or Private Eye.

Cyril was never given a Lordship.

He celebrates his 80th birthday soon- the godfather of his town. Has he got away Scot-free?

If found guilty then such monsters deserve to be prosecuted and put on the sex offenders register.

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Alternative Press (RAP)
May 1979 (Number 78)

RAP has obtained evidence that, during the 1960’s, Cyril Smith was using his position to get lads aged 15 – 18 to undress in front of him in order that he could get them to bend over his knee while he spanked their bare bottoms or let him hold their testicles in a bizarre ‘medical inspection’.
The evidence comes from the interviews conducted by RAP over the last six months and in the form of statements made on oath before a solicitor. The allegations are not new – some were originally made as long as 15 years ago, but they were made in statements to the police during their investigation of these allegations in 1969/1970.
There is also disturbing evidence to suggest that that police investigation may not have had its proper end.
RAP decided last September to investigate the allegations in order to determine the facts in an area dominated ever since by rumour. This was prompted partly by the stance Smith had adopted in the Thorpe affair. And partly by the fact that his position as M.P., like his election campaign, was totally based on his personal character of “Smith the Man” – there was part of that man which has to date been concealed and which we feel to be sufficiently disturbing for it to be made public.
Here we present the results of our investigation:

The investigation, carried out by Lancashire Constabulary’s Task Force, started some three years before Cyril Smith first became Rochdale’s MP. It lasted for around 6 months.
It was stimulated by allegations made by a young Rochdale man while he was being questioned by police in connection with charges of indecent behaviour, in Risley. In the course of his examination he claimed there was, in effect, one law for the powerful and another for the poor. He alleged that Cyril Smith had done similar things but got away with it.
Cyril Smith was then Alderman, Chairman of the Education Committee, and soon to be prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the local Liberal Party which he had not long ago rejoined .
The young man concerned had been a resident of the Cambridge House Boy’s Hostel, on Castlemere Street. That hostel then became the focus of the police investigation as they interviewed not only its residents but its committee members - including Bill Harding, Harry Halstead, Alan Lovick and Ron Watson, who were asked questions about the role of the committee members in discipline and medical examinations.
These committee members, while admitting with various degrees of reluctance that they had been interviewed by the police, all denied then, as they did again to RAP, any knowledge of improper activities within the hostel. Some of the residents however had clear and, both to us and to some of the police, convincing memories.

The hostel had been set up by the Rochdale Hostel for Boys Association, a voluntary group formed late in 1960 under the joint inspiration of Probation Officer Bill Harding, its chairman, and Cyril Smith, its secretary. With the aid of Rotary Club money to guarantee its rent for the first two years, the assistance in renovations of the Round Table, and of other committee members like Alan Lovick who provided cost price furnishings, the doors of Cambridge House were opened as a hostel for working boys in February 1962.

[Clipping inserted within the main body of the article]...
“We earnestly hope that we have found for boys a home in which they can find the right moral character building influence.” Smith at the 1964 AGM of the hostel.

It had room for 20 boys, though it average less. The solid basis of its membership was a dozen lads who were apprentices with Whipp & Bourne. They had originally been employed in the firm’s Scottish works but were moved to Rochdale when that closed down. Increasingly, residents were also recruited from the ranks of those in care or from broken homes.
It closed at the end of 1965, primarily through lack of funds and, in particular, because after a lengthy debate, the council endorsed the decision of its Children’s Committee not to increase the grant it was giving to the hostel, by the additional £700 they were being asked to. Strangely, there is no mention of the hostel project in Smith’s autobiography ‘Big Cyril’ which was published in 1977.

[Clipping inserted within the main body of the article]...
“I believe there is a place for corporal punishment....there is a place in law for a good hiding.” Smith in the Rochdale Observer, 21 April 1979.

During the investigation the police took statements from 7 or 8 of the boys who had lived at the hostel and from at least one who had not. RAP has traced 10 ex-residents and one who, though never having been at Cambridge House, made a statement to the police.
Of the 10, three have nothing but praise for Cyril Smith. The other 7 have all made allegations which fall into one or both categories:
They have described to us Smith’s role in providing discipline. Two extracts from sworn statements given to us illustrate the procedure:
(1) From a man now married with 4 children and living in Rochdale, describes how, while at the hostel and aged about 16 he took a day off work from the job Smith had arranged for him. His absence from the job was reported to the hostel and he was interviewed by Smith:
“He gave me the choice between accepting his punishment and leaving the hostel. I said I would accept his punishment...He took me into the Quiet Room. He told me to take my trousers and pants down and bend over his knee. When I had done that he hit me four or five times with his bare hands on my bare buttocks.”
(2) From a man, single, living and working in Rochdale, then aged about 15, describes how after he had been reported for a minor offence:
“Cyril Smith found out that I had taken some money. He asked me if I would accept his punishment or be dealt with by the authorities. I said I would accept his punishment. He told me to take my trousers and pants down and bend over his knee. He trapped my hands between his legs. He hit me many times with his bare hand and I pleaded with him to stop because he was hurting me. This took place at the hostel. Afterwards he came to my bedroom and wiped by buttocks with a wet sponge.

