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Saturday, April 26, 2008

General Sir Michael "Janus" Jackson - war criminal

Aangirfan brings to our attention the suggestion made by Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad in a speech yesterday at Imperial College, London organised by the the Muslim group the Ramadhan Foundation that an international tribunal should be set up to try US President Bush and Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Howard.

If this eminently sensible suggestion is taken up Lord Patel would like to nominate, as head of the list of military war criminals this cunt.

General Sir Michael "Janus" Jackson, who took over the leadership of the British Army one month before the ilegal invasion of Iraq .

If only because of the way he happily accepted the deaths of UK soldiers in aid of prosecuting an illegal war .. "There is no such thing as a casualty-free military campaign," he growls. "Perhaps we understand that better now. The harsh reality is that there is risk, sooner or later tragically personified in soldiers being killed and wounded." Daily Telegraph

See also - Thursday, December 07, 2006 - General "Mike" Jackson is a fucking, lying 2 faced hypocrite. ..Let us not forget the family of Capt. Ken Masters who seen by General Jackson when he was in Basra to discuss the matter events leading up to the retreival from an Iraqi jail of the 2 SAS "heroes" by a platoon of 10 tanks and helicopetr gunships leaving many dead. 2 days later Masters committed suicide by strangling himself with a bootlace, as General Mike was whooping it up at Margaret Thatchers 80th Birthday Party and telling the Times and the world that ..." The Army looks after it's own".

An inquest at Swindon Coroner's Court, which was heard on 27th June 2006, found that Capt Ken Masters, a senior military police investigator in Iraq, took his own life. At the time he was suffering from depression brought on by increasing workload and stress.

Warrant Officer Philip Floyd told the court: “He was very conscientious. He had a sense of frustration in that the procedures we had to conduct in the inquiries were hindered by forces outside of our control.”

See also Friday, January 27 2006 Reid sends ill equipped troops to certain deaths in S Afghanistan ... ... the ultimate choking nastiness is that General Jackson , knew the hoplessness of the Afghan task, the lack of equipment, training, air support, the poor pay , the imprecise objectives, the havering of his NATO allies, the formidable foe, the devious political control , the duplicitous drug barons and war lords, the terrain, the sapping heat, searing dust, the cold, difficult supply lines .. and still he sent them... to please the politicians.

This latter day Hannibal, told the Today program.. "Mr Reid had been optimistic to hope troops might spend three years in southern Afghanistan without firing a shot", he said, "adding that it was obvious the Taliban would be resistant to Britain's increased military presence in the region earlier this year.""He was entitled to his hope and he did express it as a hope, but I think the reality came as absolutely no surprise at all," General Jackson said.

This hand wringing is no good. It is the job of Generals to tell politicians what is possible and what is not. He didn't and the dead troopers, pilots, airmen, drivers, blindly followed .. and leave behind, parents. wives, sweethearts, children and communities bereaved and distraught and the remaining troops in a hopeless, hapless desert mired by ignorant politicians in Death Alley.Many more will die because of this stupid, ignorant , arrogant, vain , pompous martinet who says, " The Army looks after it's own".

We won't even start on his role in Bloody Sunday. More links

Top of the UK civilan's list after Blair would be that cunt Jack Straw.

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sam_m said...

Readers of the Sunday Times on April 13 will have learned that British Forces killed 7,000 Taliban in the past two years.

Readers of the MoD Factsheets will learn that from Oct '01 to 21 April '08 British combat related fatalities in Afghanistan totalled 68.

Put the two together and you get a kill ratio of which the Nazis might've approved though they'd have considered the timescale a little tardy.

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