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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

D B Cooper's parachute found ? FBI waste even more money chasing phantasma across the NW

Komo TV of Seattle, Washington State, report that a parachute was recently dug up by the children of a Clark County farmer in the area in SW Washington , said to be a likely landing area for the mysterious D B Cooper on November 24th 1971 (Eve of Thanksgiving) is being examined by the FBI. (View video of story K5 TV) (also abc news video)

FBI agent Larry Carr said after handling the unearthed 'chute, "It's fragile to the touch, and it's obviously been in the ground for some time,"

Children playing outside their home near Amboy found the chute sticking up from the ground this month in an area where their father had been grading a road.

Carr says they pulled on the fabric as much as they could, then cut the parachute's ropes with scissors. They had seen recent media coverage on the D.B. Cooper case and urged their dad to call the FBI.

Until the parachute was recovered, the best evidence in the case was the $5,800 recovered along the Columbia River in 1980. A boy found the decomposing $20 bills in the mountains.

The rest of the money was never found, but the FBI determined the bills were a match to the Cooper crime. However, the finding of this chute throws the authenticity of those bills into question.

"If this is D.B. Cooper's chute, then that whole theory about the finding of the money is gone," said Carr. "Where the money was recovered, there's no way (they were his). There are no tributaries that feed in that direction."

FBI story about D B Cooper here
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