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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Third Front Opens - Browne sends more ill trained, badly equipped troops to Kosovo SNAFU

A battalion of 600 British troops will be sent to Kosovo, to join the current 150 currently kickingtheir heels says Defence Secretary Des "I speak your weight" Browne.

NATO has apparently asked for some more policemen , who aren't required but you never know.The UK is responsible for providing the body's standby reserve force for the first six months of this year.

The soldiers, from 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, will be deployed to Kosovo from the end of May for one month )Ho Ho Ho) to help Nato with peacekeeping activities.

Mr Browne said in a written statement: "The security situation has remained tense and there have been some sporadic incidents of violence."

He said sending the battalion to Kosovo will demonstrate Britain's commitment to the region's security and will provide extra flexibility in maintaining local peace and stability... and fuck up plans for replaceents in Afghanistan... but WTF ?

Kosovan independence was supposed to take effect June 15th and the the 2,000-strong Europe Union Law and Justice Mission (Eulex), which has already begun to be deployed, would help and take over from UN/NATO forces which ain't going to happen.

This produces a major headache for the EU. It had expected to inherit a fleet of around 400 Unmik police vehicles, plus headquarters, outbuildings, and other equipment.

According to one estimate, the extra cost of buying and building a mission from scratch could be as high as 100 million euros (£78m; $156m).Fast.

UN Mission to continue

The head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (Unmik), Joachim Ruecker, has confirmed in a BBC interview that his mission will continue longer than expected.

"It is certainly clear that the UN has a responsibility, that the mission will continue," Mr Ruecker told the BBC.

Beginning to sound like Berlin circa 1945.... al we need is some Russkis to appear.

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