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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super cop and super stud Hot Toddy, Asian Babe, Met maids ....

The Manchester Evening News had a fascinating story about a bent copperess on 2nd September 2005.

This was an everyday story of a glamorous, attractive Asian, super fit, lissome, ex model, airline hostess, mother of a nine year old, who had committed a minor fraud of claiming on an insurance policy claiming she was outof work when she wasn't and had embezzled £1,327.21 by making false statements .... (BBC)

"She was trumpeted in a highly-publicised recruitment campaign by Greater Manchester Police and photographed with Chief Constable Michael Todd."

Curiously the picture of the presentation at the force's training school at Sedgeley Park, Prestwich, Manchester on 27/ 2/2004 has re-appeared ... in the Mail's story tomorrow morning."How many MORE lovers did 'suicide' police chief have? "

There are some contemporary remarks on Police Specials which are (with hindsight) of interest. Fit young lady too, came 19th in RIBBLE VALLEY 10K ROAD RACE 30th December 2001. The daughter of a UN diplomat, it was claimed she was depressed and had undergone unsuccesful fertility treatment with a partner who had left..although she had a daughter already. The fraud she undertook pre-dated her time on the Police and she resigned on June 30th, the day after her arrest and four months after the happy photo-op.

The Sun also covered the event, but with a different picture.

However top cop Todd was not only shagging her , he had left the Met behind and also Julia Wortley, 43 a detective chief inspector, who was based at Colindale police station in North-West London. Mr Todd's office was on the same floor. The two were often spotted together in the gym situated along the same corridor.

Their relationship is understood to have continued until she joined Hertfordshire police as a superintendent in 2003.

Although the uniform obviously attracted him he was also shagging journalist Andrea Perry a crime reporter on a Sunday newspaper who is said to met SuperToddy when she interviewed Mr Todd shortly before he left the Met six years ago.

So if "Hot Toddy" was so evident a philanderer, he would, on the same principle of choosing Stalker be open to manipulation and coercion ...unless of course it was impossible amnogst all the ACPO members to find a non -bent copper. The Vice President of ACPO's West Midlands force is going to "investigate" Mr Todd - several lorry loads of white paint have been seen being delivered at their HQ.

Miss Nagulapalli, has moved to Australia, she still rents out her home in Chorley which the Mail says she shared with a married Chief Insopector called Ross (who he ? ED.) . Now living in Brisbane, she insisted this week: "The suggestion there was an affair between us [her and Mike Todd] is absolute rubbish."

Funny thing is that MI5 /6/7/8 have a habit of recruiting glamourous, attractive Asian, super fit, lissome, bright, intelligent people in their late 20's and early thirties. Sounds as though it might fit the highly mobile , but evidently UK based Miss Nagulapalli. Perhaps she should pop an application form in the post ... unless of course she doesn't need to.

It is of interest that Miss Nagulapalli was represented by expensive lawyer Emma Edhem of the South Eastern Circuit and a Tenant of Richard Ferguson's Chambers, 9 Carmelite Street London EC4Y 0DR whose list of clients defending some pretty nasty charges leads like the who's who of people traffickers, fraudsters, rapists, and death merchants in old people's homes.

To trouble this highly effective barrister to come to Preston in a case involving fraud of £1,372.71 to which she pleaded guilty - she was after all bang to rights - she was of course living with a Police Inspector at the time called Ross - would cost a lot of money.

The Asian Babe got 200 hours community service and had to pay Crown costs of £2,084.71, so all in all a pretty expensive day in court. Bit expensive extravagant for a probationary Plod don't you think ?

Unless someone else was paying the bills ? or someone who had good contacts in London to pick one of the top criminal defence briefs in London ? ...

All this of course is total bollocks.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Somebody in his Michael Todd's position and somebody so successful and determined in their job would have to be made compliant to fit in with the vast corruption at the heart of government.

Hubris said...

I linked to a few of your blogs on: Michael Todd etc. in the course of putting together a blog about the three recently 'suicided' plod:
The Third Policeman

Hope you don't mind . . . :)

Shutter said...

Keine problem Herr Hubris.

Mind you the way they overload themselves with bullet proof vests, pretty dayglo jackets, a belt that holds several hundredweight of handcuffs, truncheons, radios, notepads, mace sprayes, lunch boxes, bullets, tasers supplies, condoms, rubber gloves (just in case they need to do a quick internal body cavity search) etc., it's a wonder they don't suffer from heat exhaustion.

Suiciding Todd ?... select anyone from a long line of cuckolded husbands I should guess.

Poole harbour - how difficult to buy a ticket and put it in a pocket - oooooh very difficult I should think.

Horse Face's guardian? - curious how Fast Response Armed teams fuck up, Sussex / Met - Menezes / da di dah...

Me ? I blame the parents. Usually.

... and then there's the suiciding MP in Basra just after a jolly talking to by General Janus Jackson.

Hubris said...

and then there's the suiciding MP in Basra just after a jolly talking to by General Janus Jackson.

ok, that one I don't remember

Was it an Iraqi of British MP?

I tried googling suicide MP General Jackson but that didn't really help

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