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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The CIA don't like Alex Salmond - their mouthpiece Tom Gallagher carries the mesage of his paymasters

If you go to the George Soros backed, CIA funded "Open Democracy" site you can at the section on Authors select the person calling himself Tom Gallagher.

The brief biography explains that he curently holds the chair of East European Studies in the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University and that he is the author of two recent books , The Balkans in the New Millennium (Routledge, 2005) and The Balkans After the Cold War: From Tyranny to Tragedy (Routledge, paperback edition, 2005). His Theft of a Nation: Romania since Communism (Hurst & Co, 2005) is published in the United States as Modern Romania (New York University Press, 2005)

In further notes to the article discussed below he is also confusingly called chair of Ethnic peace and conflict studies at Bradford University.

He is described ... "Tom Gallagher has written extensively on sectarian and religious issues in modern Scotland, including : Glasgow, The Uneasy Peace: Religious Tensions in Modern Scotland (Manchester University Press, 1987). He is currently embarking on a research project exploring the reaction of the British state and society to the emergence of Muslim radicalism from the Salman Rushdie affair of 1988 to the present "

An article is reprinted , dated 9th September 2007 "Scotland’s nationalist-Muslim embrace" but there is no mention of which publication it first saw light so presumably this is its onlyl .

A sub heading accurately reflects the main thrust of the article - "Scotland's establishment has responded to an abortive terrorist operation by reaffirming support for the country's Muslim minority. The silences as well as the words are politically significant"

What follows is basically a polemic against the SNP and its leadership. This commences by considering the "official" reaction to the puzzling Glasgow Fire / bomb attack . Describing the SNP, the police , the Church of Scotland and the Trade unions, who organised a 1,500 strong George Square June 7th rally as "the cream of Scotland's establishment" he riles against them for having offered bridge building to the country's 60,000 Muslims. "Nobody wondered aloud about the religious dimensions of the religious dimensions of the violent ideology that had evidenty motivated the would-be massacre".

He heaps condemnation on Osama Saeed, who is 1. Young 2. Articulate 3. Muslim. 4. a political activist - he is a former SNP candidate and is also head of the Scots branch of the Muslim Association of Britain.

The ruling SNP has, he claims "assiduously cultivated " Muslims and quelle horreur elected as an MSP Bashir Ahmad who is brown and most likely has a beard. Their leader, immediately after the Glasgow near Apocalypse sought , by a personal visit to Glasgow's central mosque assuring leaders of his determination that their members would not become the focus of attack. (Apparently he also failed to commend "have a go hero" , Mr Smeaton - whom we now know was a fraud and tackled no-one although feted wearing a kilt in the US - organised by whom ?)

In doing so ( the SNP is, he claims the grievance party par excellence) he appeals to the Muslims in a co-ordinated attack on Whitehall Government.

Naturally his ire is saved most for Salmond, (a man who has never worn a uniform) the man who spoke out against the illegal bombing of Kosovo, which he perceives simplistically as solidarity with Milosevic , not as a stand against illegal wars and bombing civilians from 20,000 feet, and that he ignores his atttacks on Albanian Muslims ( bunch of mafia thugs and gangsters to a man) and recalls that Robin Cook called Salmond "Belgrade's stooge".

Salmond he sees leading a separate Scotland , not as a modern efficient state but a sort of leftist London authority "committed to redistributionist policies and a neutralist foreign policy garnished with fashionably right-on rhetoric in the hope that a durable patriotic consensus would emerge."

In this some Scottish Muslims " that see Islam primarily as an ideological tool to create a revolutionary new state" will see this "Scottishness" as an acceptable way to further their own agenda which he has identified elsewhere as the establishment of the Caliphate.

There are 9 comments on the site which are almost universally hostile to this juvenile nonsense - "To attack Salmond as a handmaiden of terrorism, which basically this article tries to do, is Daily Mail journalism at its worst."..."This was a disgraceful article attacking a leaders efforts to maintain calm in a volatile situation" ...

Professor Gallagher fights back ..."The trouble is if unquiet spirits like me don't occasionally rock the boat, all the signs are that an SNP-led Scotland, whether inside or outside the UK, will be a very narrow and conformist place" ..."The SNP is now an Alex Salmond fan-club and sections of the media are in danger of going the same way."

Now in the Sunday Times yesterday , Profesor Gallagher is afforded the space to vilify the Scottish leadership "Salmond must shun Iran - Salmond's anti-English stance and courting of radical Muslims could turn Scotland into a new East Germany"

Apparently when Salmond was in the US for some hoopla event called Tartan Week, he glided over the recent remarks of the Iranian regime through its ambassador in London, that their joint hostility to British imperialism provided the basis for a solid partnership between Edinburgh and Tehran.

The Scots under the "supremely opportunistic" Salmond , instead of condemning an Iranian regime, which is covertly arming thugs who have killed Scottish soldiers in Iraq, Salmond instead courts it and other dangerous regimes .

This "slippery operator " (as distinct from any other politician perhaps ?) makes "questionable alliances in order to drive forward the electoral ambitions of the SNP". Again the young, Muslim Osama Saeed is the object of his evident dislike ( an islamic zealot) with a working chance for gaining the Glasgow central seat (Polls show Labour and SNP equal in March) and has been appointed as a member of the Scottish government's working group to look at the issue of Trident replacement.

This " cocky but inexperienced politician " (Salmond is inexperienced ? has this guy been living in a cave for the last 30 years ?) )and Scotland with its heavily subsidised economy and crumbling social fabric, bears comparison to the old East Germany and is only kept afloat by liquidity of the banks and the solvency of the state - imperilled it appears by Salmond's reckless posturing.

All this will exact a price says the professor ... but Salmond is "unlikely to be the one to pay for it."

Again the comments , pithy and brief suggest the Professor is pissing ddirectly into the raw scottish wind of change. " Where is this man coming from???" .... "Tom Gallagher also seems to speak an utter load of tosh." ...and from Brussels ... "So this is what happens when you question the status quo.....If I were Salmond I'd take this as an endorsment that whatever he is doing is working. The mud slinging had to start sometime......" May I on behalf of all Scot/nats thank the contributer for this piece, even if he must have been drunk when he wrote it. - More votes for the SNP, keep up the good work" ..." This is exactly the type of pontificating nonsense that riles people in Scotland. "

Finally the location of where he comes from emerges when we discover that the author is "a research fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC "... supporting Freedom around the world." This organisation's funding comes almost entirely from a governmental appropriation by the US Congress and it was created by a Reagan era act of Congress.

The NED was a response to the wave of exposure of covert CIA activity - in the UK, suporting Encounter, Jim Haynes and the Traverse Theatre etc., So effectively they are a branch of the CIA - a quasi public face for them and their proxies and fellow travellers like Professor Gallagher.

"A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA" said Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, during a 1991 interview with the Washington Post.

Lord Patel's advice to Alex Salmond is ...Don't go for solitary walks in the countryside.

Aangirfan has an entertaining dialogue found on a lap top computer in Glasgow recently...

PS : Must make more enquiries about who promoted Smeaton so much and organised that trip to the US , medals etc.,.... Hmmmmm


Anonymous said...

If they don't like him now, wait until he secedes from the Union and invites Shanghai Cooperation Organisation troops to protect his oil from former Union bases such as Faslane etc ... (Note that they have a better argument for the legality of secessio than Kosovo).

paul said...

He's got a point, independence is right and proper for albanian gangsters, not the rapidly fundamentalising jockistani's, who are really just like little children.

Should hill walking be re designated as an extreme sport? Is it the new 'most dangerous game'?

ziz said...

Two major points arise of course - is the radicalising of young Scots affected by the toxic tales of resistance, in their schooltexts - stories of the Border reivers , Bannockburn, the widespread philosophy of colonialist victimhood - "The clearings, the sheep and the black black oil etc., " and American made films about heroic token freedom fighters like Wallace who were simply drunken, whoring gangsters.

What arrangements has Salmond made, should he secure independence, for a place in the Eurovision song contest ? i.e does he really have a coherent, wall to wall policy to run a nation?

GoodEnoughForLithuania said...

Every time I leave my country
People asking me the same questions
I feel so embarrassed but I have to admit
My country's not independent

Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
You gotta set it free

Take for instance Jamaica
Trinidad, Barbados and Tobago
And how about Guyana
They're all independant nations

Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
You gotta set it free

I'm tired of travelling on a Dutch passport
Tired of carrying the wrong nationality
I ain't gonna wait another 20 years
Cos I need, I need my own identity

Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
Set my Surinam free
You gotta set it free

Anonymous said...

In contrast to your insightful commenters above, I would merely observe that Prof Gallagher is one dorky-looking bastard. That moustache must rank up there with John Bolton's.

Tommy Sheraton said...

I'd advise Alec not to shag any corpulent journos either.

....young Scots affected by the toxic tales of resistance, in their schooltexts - stories of the Border reivers , Bannockburn, the widespread philosophy of colonialist victimhood...

You must be joking. Sit in a history class in Scotland and you'll learn all about that great martyr Spinning Jenny and all she did for knitwear culture. Maybe some Nazi stuff for light relief. But eff all about Scotland.

Anonymous said...

More on Smeatongate here.

dugstar said...

Mr Smeaton has been invited by the American Scottish Foundation, an organisation which aims to build links between Scots and US citizens.

He will also attend a reception organised by the foundation at Scotland House, on Madison Avenue.

Los Angeles-based public relations expert Steve Jaffe is coordinating the trip and U.S. media arrangements on behalf of the American-Scottish Foundation.
(so it says here


Anonymous said...

"If you go to the George Soros backed, CIA funded "Open Democracy""

George Soros apparently also paid some money to a group which did the Lancet research.

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish