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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

North Korea - get the blame in Syria and overlooked in Zimbabwe

Israel fighters bombed some buildings in Syria on September 6, 2007, and satellite images show that little was left of whatever was there.

Word is out that in a media briefing today, Members of Congress may (or may not) see a video (*** see update) supplied by Mossad said to have been shot inside the facility before the bombing. They will also be told that North Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor.

Imad Moustafa , Syria's Ambassador in the US told CNN that "This will be a ridiculous and pathetic charade," stressing that Syria has never had any nuclear project.

"All the accusations are absurd and preposterous," he said.

Meanwhile in Harare sightings of "Chinese" Army officers are probably North Koreans still maintained by Mugabe since he used them in the 80's to direct his Shona speaking 5th Brigade in the highly organised "Gukurahundi" slaughter the Matabele.

UPDATE Thursday 18.30 EDT Wudja bleeve it ? There ain't no video ? A US official, requesting anonymity, told AFP: "There are still photographs of the facility as part of the video, but it's a video presentation, like a Powerpoint presentation. It's not a video of the facility."

UPDATE 2 Thursday 11.15 pm BST . Urban Myth on BBC Newsnight shows still photos apparently embargoed until 11.00 BST of a building unders construction (remarkably without cranes, workers, JCB's, dumper trucks, lorries, cement mixing plant or any workers ) and a picture of a Korean lady and a Syrian nuclear scientist.

Screen grabs from Newsnight ..

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