We have been told by Dr Ian McKichan, then Rochdale’s Police Doctor, who provided medical services to the hostel and now lives in Rugby that Smith was often present at the medical examinations. Some of the ex-residents we interviewed have stated on oath that they had what they took to be medical inspections from Smith himself. For example, from the sworn statement of a man who lives locally in a new house:
“After a few days in the hostel I was given a kind of medical examination by Cyril Smith. He told me to take my trousers and pants down. He held my testicles and told me to cough.”
We have had similar experiences described to us by more than one other person.

Our investigation led us to someone who never was a resident of the hostel but who turned out to have also made a statement to the police. He still lives locally with his wife and family and holds a good job. He was one of the many young men Smith has helped over the years. In his case the help came about 1967, after the hostel had closed, in the form of an offer of a job at Smith’s Springs. He took it.
Increasingly, the lad’s parents – he was about 16 – turned to Smith for help in coping with his adolescent adventures. He still remembers Smith telling him that he would help him to sort himself out, but that he would do it his way. And that whenever he did something wrong, he would have his trousers taken down and receive a beating.
On three occasions, the now family man remembers, Smith took him into the front room of his parents’ house after they had reported his misbehaviour to him. On each occasion Smith endeavoured to remove his trousers and bend him over his knee, even to the extent of a wrestling match when met with resistance from the lad.

[Clipping inserted within the main body of the article]...
“Its not a very friendly gesture, publishing that, all he seems to have done is spank a few bare bottoms.” David Steel’s Press Office, 22 April 1979.

(5) Jack McCann M.P.
During the course of the police enquiry, in 1970’s early months, Smith sought help. He visited Dr McKichan in Rugby. He called at the house of a local man who had fostered one of the boys from the hostel . That lad had made a statement to the police and Smith’s visit appeared to have had the purpose of seeking ways of reducing the credibility of the statement.
He also turned to Jack McCann, the then labour M.P. for Rochdale. He had earlier turned to the same man for help in getting his M.B.E. award of 1966. We have had described to us a late night session between Smith and McCann who had been brought over to Rochdale from his home in Eccles for the purpose. The meeting ended with McCann offering offering to make representations on Smith’s behalf.
Jack McCann’s widow, Alice, remembers her husband being asked to help Smith. We know that McCann was concerned about the situation in which he found himself since, though a man of close confidence, he actually discussed it with one associate in the course of a train journey between London and Manchester. That confidant still vividly remembers the conversation and told RAP that McCann had said that he had taken the matter up with the Chief Constable.
Beyond that hint, we have not been able to find exactly what McCann did, or if anything he did had any bearing on the result. Certainly the Chief Constable concerned told RAP he has no memory of ever meeting him. But there is one disturbing discrepancy in the stands now being taken.

(6) THE D.P.P.
The police, at the conclusion of their investigation, appear to have taken the view that there was sufficient reason to warrant a court’s verdict. A file was certainly drawn up by the Officer in charge of the Task Force Team for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
From that point the story becomes disturbingly confused over the issue of whether the file actually reached the D.P.P.
It has always been believed by those in the know that the file was indeed sent to the D.P.P. And that the D.P.P. returned it marked for no further action on the basis of insufficient evidence.
That was what the investigating team were told. That is also what associates of Smith and then the local leading political figures in the Town – who were officially informed of the proceedings – also believed. That was what Smith himself was told by the investigating officer.
An approach to the D.P.P. however failed to confirm that. On our first request for information, the D.P.P.’s press office agreed to answer the question of whether or not the file had been received by them. After making the appropriate search, we were told that they had failed to find such a file. A further approach brought the official statement from the Director: “The D.P.P. cannot trace such a case being referred to us, but cannot confirm or deny receiving it.”
The Director did confirm that, under the then applicable regulations the “Chief Office of Police shall report to the D.P.P. offences....which include indecent offences upon a number of....young persons.”
We also wrote to Sir Norman Skelhorn, the man who was the Director of Public Prosecutions at the time of the investigation. RAP’s letter was forwarded to him by one of his Club’s, the Athenaeum. On Wednesday 25th April we received a phone call from someone claiming to be Sir Norman, on holiday and from a coin box phone, who said that he could remember nothing at all about such a case.
RAP also interviewed Mr. Palfrey, the Chief Constable of Lancashire at the time. He agreed that such a file “should have been sent” but said “I can’t say for sure whether the file was sent or not.” He told us to approach Police HQ. Which we have done several times. Their final comment was “We decline to comment.”

