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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Paul Whitehouse and the Courts. Good News and very Bad news - the net closes a little bit more. James Ashley's family get a result

Paul Whitehouse, Ex Chief Constable of the Sussex Police will be a happy man. The Gangmaster Licensing Authority which he chairs ,is bringing two gangmasters to court in the Sheriff Court of Tayside, Central and Fife at Forfar at 10am on Tuesday April 29. They are charged with the unlicensed supply of temporary labour in the agricultural sector following the requirement for all labour providers (gangmasters) to be licensed by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to provide such labour after 1 October 2006.

This is the first prosecution the GLA has brought in it's 2 1/2 year life.

Paul Whitehouse won't be happy that in the House of Lords , Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Lord Scott of Foscote, Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, Lord Carswell and Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury considered interlocutory appeal to decide whether a civil case of assault and battery brought by the relatives (father and son) of James Ashley should be permitted to progress to a trial.

James Ashley 39 was in bed , naked, asleep, with his girlfriend and during an armed raid by Sussex Police on his flat at 4.20 am at Flat 6 Western Road, St Leonards, Hastings, on January 15 1998 PC Chris Sherwood of the Sussex Police Special Operations Unit (“SOU”) shot him dead. No arms or drugs were found on the premises, contrary to the information on which authorisation for the raid rested.

Sherwood, was later tried for murder and after 10 days hearig the prosecution case, Judge Rafferty directed the jury that Ashley should be acquitted of murder and manslaughter. She told the jury that “there is not evidence to negative the assertion of self-defence in all the circumstances...” . Sherwood claimed that he had, mistakenly, believed that James Ashley was pointing a gun at him and was about to shoot him.

Barbara Wilding, then assistant chief constable of Kent constabulary, was asked to investigate, and the late Sir John Hoddinott, then the chief constable of Hampshire police, was asked to produce a report into the chief constable's involvement in what happened. Neither report has ever been published but they have been leaked - which the Guradian published and was later read into the record of the House of Commons by James Ashley's MP Louise Ellman. inter alia the raid was "authorised on intelligence that was not merely exaggerated, it was determinably false . . . there was a plan to deceive and the evidence concocted." ....Paul Whitehouse, the then chief constable, "wilfully failed to tell the truth as he knew it, he did so without reasonable excuse or justification and what he published and said was misleading."

Sir John found evidence against Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan. That included criminal misfeasance and neglect of duty, discreditable conduct and aiding and abetting the chief constable's false statements.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Jordan was suspended on full pay for nearly three years before being retired permanently on ill-health grounds with a full retirement pension at the age of 43. That enabled him to escape disciplinary procedures.

The Chief Constable of Sussex, (now) Martin Richards, who is the nominal defendant in the case, has admitted negligence and agreed to pay damages, but strongly denies misconduct by the force and took the case to the Law Lords specifically to block the assault and battery allegation.

The background to the Ashley family's claims is best laid out by Lord Neuberger (Para 122) ..." There has been a criminal trial, where the prosecution case, with full argument and evidence, was aired in public over more than 10 days, and a verdict obtained, although, as the prosecution did not make out a prima facie case, PC Sherwood and other defence witnesses have never given evidence in public about Mr Ashleys death. The coroner decided not to proceed with the inquest after the acquittal of PC Sherwood, pursuant to section 16(3) of the Coroners Act 1989. The Ashleys’ request for a public inquiry was refused by the Home Office in 2001 and in 2004, and an application by the Ashleys for leave to challenge the 2004 decision by way of judicial review has been refused." and at Para 125 "The Ashleys’ reason for proceeding with the battery claim is simply to establish that Mr Ashley was unlawfully shot by PC Sherwood. ".

Lords Scott and Rodger agreed with Lord Bingham that "the claimants have an arguable claim for battery of the deceased " and Lords Carswell and Nueburger dissented.

Lord Scott notes in his judgement (Para 27) ..."The deceased Mr Ashley, while naked and unarmed, was shot by PC Sherwood within seconds of the latter’s entry at 4.20am or thereabouts into the bedroom. The question whether in all the circumstances it was reasonable for PC Sherwood to have believed that the figure facing him was armed and was presenting a deadly danger is, to me at least, an open one on the facts."

As Lord Carswell outlines (Para 74) "His death was a tragic error which should not have happened, as the appellant Chief Constable has explicitly admitted. He has accepted responsibility for the deficiencies in the planning of the operation and the briefing of the police personnel, which led up to the fatal shooting and without which the raid would probably have taken place without incident. He has agreed to pay damages for the admitted negligence of his force, and if it is adjudged that aggravated damages should be payable, to pay them on that basis."

