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Monday, April 14, 2008

Rachel North reports on the CCTV film the Police have produced from 7/7 bombings - nobody else does. yet.

Rachel North has done a sterling service by providing the best account of the CCTV provided by the Police on Friday at the 7/7 supporters Trial.

Your can read her full account here . This is an attempt to provide an annotated list thast extract the fact from the opinion - not necessarily in the order she reports them shown.

We saw CCTV footage - never seen in public before

1. The departure from 18 Alexander Grove, (the bomb factory address.) - of the 7/7 bombers sky blue Nissan Micra, hired from a Leeds car rental firm, leaving for London in the early hours of 7 July 2005. No time given.

2. Woodall Services on the westbound M1 (this probably means South bound) at 4.53am, 7/7/05 Shehzad Tanweer in white trousers and white branded sports top with a black coat stopping to put petrol in at 4.51am, then entering the petrol station shop at 4.54am, returning with a carrier bag of goods, ( sandwiches and snacks) - and the car driving away at 5.14am. (Total 21 mins)

3. Germaine Lindsey, waiting at Luton station. Walking from the car park where he parked his burgundy Fiat Bravo near to the entrance of Luton station at 6.41am. Moving about, sometimes off-camera in the ticket hall for three minutes. Walking to the exit again, his mobile in his left hand, at 6.44am. Getting back in his car and repositioning the Fiat nearer the ticket hall.

4. 6.51am the Micra arriving containing the 3 from Leeds and parks next to Lindsey's Fiat Bravo. At 6.53 there is movement between the two vehicles and the boot is opened and closed several times. At 7.14am Lindsey goes back into the ticket hall, a minute later, he returns to the group and at 7.16am the men put on their rucksacks and leave the car park for the station.

5. At 7.25 the men are on the concourse, getting onto a Thameslink train bound for London. At 8.25am the men arrive at Kings Cross station, move to the London Underground network and separate at 8.26am.

6 . Various shots from station CCTV of actual blasts from tunnel. Exploded train at Edgware Rd. We saw footage of the Aldgate train explosion, seen from the Liverpool St platform it departed from. Passengers crouching in shock, smoke pluming and billowing, two police officers going to the platform. Then the same platform again from a different angle. Then stills of the exploded carriage are shown. Torn apart, as lives of the living and dead were torn apart. (No film on board trains)

Next, stills of the Piccadilly line train, (on which RN was a passnegr) externally of carriages.

7. CCTV of Hasib Hussein, exiting Kings Cross Underground station at 8.54am, then heading through Boots at 8.59am. Moving across the main railway station concourse at 9am, bending over outside next door shop WH Smiths

7a. We heard how witnesses saw Hussein waiting on a bench on the Northern line platform at 8.45am, exiting the Northern/Victoria line escalator, Making a purchase, something that looks like a battery at 9.04am.

8. At 9.05, Hussein leaves the King's Cross concourse, heading out of the railway station, and by 9.07am he is out of the station, crossing York Way and heading into McDonalds at 9.15am , as rain falls. Two minutes later he is out of McDonalds and heading up Gray's Inn Rd, towards Euston Rd, making calls on his mobile. By 9.20am he is in Euston Rd, having slipped on a pair of sunglasses.

10. He took the 91 bus to Euston Square, where the driver told the passengers to get off. (Unclear if there is film of this.)

11. Hussein boards the number 30 bus, heading for Tavistock Square. (Unclear if there is film of this.)

12. CCTV footage of the exploding bus shot from inside the reception of the British Medical Association. The man at the desk, a woman in reception, ducking for cover, as the explosion happens, then the receptionist man going to the door, where the red bus, torn apart is smoking outside. Thirteen more people are dead.

13. Next we saw the footage from the bus in front of the No.30, the passengers jerking in shock as the bus explodes behind them.

14. Home movie (?) of Khan leaving for Pakistan. November 2004 apparently given by his wife to a friend who gave it to Police.

Without actually seeing the films and stills it is difficult to comment but 2 principal queries come to mind immediately.

1. Where and why were cameras overlooking 18 Alexander Grove - presumably dark at that time.

2. At film 4 the times to not conform to the times showing on (some) of the famous (and only) shot of the 4 together seen so far - 7.21. Apparently film shows them "At 7.25 the men are on the concourse, getting onto a Thameslink train bound for London" .. so why was there any complication / confusion about which train they caught ?.

Again, there is nothing that contradicts a theory that the bombers were not under the impression that they were on a drug courier run.

RN says that lawyers for the 3 defendents .."The defence are not contesting it; they are not contesting these facts " ... Surely the time for contesting the evidence is when it is considered and the people responsible can be cross examined on the source, accuracy of timing.. when perhaps the press copies will be available.

Anyway we must be grateful to RN for this snapshot so far... it is nice to see that the 8,000 pieces of CCTV have yielded some evidence.

There is some interesting discussion at Blairwatch. as well as at Rachel North's and R has contributed to discussion at 9/11 .

Cannot find anything in the weekend papers.


Stanley said...

#14 According to Ms North: The video shows a doting young father, kissing the head of his brown-eyed two-year-old baby girl, nestling in his arms in a pink dress.