[Clipping inserted within the main body of the article]...
“I believe that a politician’s private life is his own affair and should remain so unless private behaviour jeopardises his political role. I suspect that most men and women have a skeleton rattling round in their cupboard and I think it should be allowed to remain there unless it can be proved that its exposure can right some injustice done to another person.” ‘Big Cyril’ (1977) Smith’s Autobiography.

The file, kept since at Preston, the HQ of Lancashire Constabulary, came to the centre of national events in February/March 1974. Then there was discussion of a possible coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberals. The possibility, if that happened, of leading Liberals holding Ministerial posts, prompted the Special Branch to acquire a copy of the Preston file on Smith which was taken, with special security precautions, to London.

Throughout the police enquiry Smith asserted his innocence of the allegations. He told his friends at the time that it was a case of an attempt to damage him politically. He pointed to the home backgrounds and records of some of the ex-residents of the hostel as evidence of their lack of credibility. In his interview with the police, with his solicitor present, he denied all the allegations made against him. We have no reason to believe that he would do anything other than that today. RAP wrote to him asking for an interview to discuss the serious issues raised by our investigation, but he did not reply.

(9) WHY NOW?
This is not, though it will be suggested it is, a smear campaign in the middle of an election. Our investigation started, as our records show and those we talked to can confirm, last October when the election was still thought to be a year away. When we published our last issue – which announces the date of this one – we did not know that this issue would be just a few days before an election.
The fact is that our findings compel us to publish. Rochdale is being asked to elect a man as M.P. on a purely personal basis. His election material makes but passing reference to the Liberal Party. Smith himself has consistently and consciously personalised the issue. Once we became convinced that he had, over a period of years, interspersed his undoubted good work with a clear abuse of his position for personal ends, we felt had no choice but to make it that part of what Rochdale’s electors should be asked to take into account.
It had already been reported to us, before publication, that Smith intended to issue a libel writ. That did not alter our conviction that the men we had interviewed were telling the truth. Nor our view that they should not have been left with the indelible mark of their experiences at the hands of Smith. For too long, it is they who have effectively been branded as wrongdoers.

It is not RAP’s function to pronounce on guilt or innocence. We do however believe that the investigation of 1970 should have resulted in a court case. We cannot but believe, like many of the men we interviewed, that had the allegations involved a less prominent person, it would have had exactly that result.
We do find Smith guilty of the charge of hypocrisy, over his role in the Thorpe affair. At the very least he might have been expected to remain silent. He did not. We have established that Smith was a major source of the Press’s information on the Liberal Party’s affairs at the time. He was reporting, at his own initiative, the most confidential of conversations with his leader, direct to the Daily Mirror.
We accept that Smith may neither have committed or, even if the evidence gathered by the police investigation had led to prosecution, been found guilty of any criminal offence. But the practices described in the statements made to both the police and RAP must be condemned, not for any sexual content which may be read into them, but because they present a serious abuse of authority.
Private preferences are, and should remain, personal business. The use of public position for personal gratification at the cost of exploitation of others must be prevented.

There is also cause for concern in the question of whether the file in this case reached the D.P.P.’s office. RAP believes that this should be the subject of a full and impartial investigation.

Anonymous said...

Rochdale Alternative Press (RAP)
June 1979 (Number 79)

RAP’s revelations concerning Cyril Smith published in our last issue was a story in which the national press have been interested for a long time. What prevented them from publishing previously was the laws of libel – which still prevent them from publishing it now. RAP has not received a libel writ from Smith.
Once the story was out the media interest continued. Several taxis from Manchester offices of newspapers arrived at Rochdale newsagents to buy a dozen copies each. The People sent its representative, Harold Holborn, accompanied by a Rochdale Observer reporter! John Derricot of the Mail, Bill Jenkins of the Sun, Mike Nally of the Sunday Observer, Chris Bryer of Granada, Chris House the crime correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph, and the news editor of the Star have all had conversations with us about the story.
Libel of course remains the problem, as of course it has been ours. Clearly what we have said about Smith is defamatory. The only defence therefore against libel is that what we have said is true. Our London lawyer’s advice was simple: if you know it to be true, print it. We did.
The one national paper with enough courage to carry the story so far was Private Eye. It’s edition of May 9th ran a summary of the RAP story as its lead article. It repeated the allegations RAP had made and included the extracts from sworn affidavits made by the young men concerned. Private Eye has frequently received libel writs from politicians. It was not received one in this instance.
None of which stops Smith from continuing to condemn others. As recently as his Ob ‘Letter from Parliament’ of 26th May he commented on the actions of Labour Councillor Bob Crossland [“who had the effrontary to attend the Mayor making ceremony without a tie, and to sit and read throughout the ceremony....”]. He (Smith) found that behaviour to be ‘disgusting’ unlike, apparently, holding young men’s testicles and beating their bare bottoms, as he has done.
But we must again repeat, most disturbing is not what Smith did. It is the fact that he never had to answer for himself through the normal processes of law or face the publicity that would have involved. There is still every reason to doubt that the police file even got as far as the D.P.P. – in spite of a statutory requirement for it to do so. Until it is clear that he is subject to the same justice as the rest of us he should keep his mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

One day the truth will fully come out about that monster Cyril Smith. Everything, even from before Cambridge House and after Knowl View School.

