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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Newsnight Documentaries now produced by Walter Mitty section of the CIA - "Curveball"

We warned you Thursday, March 20, 2008 "Curveball" CIA Psyops operation to discredit Bundesnachrichtendienst to begin over Easter weekend .

Well BBC's gang at Newsnight (In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines) and the Lady Dame Jane Pauline Neville-Jones Fan Club did us proud last night - failing only in not trundling on the Urban Myth at any stage in their re-writing history of the Winebagoes of Death (prop Colin Powell).

Carol Rubra Newsnight producer on her blog said .... "Curveball's been in hiding ever since the war.." well up to a point Lord Copper, living quietly in Germany , protected and paid for by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and every so often chatting on a "non-attributable" basis to any journalist who wanted to listen. abc news had his full clear facial image but the BBC excitingly pixellated his face.

But for American readers you will have a treat tomorrow night ..." "Curveball" ....Airing this Friday,March 28, it's the first footage of him since the start of the war in Iraq.It was his fabrications about WMDs that were a key justification for the U.S. entering into the war. In the same edition, Jeremy Paxman will interview Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, about how the CIA could have been so wrong. Newsnight airs onBBC AMERICA, Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/ 7:00 p.m. PT"

Garth Ancier, President, BBC Worldwide America (which is a branch of and totally funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth office) brought in Michele Grant (?) so that she can say as Executive Producer of the new show, ...: "Newsnight is one of the very best shows in television journalism - it's fearless. It asks the questions that beg to be asked but rarely are. If you want to get answers, really get answers, to the important questions, understand what happened this week and what mattered, Newsnight is for you."

"It asks the questions that beg to be asked but rarely are" Ho.Ho.Ho.

Few will forget Andrew Gilligan's talking about the "sexing" up of the "dodgy dossier" early in the morning , on the BBC Today programme of May 29 2003.

Few will know that Dr Kelly tried to visit Iraq on 19th May 2003 , he got as far as Kuwait but was prevented from entering Iraq from Kuwait because he ( an employee of the FCO) did not have the "proper documentation."

The now very dead scientist and spook Dr David Kelly (already an informant to both Andrew Gilligan and science editor Susan Watts at the BBC ) packed his bags and (for the 37th and last time) flew off to Iraq on June 5th 2003 expressly to examine , photograph and evaluate what were described as 2 mobile weapons laboratories. Proof if needed of the mobile germ factories that Colin Powell had so eleoquently and precisely detailed in form, shape, design and location. It was a brief visit to that war torn country, even though President Bush on May 2nd had declared "Mission Accomplished ". He returned after /4 days in Iraq on June 11th.

He was dead on July 17th.

On Sunday 15th June the Observer (Peter Beaumont, Antony Barnett and Gaby Hinsliff ) reported that "a British scientist and biological weapons expert, who has examined the trailers in Iraq". The expert said, "They are not mobile germ warfare laboratories. You could not use them for making biological weapons. They do not even look like them. They are exactly what the Iraqis said they were - facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons." The article aslo ponted out that the equipment had been originally suplied by a British company, Marconi Command & Control.

It was confirmed in the Hutton Inquiry that Kelly was the source of this quote. Transcript of hearing Section 120 Line 8 et seq....
8 Q. (Mr Knox for Gubment) When would this conversation have taken place? I think the article comes out on 15th June.10

A. ( Peter Beaumont foreign affairs editor The Observer) I think on the Friday, my recollection is on the Friday.

Q. So that is the 13th June? (Dr Kelly returned from Iraq on 11th)

A. I think so. I am not 100 per cent certain but I have a strong recollection it was a Friday.

On Wednesday 9th July the MOD Press Officer Pam Teare made Dr Kelly's name as the source of Gilligan's story available to the press in a carefully contrived guessing game on the 9th July.(Hutton Sect 110 line 5 et seq Mr Knox and Norton-Taylor of the Guradian.)

5 Q. How did the conversation go?
A. I have two names here, I said, and the second one was Kelly and it was confirmed. Yes.
Q. So they said no to the first one, yes to the second?
A. Correct.
Q. And did they say anything else?
A. No.

Dr. Kelly's name was disclosed by the press on the 11th July and on the 16th July he "went for a walk" ... but more likely went to meet someone .. and eventually his nemesis.

The prime minister's official spokesman, Tom Kelly, some short time later described Dr David Kelly as a "Walter Mitty fantasist" - for which No 10 eventually had to publicly apologise.

The following day, Wednesday August 6 th 2003 Dr Kelly's funeral took place.

The most curious feature of this CIA Psy-ops tale is the way the world's press has virtually totally ignored it **** ... see the result of a GoogleNews search under "Curveball".... and the star position for BBC Newsnight's fancy Walter Mitty tale.

There are those who are consequently more firmly of the opinion that the people who murdered Dr Kelly were not too concerned with what he allegedly said to Andrew Gilligan.

The people who murdered Dr. Kelly were scared shitless that he was about to tell the plain, simple, unvarnished truth about the Winnebagoes of Death , with which Colin Powell had so recently enthralled the Security Council, and had acted as a keystone in the arch of argument for the illegal invasion.

As Kissingers lap dog, Paul (call me "Jerry") Bremer was getting into his stride in fucking the Iraqi economy the last thing the victorious invaders wanted was Dr Kelly shooting his mouth off about the bogus story of the anthrax factories and the Winnebagoes of Death.

Dead men tell no tales.

**** Lord Patel hopes this is nothing to do with him having disclosed it before anyone else did.

PS :
Don't let's be beastly to the Germans
When our victory is ultimately won,
It was just those nasty Nazis who persuaded them to fight
And their Beethoven and Bach are really far worse than their bite
Let's be meek to them-
And turn the other cheek to them
And try to bring out their latent sense of fun.
Let's give them full air parity-
And treat the rats with charity,
But don't let's be beastly to the Hun.

Noel Coward see him singing it on You Tube


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's a very good answer why he was murdered.
One thing I don't understand is why Dr Kelly's family have never appeared to want to question the circumstances of his death.

Shutter said...

Minister Geoff Hoon ( a lawyer) spent 1 1/4 hours with Mrs Kelly and daughters Sian and twins Rachel and Ellen,on 22nd July 2003.No doubt, like any concerned and generous minded employer explaining the various benefits of the FCO pension scheme and the elements of it that had an element of Ministerial discretion which could make life more comfortable for his surviving family.


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