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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poole Council, Dorset Police, dungeons, S & M and Mistress Wildcat's soiled panties for sale : Amazing Pictures !!!

Well, Well, Well ! Poole Council and Dorset Police hit the headlines again.

37 year old Catherine Frost is a high ranking £27,000 a year council employee who is in some way involved in handing out money to the sick and the jobless.

The News of the World is also happy to tell us that she also handing out punishment as Mistress Wildcat for £100 an hour S & M sessions in a dungeon in the basement of her large detached house at Queens Park ( handy for the golf course) on the outskirts of Bournemouth.

Confronted by NOW she said, "The bondage and sado-masochism scene is misunderstood. There's nothing wrong with it. We're a friendly bunch of people."

A (satisfied ?) customer tracked down by the ace sleuths of Rupe the Poop's porn empire revealed.."She gets all sorts of customers including some high-ranking policemen. People who have authority in their professional lives sometimes enjoy an hour being bossed about for a change."

Council bosses have asked her to stay home while they investigate her seedy sideline .. more here

But cached copies of her slaves website "My Slave Days" , Cameron of Bournemouth are available here - along with details of his dungeon ..."The plasterers are in today and they hope to finish today and just come back to do a little sanding down then that will be that job done." .. plus some things that are not suitable for a Sunday newspaper ....

Mistress Wildcat's website is cached here and she has a shop so if "If worn underwear or foot wear is your thing then look no further! "

Peter Powell sacked ... Neil Munro dragged dead from the sea at Sandbanks .. John Nash Strategic Director for Children's Services on TV defending spying on 3 year old children ?

Now high ranking Plods are queuing up for a touch of the lash or maybe a discreet package of soiled undies....

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Stef said...

let's not forget that Dorset has a long and culturally rich history of S&M

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