He then gets to the nub of the claims of the father and son ..."It is patent that the respondents’ wish to pursue the cause of action in assault and battery stems from a desire to publicise Mr Ashley’s death and to attempt to obtain a finding which will hold PC Sherwood at fault in civil law."

Lord Bingham (Para 4 ) said ,"The claimants’ reasons for wishing to pursue their claim in battery are readily understandable, as are the Chief Constable’s reasons for wishing to resist it, but it is not the business of the court to monitor the motives of the parties in bringing and resisting what is, on the face of it, a well-recognised claim in tort."

Jane Deighton, solicitor for the family, said: "It is a defeat for the [now retired] chief constable of Sussex who spent the last 10 years trying to manoeuvre the Ashleys out of court." BBC

One has also to take note of Lord Neuberger who makes the forcible point (Para 133) that .."The immediate perpetrator (PC Sherwood) was prosecuted and acquitted seven years ago, and his reasonable interest, as an acquitted person whose actions 10 years ago would again be challenged in court, militates against the claim proceeding merely for the purpose of establishing in a civil court that he had committed the wrong of which he had been acquitted. Further, substantial costs and court time, as well as police effort, might very well have to be devoted to the claim if it proceeds, and a reliable assessment of a split second decision and action in very fraught circumstances would be difficult, especially more than 10 years after the event "

In a sense therefore PC Sherwood is yet another victim of the resolute determination of the Sussex Police (and others) to obstruct at every stage a public examination of exactly what happened at 4.20 am in Flat 6 Western Road, St Leonards, Hastings, on January 15 1998 and why an armed policem was there to shoot him.

As Lord Neuberger says (Para 132) "..there is an obvious and substantial public interest in any death for which the police are responsible being publicly investigated, especially where there is an arguable case that the killing was unlawful".

Let's hope it isn't another ten years before we get the answers that the Ashley family demand and deserve.

FOOTNOTE : Another dead Chief Constable: Sir John Hoddinott 56 had travelled to Middlesbrough with DS Keith Ackerman late on Sunday night 12th August 2001 for preliminary meetings on Monday in Operation Lancet relating to enquiries into "supercop" Ray Mallon who had resigned on the Friday before Sir John was found dead in his bed.

Sir John had been appointed in May 2001 to investigate the £7m Operation Lancet inquiry.

Police say there are no suspicious circumstances. BBC A post-mortem confirmed he died from natural causes.


Anonymous said...

How come Paul Whitehouse getts gang buster job after 1. It was proved by Sir John Hoddinott that he lied over the shooting of James Ashley plus that he had commited criminal offences. Sussex Police Authority covered up for him.

Anonymous said...

Sussex Police Authority and Sussex Police a public inquiry is needed in to Policing in Sussex see the following
he was in Professional standards dept investigating allegations against police officers so I thought maybe he stumbled across something involving important police officers and others so they set him up then bumped him off making it look like the stress of being accused of shoplifting led him to commit suicide imo.

On researching it seems going back number of years there has been alleged corruption and a particularly man named re property and alleged that some police officers have been in the pay of this guy and protected him. There was also mention this guy was involved in the murder of a Katrina Taylor in 1996.

http://www.webspawner.com/users/law777/index.html and http://www.ldc.human-rights.org/

also stumbled across this site: http://www.legalbanter.co.uk/uk-legal-issues-uk/192-political-crime.html

This is saying things like Is Tony Blair PM behind labour party murder plot?
Is Labour party getting pay off from organised crime and drugs barons (could this be relevant in MM case?)
David Blunket, Jack Straw, Tony Blair, Des turner, named by murder witness as persons behind death threats and using special branch to victimise him. (in other words looks like this guy is saying Labour Party involved in organised crime and the murder of this Katrina Taylor?)

they also refer to the shooting of a James Ashley - allegedly sussex police authority involved in a coverup here and Blunkett the person also alleged involved.

Who Killed Katrina Taylor?

Katrina Taylor, 19, spent her last moments at the home before being stabbed to death in nearby St Nicholas churchyard on July 4, 1996
Most of the evidence from the first trial was heard by the Old Bail jury but there one important difference.

For legal reasons, neither Neisha or Simon Williams gave evidence at the retrial, taking out pieces of what was a prosecution puzzle built on circumstancial evidence.

In the end, the judge decided there was insufficient evidence to continue. Smith and Scollan were innocent of murder.

Two London drug dealers Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan are serving life sentences for Katrina's murder.

Landlord Marcel Sulc has got rich by throwing people out of their homes.

