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Friday, April 25, 2008

Metastasize - The process in which cancer can travel from one section of the body to another

The way the Metropolitan Police communicate with the greater unwashed is at times puzzling - this (if genuine) is another one to puzzle over.

This is a comment on a post at Rachel from North London


Thank you for your positive comments regarding Operation Mista (Blackstock Road )and for those made by your contributors. I am pleased that we are winning the support of the local community following Phase 1 (Home address raids) and Phase 2 (Blackstock Road raids deploying over 600 uniformed police plus many undercover police / Immigration / HMRC ) on 27th March. We are now engaged in Phase 3, which is the long-term policing solution to eradicate organised crime and anti-social behaviour in your community.

I manage a pro-active team of undercover police and immigration officers (OP Swale) with the sole aim to remove foreign nationals from the UK who cause harm to our communities because of their criminal activity. If we cannot remove them (some nationalities are extremely difficult to deport) we will do our best to put them in prison for their crimes whilst working on a deportation solution.

OP Mista was 18 months in planning and 12 months was spent gathering evidence against 52 of the most harmful criminals. During the operation I have witnessed the harassment of females by these local youths, seen the blatant robbery of people going about their daily business, dealt with the aftermath of the stabbings and been amazed at the volume of stolen property that has passed through Blackstock Road. For each item of stolen property from a burglary, robbery or theft there was a story of loss, fear and violation of somebody’s life.

Nothing has pleased me more in my 21 years in the Metropolitan Police than to see a grown man cry for joy when he re-united with his stolen laptop containing all his family photos, emails, downloads, bank accounts and work all intact (none of it backed up!). The arrested suspect who decided to deprive this man of his memories is in custody awaiting trial.

OP Mista continues, only yesterday we executed search warrants at two more Cafes in Seven Sisters Road (3 arrests made, now a total of 97) as we spread the net to improve the quality of life for residents in the community. I can assure you that more raids will happen as and when we get the intelligence to justify them.

This is where we need your support. If you are not happy with what you see in your community just get in touch with us, you can always contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or contact my team directly. No doubt other criminals will try to fill the gap, so it is important we identify and remove them before they get a chance to embed themselves again.

I also acknowledge from the postings there are legitimate Cafes and businesses in the area who have welcomed the police action. We have done our best to target the premises who gave the criminal gangs refuge to operate within the area, but I am getting to know the good guys too as we sweep through the area. I do not want to upset the decent folk who just want to make an honest living, but in my experience some of the more overtly friendly café owners have turned out to be the worst offenders! I welcome your views on who you think we could work with in the future.

I assume you don’t get many posts direct from the police but I came across your blog by chance today whilst searching for a newspaper article. I think it is important to feedback what we are doing and what we want to achieve on your behalf.


Mike Duncan
Detective Inspector
OP Swale
Metropolitan Police

Perhaps a policy of inaction and "surveillance" for over 12 months followed by a military style purge is an appropriate method of policing.

Perhaps the medical equivalent of,say, "Well Mrs Jones, we'll just let that cancer grow into a handy grapefruit size for deep invasive surgery, then follow up with intense radiotherapy and a good dose of chemotherapy. Meanwhile we' ll just keep an eye on it for you."


Stef said...

a short Gootube introduction to the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm in the context of UK policing; as delivered by that most clay footed, yet apparently legless, of conspiraloons David Icke

he also manages to pull off a fairly impressive Marcel Marceau impression at the same time

Lou said...

It seems that the US surveillance is a bit more softly softly interject Bin Ladeny

Read the report here of the case of the 3 American men who are alleged to have conspired to kill or injure people in the Middle East - including U.S. troops serving in Iraq….& also accused of providing "support and resources" to terrorists.

When questioned how the three defendants knew each other, it was pointed out in court that they were introduced to each other through Mr. Darren Griffin. In fact the only one instance when the three men were actually seen together was during a meeting initiated and led by ……….Mr. Griffin.

Mr Darren Griffin was/is an undercover ‘government confidential informant’.

In court, a defence attorney asked about ‘the information-gathering practices of Mr. Griffin’….it seems that he was trained to "dominate the conversations" as well as interject names such as Osama bin Laden into the conversations. "Quite often, there would be absolutely no discussion in the room and you would bring the topic up out of the blue, isn't that true?" the attorney asked.

Mr. Darren Griffin (a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces) gathered information in Toledo's Muslim community over 2½ years.

If links back to dorkheads are revealed………..

Anonymous said...

If Rachel's happy on her blog, all well and good, let her stay there.
She never did strike me as being the brightest light on the tree.

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