What is also truly sickening is how the local Establishment in Rochdale have kept quiet- from giggles about "Spanker Smith" right through to the protective indignation of certain Freemasons, Rotarians, Church leaders and past Editors of the Rochdale Observer to name a few. Also certain local politicians from all parties that kept quiet. Shame on you all. This is a truly black mark on the good name of Rochdale.

For decades Cyril Smith has dominated the local political landscape of that Lancashire mill town. The "Godfather" has just celebrated his 80th birthday. In a news report Smith explained he is in daily contact with the current MP's agent. He frequently expresses his robust opinions in the local newspaper. Even the local Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies in a birthday tribute refered to him as He Who Must be Obayed and described how he makes his orders and summons his minions to his terraced home in Emma Street. A bithday message also came from Nick Clegg, National leader of the Lib dems. Former leader David Steel was a no-show at the party- perhaps he recalls with horror the statement he gave to chill the press in 1979 when he said: "All we are talking about are a few spanked bottoms". Is that how politicians climb the greasy pole to become leader of their party then first Speaker of the new Scottish Parliament? Shame on Steel for abandoning any hope of justice for those damaged men who,as vulnerble Scottish boys,were sent as young engineering apprentices,to a hostel hundreds of miles from home only to be abused by a bullying politician able to force himself on these children and get away with it all scot free.

Recently, in a gut-wrenching, galling show of bravado a cheque was presented by Sir Cyril to Rochdale Childer- a charity Smith founded for young people in Rochdale. Many in the town are aghast at his continued involvement with children.

There are many in Rochdale who are very protective of Cyril Smith. He is a truly acomplished political operator and has been a bully for over 50 years but he is also respected and seen as a straight-talking man of the people. Some simply refuse to believe the rumours. Others turn a blind eye. Others may think they are just low, politically motivated slurs on an old man.

Clues to the truth are out there and one day they will emerge.
If the DPP file taken by Special Branch and held by SIS still exists then, given time, it will be acknowledged.

Many in Rcohdale, from right-wing Rotarians to left-wing Co-Op directors all have a story to tell.
Cyril Smith wanted to become a Magistrate but was blackballed. He wanted to be made a Peer but it appears this was blocked. Many think that after the 1979 revelations he had successfully sued Rochdale's Alternative Paper. He didn't.

A very strange case indeed. And one that will not go away.

One day the truth will come out.

Man With A Pen said...

What interests me is the prepoderence of male paedophiles and the total absence of females. Panorama, some years ago, did a program devoted to female paedophiles(I have a copy of the program somewhere) but since then they have sort of, vanished off the radar. The police seem unable to find them, despite the fact that they often appear in photographs and movies abusing kids. The media seem unable to find/report on them either. Which, to say the least, is just a little strange. It's almost like we are being led to believe that like domestic abuse, this is a male only problem. Now, why would that be I wonder? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

My unlikely entitled blog seachangeindrycleaning... shares a lot with the lines you follow on paedophilia. I have team members who were victims of abuse themselves and are blowing whistles through my blog. I really hope this piece links our two blogs together. Mine is active and publishes a post a day, 7 days a week.


Anonymous said...

Google are very selective on our blog posts they publish in their search engine compilation. There is obviously information that Google doesn't want on circulation to the public. We see this as prooof of implication of Google to the secret system.

Nonetheless, our Facebook site publishes every thing, some very important, relevant information and views. You can access our Facebook site by Googling my 3 names 'Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fo posting my comments. The team and I are after continually exposing the Talmudic Jeiwsh paedomasonic secret societies like the bilderbergers, Comm 300, scull and bones and others until the masses are educated about their existence.

I was minding my own business developing my world encompassing dry cleaning innovations and technologies affecting the lives of an estimated 1 billion end users around the globe. I found out that every avenue to commercialisation and service to public health (infection control) was blocked by the Talmudic Jews.

Since I cannot make any progress on dry cleaning, why not destroy the Freemasons and everything they stand for? I have the knowledge, the time, the team, and the money needed to keep my blog going for another 20 years!

Anonymous said...

More allegations below concerning high-level paedophiles. I believe there's defintely a link between all the care home scandals too. Kincora, North Wales, Islington, Jersey, etc.


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