The names Marcel Sulc chose for his property businesses were not designed to put tenants at ease. Imagine getting a payment demand from Deadly Ltd, Grim Ltd or Pure Profit Ltd. It's easy to see why so many people who have encountered the 'security consultant' are terrified.

Sulc,40 - real name Mark Slade - boasts of owning at least 1,000 properties on the South Coast. He is fast building a reputation as the new king of the slum landlords.

Sulc once bragged to lawyers representing the Halifax bank: 'You may be good at repossessing houses, but my people are better.'

During a civil court case in March 2002, Sulc was forced to admit that the techniques his company had used to attempt to obtain the flats were illegal. The judge said the landlord was clearly guilty of a criminal offence.


for the sake of justice..what the fcuk is going on!!!




Norman Baker MP
What has not disclosed in the story below until now

Major information has come to light that Mr. Nicholas Gargani was investigating Lewes District Councils Leader Norman Baker involvement Lewes District Council Corruption and crimes which cover up attempted murder Criminal fraud criminal harassment, criminal conspiracy with Sussex Police and Ken Bodfish of Sussex Police Authority to harassment members of the public who had found out to much about Lewes District Councils criminal activities

Nicholas Gargani was given files in 1994 by Mr.David. Neilson (Mr Neilson was the member of the public who solved the murder of Katrian Taylor after Paul whitehouse cover up for her killers)

concerning Norman Baker acting with Sussex Police to cover up attempted murder of Mr. Cox This was proven in court before District Judge Merrick.

Armed with the court documents Mr. Neilson and Mr. Cox tried to see the

Then area Commander C. A. Pople (Appendix 10) as to why Sussex Police had been covering up these crimes she refused to see Mr. Neilson and Mr. Cox

Nick was a thorn in the side of Sussex Police exposing Police corruption and Council corruption.

It would be interesting to find out how many run-ins he had with Sussex Police when he headed a group called Lewes reACTion

Nicholas Gargani,s friends and people who knew him do not believe he committed suicide but was murdered by Sussex police

These men are murdering scum Chief Constable of Sussex, Paul Whitehouse, A.C.C. Mark Jordan, A.C.C. Nigel Yeo, (Appendix 13)



(from the Hexagon Archive)

On April 17th 1996, about midday, a screaming kicking body plunged 150ft down from the cliffs overlooking the idyllic English town of Lewes in East Sussex. The tragic victim was twenty-six year old Nicholas Gargani, a resident of the town. The only witness to this event was a solitary factory worker emptying trash on the industrial estate below. Police were called and immediately began an investigation which was to become one of the most bizarre Britain has seen in recent years.

On entering the dead mans home, Police found the walls covered in torn Bible pages. Scrawled on these pages was a desperate message: "God help me I have been cursed." Tracing friends of Gargani, detectives learned that just prior to his death he had been sent a cows heart pierced with nails and a fetish entwined with a lock of human hair. Friends insisted he had no interest or connection with the world of the occult and his own interests revolved around environmental issues. He had once stood for election as a Green Party candidate and was very active in this field, campaigning on a wide spectrum of eco-matters.

However there was one link. In the winter of 1995, Gargani had struck up a friendship with a youth. The young man was reputed to be interested in the black arts but had also been involved with the extreme right wing racist organisation, The British National Party.

Police were quick to pay Alex Smith (the youth) a visit, who admitted both knowing Gargani and having knowledge of the occult. Smith claimed he had advised Gargani to burn the cows heart and was acting as a friend. As the Police left, the sinister young man wished them a safe journey and warned them to, "drive safely as you wouldn't want to have an accident too!" He had no alibi on the day of the death.

Stranger facts began to emerge as detectives sifted through Gargani's bank statements. He had withdrawn almost £2,000 (approx. $US 3,000) only days before his fall, although no trace of this money was ever found. Furthermore, he had also been trying to secure a loan for another £2,000, and as many were to comment later on - hardly the actions of a man contemplating suicide. A number of his possessions were also missing. The possibility of blackmail was considered and infact two stories emerged:

- According to investigating officers at the inquest, a murder enquiry /was/ instigated. (See Appendix 1)

- According to the Chief Constable of Sussex, Paul Whitehouse, no murder enquiry was ever launched.