The Guardian states that Maryam, the daughter of Siddiqui Khan & Hasina Patel, was born in Dewsbury district hospital on May 19 2004, which would have made her 6-months old in Novemeber 2004, which is when we are being told this Khan video was made.

Then again, the Mirror in May 2007 stated that Maryam was four years old........

Anonymous said...

Is it not just possible the guys were taking part in Peter Power's 7th July terror rehearsal? And unknown to them their bags or some of their bags contained explosives that were detonated by remote control. And that these bombings were in actual fact carried out by the secret services to terrorize us all.

Stef said...

"The defence are not contesting it; they are not contesting these facts"

I could very well be missing something here but given that the accused aren't actually in these reported clips why would the defence bother to contest these 'facts' even when, in the course of time, it is given an opportunity to do so?

Stef said...

...can anyone actually put their finger on just when it was the British legal system moved onto a Show Trial basis?

Or is it just that slightly more people have started to notice something that's been going on for donkey's years?

Philip said...

The narrative says ""05.07: A red Fiat Brava arrives at Luton station car park." and "03.58: A light blue Nissan Micra is caught on CCTV in Hyde Park Road, Leeds, prior to joining the M1 outside Leeds."

The prosecutor is now saying burgundy and sky blue. Very memorable.

Rachel says "We saw CCTV footage - never seen in public before - of the 7/7 bombers sky blue Nissan Micra, hired from a Leeds car rental firm, leaving for London in the early hours of 7 July 2005, departing from 18 Alexander Grove, (the bomb factory address.)"

Alexandra Grove is just off Hyde Park Road. As you say, it is not clear that there is any CCTV in Alexander Grove.

Anonymous said...

Rachel wrote: For two years, conspiracy theorists have been saying there is no CCTV of the 77/ bombers save one grainy shot, (which they say is faked). There is, I have seen it played in a public court. They could have seen it too, if they had bothered to come. It is real, it was always real. Why do they peddle their lies about it?

The defence are not contesting it; they are not contesting these facts - that Khan, Tanweer, Lindsey and Hussein set off with home made bombs and met up at Luton and took the bombs in rucksacks to London where they split up and detonated them as you have heard and people have seen. And felt, and died as a result of them.

I hope that this will be an end to this filthy lie. That the 7/7 bombers did not do it. I am weary of these lies after over two years of hearing them and seeing them spread on the internet.

Anonymous said...

7. CCTV of Hasib Hussein, exiting Kings Cross Underground station at 8.54am, then heading through Boots at 8.59am. Moving across the main railway station concourse at 9am, bending over outside next door shop WH Smiths

Is this the same bending over that the Daily Mail describes as "One sequence showed the youngest bomber Hasib Hussain, 19, bending over his rucksack as he seems to suffer a technical hitch with his bomb's trigger device?

Anonymous said...

Sorry but to be honest I've never really followed the 7/7 stuff much.

However the point you wrote above really struck me - but it could be just from ignorance of the issues - as significant?

North says she saw a video of a car leaving the bomb factory in Leeds - 18 Alexander Grove.

From what little I know the state maintains it wasn't tailing them before the bombs (??). If so, how come they have a video of a car leaving the middle of a (residential street?).

Is there an official explanation e.g. the video isn't actually of No 18, it was from a petrol station forecourt security camera at the end of the road etc, etc.

Or does this video blow a large hole in the story - but then, if so, why on earth would they allow it into the open?

ziz said...

Exactly the point made. One explanation id (dh) they CCTV roads, which is true but the flat is hardly in a high tarffic zone and the description suggsts watching (in the dark) as they load the vehicle.

Clarification is needed but of course nothing has been made publicly avalable.

WE do have pictures now of a amna called Ausmann who has popped up deus ex machina who is a well known terrist whose Suzuki Jeep was bugged by Plod and pics of him have surfaced along withKhan, Tanweer and one of the 3 on trial in a McDonalds car park. 1 year before 7/7/.

FRankly we are confused.

That may of course be the intention.

Anonymous said...

'Ausman' was all over the papers in 2006 & 2007.

ziz said...

Thanks - a connection missed or glossed over.

Ausman AKA Omar Khyam featured in the Ministry of Sound bombs, any amount of Googling etc., failed to find it.

There is indeed a resemblance of the guy at Uxbridge called Omar Khyam and the guy 2nd from right in Left Hand pic in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

The whole thing, like so many other cases sounds like a lot of petty criminals , dealers, card scammers talking big.

Ideal for bit parts and useful idiots or as players in a more ambitious plan.

Extraordinary how they can bug someone's Suzuki jeep but the CCTV failed at Sockwell,on the No 30 bus in Tavistock Sq etc.,

Anonymous said...

There were no bombs in the Crevice plot, just lots of surveillance, a sackful of fertiliser, some scams against builders merchants, meetings with Khan & Tanweer & a lot of talk from supergrass Mohammed Junaid Babar (who also features as a prosection witness in the current '7/7 helpers' trial).

From the Guardian of 24th March 2006:

He [Babar] said he met another of the defendants, Omar Khyam, 24, also of Crawley, whom he knew as Ausman in the UK...

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish