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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ex (?) MI5/6 Spy takes the Moral High ground in Scotland - Carry on Lying

Good news for the Lady Dame Jane Baroness Pauline Neville Jones Fan Club - they have insinuated another spook into the Conservative fold - this time as the Chairman of the Scottish Tory Party - not that under the frightful Mrs Annabel Goldie there are many of them left.

Andrew (call me "Andy" ) Fulton, 64 is an ex (?) MI6 operative , who was in a long and no doubt distinguished career , "attached" to various embassies over the last 30 years. He was "seconded" (trans. imposed) from Washington to his alma mater , Glasgow University's school of law to "help" the Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit *** give impartial advice to the world's media.Ho.Ho.Ho.

However his pompous and conceited adoption of the title "Professor" has rebounded on him and he is exposed in the Herald today in peddling himself under this adopted title dishonestly - Proudfoot Consulting, a firm which lists Professor Fulton an adviser, as does the website of edoMidas, a company that has him as its non-executive chairman, and as "Prof R A Fulton" on the site of the Scottish North American Business Council, which he chairs.

The Herald quotes a spokesman for the university : "Mr Fulton is not associated with the University of Glasgow's law school and is not entitled to call himself a Professor."

Fulton himself said: "We need to emphasise to people that voting Conservative is equally important in Scotland as in the rest of the UK. When I was growing up the Conservative presence in Scotland was strong. I see no reason why we cannot aspire to building towards that again."

Perhaps he should also emphasise that telling the truth is " equally important in Scotland as in the rest of the UK"

It will be interesting to see what emendations are made to the websites to put the record straight.

We went to the Bide A Wee Home for Distressed members of the Security Services to ask the grea Lady Dame Jane Baroness Pauline Neville Jones for her reaction to the news about her fellow Ex (?) spies joining the Conservative Party ...

Sadly she had fallen asleep so Toni Fabuloso ate ALL the grapes herself.

**** Alas the Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit Website http://www.gla.ac.uk/departments/schooloflaw/lockerbie/is no longer - well it's there but it's "Not found ", here is a brief description of the Unit and here is the link to the Herald exposing Prfessor Fulton in May 2000 as a spy...."Last night, Fulton's boss, Professor John Grant, who is head of the briefing unit, said if allegations that Fulton was an MI6 agent were proved true he would have no option but to ask him to step down. Fulton works as co-ordinator of the unit, controlling its day-to-day briefings. His work with the unit, and as a visiting professor, is unpaid"

Fultons name appeared "Robert Andrew Fulton: 69 Saigon, 73 Rome, 78 Berlin, 84 Oslo, 89 New York; dob 1944. " in the list published on May 21st 1999 in the Executive Intelligence Review. Also on the Alpha List assembled by Richard Tomlinson . Not that that proves anything.

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