MURDER ENQUIRY A close friend and confidant of the deceased was a pretty dark haired young girl. Gargani had posted a note through her door only minutes before his death. It read that he was going for a quick walk to clear his head and would return in about 20 minutes. She claimed that earlier her distressed friend had confided in her about a series of threatening telephone calls which eventually lead to the cows heart incident. She further maintained that the deceased had also been concerned about a set of his house keys that suddenly went missing. Both she and the dead man's sister Nadia, pointed out two facts to investigating officers:

1. The handwriting discovered on the wall underneath the Bible pages was not that belonging to Nicholas Gargani.

2. The missing house keys had reappeared near the front door.

This last inexplicable fact seems to suggest the possibility that someone had in fact entered the house after Gargani's death and posted the keys back through the letterbox as an afterthought. The young girls testimony gained gravity when she related that she herself had received a menacing call only a few hours after the tragedy. The caller was an older man with a deep voice and he referred to the death that day. Again two strange facts emerged.

1. The girl was not listed in the telephone directory as she was staying in lodgings.

2. The mystery caller knew with certainty that she alone was the closest person and confidant to the dead man. How had he located her so efficiently even before the story had made the news?

The case grew stranger still when a farmer, just north of Lewis, called Police to the scene of what he described as a "Black Mass." There, inside one of his barns, officer's found an altar with several burnt candles, incense and a photograph of Gargani. Next to the photo lay a note, reading:

"I Nicholas Gargani, completely renounce Christianity."

Family and friends were adamant that he had never been involved in the occult, nor had he ever expressed an interest in anything vaguely magical or mystical.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

SEE www.brightonscandal.org.uk
Brighton Argus Used To Invent Hero Police Officer

Government have no responsibility regarding Police corruption. Simon Kirby MP will assist elderly pensioner forced to take on Sussex Police unaided
(Full list under 'the case of the invisible knifing')
2007 D/Sgt Taylor police entry. "Lunged towards the police officer, sticking the tip of the blade into the officers vest with some force".
2010 C/I Taylor in a letter to Simon Kirby MP confirms that forensic evidence showed no penetration mark to vest.

My brother Alex stabbed PC Cameron in the chest with a large kitchen knife; only his stab vest saved his life!!

Anonymous said...


Sussex Police’s Chief Constable Martin Richards named in cover up over the murder of Katrina Taylor and related major crimes by the main witness (David “JOE” Neilson) who has been called Britain's top whistleblower? http://www.myspace.com/479111501 He has a data on Lewes District Council corruption and Norman Baker mps part in it and criminal conspiracy with Sussex Police officers and members of Sussex Police Authority to cover up crimes committed by the Preddy Group fraudster Mark Slade.

This website www.jkt.1hwy.com shows a major cover up over the murder of Katrina Taylor going afar as Special Branch try to grab him before the re-trial at the Old Bailey. Even stranger who turns up as the judge for the trial but John Morris Q.C. M. P. the attorney General (see appendix 1) Mr Neilson has lived in fear of being killed and has had some lucky escapes but has caused him to suffer from P.T.S.D. which turned to Fibromyalgia. See www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3K0cw6DAdY
In the u-tube video is the building used by Mark Slade and the killers of Katrina Taylor and where the knife was found.
Chief Constable Martin Richards has covered up all the crimes surrounding this building plus the latest crimes involving crooked www.rc.20m.com solicitors Howlett Clarke and a Phillip Brotherton who like Mark Slade owns a string of companies and was behind a recent attack against Mr. Neilson.
Mr. Neilson has asked his MP Simon Kirby for a public enquiry in to Policing in Sussex

david neilson said...

Is Sussex Police Authority being run by the Masons
informer22 | 13.02.2011 14:28 | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

By Informer22 underground reporter


This is a 4-part release of my investigation in to the cover up by SUSSEX POLICE AUTHORITY and how they have destroyed Mr David Joe Neilson’s life the main witness in the murder of Katrina Taylor. Plus the vast amount of crimes he has uncovered. I looked at his evidence plus listened to some of the KATRINA tapes. I firmly believe that THE MASONS are behind the cover up of the murder of Katrina Taylor and other crimes and is still on going.

Mr Neilson cannot get a solicitor to act for him he says (I get one and as soon as the Police find out they are scared off. I have checked this out and its true IF THERE IS SOLICITOR WHO READING THIS WHO WILL ACT FOR HIM PLEASE CONTACT ME
I recently interviewed Mr Neilson whose health is now ruined he has P.T.S.D which has turned into Fibromyalgia
I asked Mr Neilson if he had had a thank you from Sussex Police Authority for solving the case and all the other crimes he has reported no he replied no Victim Support no Witness protection no help to get to court. All I have had is the Police turn up a threaten me. Also Sussex Police Authority has refused to see me and will not reply to letters.

See my release http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/10/467105.html MURDER WITTNESS LIVING IN FEAR


http://www.uk.most.wanted.fraudsters.20m.com/ THE CONTENT OF THIS SITE CLEARLY SHOWS CRIMES COVERED

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish