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Monday, April 14, 2008

A striking similarity

The Daily Mail reported last week ....Neil Flewitt QC, prosecuting, said: "On 16 December 2004 the defendants travelled from Leeds with one of the London bombers, Hasib Hussain, to London where, over a period of two days, they conducted a reconnaissance of potential targets."

"While they were in London they met and spent time with another of the London bombers, Jermaine Lindsay."

"It is the prosecution case that the locations visited by the defendants on 16 to 17 December 2004 bore striking similarity not only to the locations visited on 28 June 2005 by three of the London bombers, Mohammed Sidique Kahn, Shezhad Tanweer and Jermaine Lindsay, when they carried out another 'hostile' reconnaissance of possible targets but also to the locations at which the bombs were actually detonated less than two weeks later on 7 July 2005."

The locations visited included 3 locations crowded usually with tourists, above ground....The London Eye, The Natural History Museum and the ..er .. London Aquarium - 3 bombs were triggered in underground tunnels and one (intended for a tube) on a bus.

" ..a striking similarity"

The three defendents are all from the Beeston area of Leeds where 3 of the 7/7 crew came from have a "striking similarity" ...they are brown men with beards. Salim and Shakil's telephone numbers were on the remnants of a phone found at the Edgeware Road bomb site later linked to Mohammed Siddique Khan.


Anonymous said...

To put it mildly this a load of b*******. I think this trial is being held for two reasons
1) To hype up terrorism and to put the fear of God into us all so the government gets its 42 day detention bill passed (with many more days later)
2) To try and quell suspicion that 7 July was actually carried out/encouraged by the secret services.

Stef said...

I think a little empathy is called for here

Imagine being a member of the security forces tasked with finding one of the half dozen or so remaining British Muslim Fantamentalists who still think that Osama bin Laden...

a) Wasn't employed by the CIA
b) Isn't connected to the Bush family
c) Is still alive

Not an easy task by any means

With such restrictive criteria you'd have to be a little less selective when it comes to finding evidence which supports actual capacity and intent to blow people up

Stanley said...

The court is being told that Waheed Ali went to Pakistan with Mohammed Siddiquue Khan in 2001 and that Mohammed Shakil was in Pakistan in 2003 with Mohammed Siddique Khan (“Ibrahim”) & Omar Kyham (“Ausman”) on a fact finding mission (raising money for Islamic charities? – perhaps “Q” arranged the trip?).

MSKhan & Mohammed Shakil were then persuaded to attend a training camp.

Was the persuading done by the “Mr Fixit” who assisted the “English Boys” during this 2003 trip - the man who found lodgings, arranged transport, raised money, bought equipment etc. etc.?

Who is this Mr Fixit?

None other than Mohammed Junaid Babar, he of Op Crevice supergrass witness fame, who is also about to give evidence against Shail, Saleem & Ali in the current trial of the three 7/7 helpers.

Anonymous said...

I've just read Babar is a naturalized US citizen, an ex-computer programmer and FBI informant. Often people are defined as informants by government agencies when they are in actual fact participating informants. So where does that leave us?

Anonymous said...

The facts from an earlier case ...

"The appellant, on a visit to India, was approached by a man named Desai, who offered to pay him £1,000 if, on his return to England, he would receive a suitcase which a courier would deliver to him containing packages of drugs which the appellant was then to distribute according to instructions he would receive. The suitcase was duly delivered to him in Cambridge. On 30 November 1982, acting on instructions, the appellant went to Southall station to deliver a package of drugs to a third party. Outside the station he and the man he had met by appointment were arrested. A package containing a powdered substance was found in the appellant's shoulder bag. At the appellant's flat in Cambridge, he produced to customs officers the suitcase from which the lining had been ripped out and the remaining packages of the same powdered substance. In answer to questions by customs officers and in a long written statement the appellant made what amounted to a full confession of having played his part, as described, as recipient and distributor of illegally imported drugs. The appellant believed the drugs to be either heroin or cannabis. In due course the powdered substance in the several packages was scientifically analysed and found not to be a controlled drug but snuff or some similar harmless vegetable matter."

R v Shivpuri [1986] UKHL 2

mmmmm, our pal Shivpuri unwittingly carries substances that he thought were drugs on the tube. (btw this trial is taught in law schools throughout England and Wales).

Anonymous said...

Mohammed Junaid Babar was the linchpin of the Crevice (fertiliser plot) case, without whom there would have been no case. Babar was suposedly giving evidence against the UK al-Muhajiroun recruited lot as a plea-bargain against him getting a 70-year sentence for an assassintion attempt against Preseident Musharraf or some other such nonsense (his other 'crimes' were the very assistances he gave alongside the Crevice lot - importing goggles, sleeping bags etc.). . Try & research early info regarding Babar & you'll draw a blank. I reckon he was a Mr Fixit honeypot trap from Day 1 (probably soon after he graduated from a Military School). Some research is here.

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