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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tools for urban terrorism ™ # 4 Black Pepper

It is well known that the Metro is now the national newspaper of record ... therefore it is unnerving to read this report from the trial of Sadeer Saleem, Mohammed Shakil and Waheed Ali today ...

"The deadly devices were made of a mixture of black pepper and hydrogen peroxide so 'unique' that the bombers must have had help designing and building them, Neil Flewitt QC, prosecuting, told the jury at Kingston Crown Court.

The 'improvised' explosive mixture was made in a bath at the Leeds house, packed in plastic bags and kept cool with ice-packs."

Lurking in every spice draw, indeed on every table top is explosive Black Pepper. THIS PICTURE SHOWS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE - there is enough here to blow a Jumbo Jet out of the sky or disable a Chieftain Tank. TAKE CARE. If you have to move it, the best safety precaution is to do so wearing oven gloves.

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the kitchen.


Touch nothing. Simply pick up your phone NOW

Dial 999 and explain that you have explosive Black Pepper in your house and request the emergency services, Bomb Squad and the local Counter Terrorism Unit to attend immediately.



If you are blond and bleach your hair, you are advised to inform the Police officer you speak to of this fact.


Anonymous said...

Do you think those in the UK with black pepper and peroxide in their houses will be in danger of having their homes raided and held for 42 days even if they haven't got black beards?

Anonymous said...

If you have a black beard, use the peroxide quickly before they get you.

paul said...

I actually smuggled in a load of black pepper from the indian subcontinent recently....you can buy it quite openly in bombay's fort area. It's disadvantage as a tool of terror is it is so terrifyingly tasty you end up eating it all.
I guess that makes me a walking time bomb

<scribbles in notebook with crayon>
Buy ticket for london eye
drink h2o2 at top
start jumping up and down
wait for unimaginable carnage
<hides notebook underneath cctv/>

The Antagonist said...

Lord P., you may find it of interest to learn that the accused ran gaily through packed rush-hour commuter trains as, "The bombers scattered identity and bank cards around the Tube carriages they targeted before placing their rucksacks on the floor and setting off the explosives."

Testing. Testing.

"Although they were damaged to some extent, they [personal materials and documents, such as ID cards relating to the 'bombers'] did not show the damage that would be expected if they were on the body of the bomber or in the rucksack, suggesting that in each case they had been deliberately separated by some distance from the actual explosion."

No, no, don't test any longer.

"The bombers were not wearing the rucksacks at the time of the explosions, but had instead put them down on the floor of the bus and Tube trains."

The explosions occurred on the floors of the trains, which we have known for some time, "some distance" from the ID which was scattered all over the place 'deliberately separated by some distance" from the explosions and the damage these documents bore does not suggest they were anywhere near to the explosions.

Anonymous said...

We really are being fed a lot of c***
As I suggested before may be the guys were just taking part in the Peter Power's rehearsal and didn't realise it was the real thing and their entrappers planted and the police 'found' the ID etc

ziz said...

Anon: 8.32 . Trust that you are not suggesting that having planted 4 bombs, killed 56 people including the 4 bombers, Yard's finest would then stoop so low as to plant evidence ?

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