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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video surveillance - would that be with Time / Date stamp or without Sir ?

UPDATE 24th April 2008 - the CCTV "Terror walk" video has been removed from the Met media website as have the stills from it and pic of "ausmann" bedsit. @6.30 BST they have the 2 "Terror" videos of Mohammed S Kahn shown to the Jury today.The BBC have one here with stills and a narrative.

Court sees footage of 7/7 bombers
A jury has seen previously unreleased surveillance footage of the 7 July suicide bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan. See the video amd story here BBC Online

The police footage from March 2004, 16 months before the bombings, shows Khan with fellow bomber Shehzad Tanweer, outside a London kebab shop.

One of the men in the pictures is Waheed Ali. He and two others deny helping the 7 July bombers.......

Mr Ali and the bombers were on Green Street, Upton Park, with another man described in court as a terrorist.

You can if you wish also access the image WITHOUT a Time and Date stamp.


In response to the suggestion of Anon in comments here is the nearest frame from the video cropped... Mysteriously it is impossible to re-create the frame as the frames show a greater amount of the shop sign at the top of the frame.. curiouser and curiouser

Notoriously the CCTV pictures at Luton Railway Station of the 4 "suicide bombers" on 7/7/05 is /was available both with and without the Time / Date stamp.

Anyone out there got an explanation ?

UPDATE : Wednesday 11.30 BST

A far better quality video than the BBC version is available is available at Court News UK co.uk - called "terrorwalk!".http://www.courtnewsuk.co.uk/home_page/ This can also be accessed and down loaded here http://www.courtnewsuk.co.uk/site/video/terrorwalk.flv Enlarged images are available on the J7 Forum pages http://z13.invisionfree.com/julyseventh/index.php?showtopic=2655&st=168

a mirror to the enemy points out that Green Street was also the site of Al-Muhajiroun gatherings in 2000.

16 September 2000 (ALM) 'The United Nations - Promoters of Kufr'56 Green Street, Upton Park, E7. 0956124278 [07956124278]. abuazzhar@hotmail.com
Speaker: Anjem Choudrey
2000, every saturday (September 2 2000 posting) (ALM) 'The Green Street Circles' Public Circle for Brothers56 Green Street, Upton Park, E7 8BZ. Iftikhar Ali (0956124278).

The kebab shop in the background is Lahori Baba takeaway - 78, Green Street, London, E7 8JG which is just down from Upton Park Tube Station.

As Al Muhajiroun was heavily infiltrated if not actually run by MI5/6 spooky spooks it is easy to imagine that the area was under constant CCTV / sound surveillance - evidently this camera (s?) was under power control , presumably remote.

Here is a little bit of interesting History printed the following day 24th March 2005

Daily Mail Met chief warns of election terror attack

Last updated at 16:22pm on 24th March 2005 Britain faces a threat more significant than anything since the Cold War and the Nazi tyranny, Sir Ian Blair, the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner warned today.

And potential terrorists would see the forthcoming general election as "a real opportunity to launch an attack on the United Kingdom", he said.

Sir Ian spoke out in an interview with Whitehall and Westminster World, a newspaper which circulates among civil servants.

He said the terrorist threat facing the UK was as dangerous as ever.

"We must be aware that al Qaeda will see the opportunity this year for a world wide statement - terrorists might just remember the bombings in Madrid.

"We are facing a threat more significant than anything we have faced since the cold war and the Nazi tyranny before it.

"Of course the IRA was a credible threat, but it was not capable of or willing to carry out mass-casualty attacks without warning."

Sir Ian also defended his stance on the controversial ID card scheme.

He said: "If you are looking for co-conspirators of al Qaeda the chances are you are looking for someone of Asian appearance - but this is not a World War II 'show me your papers' procedure."

"If you are looking for co-conspirators of al Qaeda the chances are you are looking for someone of Asian appearance " ... well they were certainly looking at people of Asian appearance. This remark was picked up and discussed by the Metropolitan Police Authority at their meeting on 31st March 2005. They also mentioned Home Office minister Hazel Blears who had said it was the "reality" that Muslims were more likely to be stopped and searched by police.


Stef said...


Anonymous said...

A spoonful of wine in a barrel of sewage is sewage. A spoonful of sewage in a barrel of wine is sewage.

Anonymous said...

what does this video tell us?

Apart from a bunch of men wandering around London knew each other i.e. that there were close connections between the Crevice lot & the 7/7 accused.

The reason that the videos of the day of July 7th 2005 have not (yet) been released is telling.

Stef said...

"If you are looking for co-conspirators of al Qaeda the chances are you are looking for someone of Asian appearance "

that was back then, we're all potential terrorists now...

Al-Qaeda's white army of terror

Anonymous said...

I think because people have suspicions of the role MI5/MI6 in 7 July the government has initiated this trial to reinforce 'evidence' that the four guys were really involved in 7 July. So this ongoing trial may have a few discrepancies here and there and appear bazarre but I don't think its intention is what it appears to be.

Stef said...

"If you are looking for co-conspirators of al Qaeda the chances are you are looking for someone of Asian appearance" pt2

...except for when you're looking for white mercenaries because the people who allegedly carried out the attacks were completely unknown to you (sic.)

Police hunt 'mercenary' terror gang recruited by al-Qa'ida

Police and intelligence agents areinvestigating the theory that a gang of white "mercenary terrorists" was hired by al-Qa'ida to carry out last week's devastating attacks on London.

...as parroted faithfully by The Independent 10th July 2005

One can only wonder what potential loose ends the authorities were covering by pushing that particular story immediately after the attacks

The Antagonist said...

A couple of things to help join the dots behind the super-massive mother of all conspiracies that 'conspiracy theory' deniers bang on about at great length while simultaneously denying the existence of conspiracies....

In the so-called "7/7 trial" the character referred to as 'Ausman', apparently a 'committed terrorist' is in fact Omar Khyam of Operation Crevice fame. However, nobody is meant to know this bit of information and you won't see it reported in the 'news' papers.

A second character that has started appearing, referred to as 'Azhar', was previously referred to as 'Unidentified male 3' and Azhar is Azhar Shazad Khan, the brother-in-law of Ausman/Omar Khyam, who was also arrested as part of the Operation Crevice round-up.

Operation Crevice was reliant on, among other heinous unpunished crimes of State, information obtained under torture while the British State turned a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

If you carefully examine the timestamped movie and the untimestamped frame, the difference appears to be that the "untimestamped" frame has been cropped! Pause the high quality video when the scene most closely matches the "untimestamped" frame, and you can clearly see the timestamp has been cropped away (cropped away as closely as humanly possible, in fact) in the frame, not inserted in the video (by implication).

You guys might want to reevaluate this one. Unless I've read you backwards, and the cropping was what you took issue with.

Anonymous said...

For research purposes, the handles of various crevice persons ensnared in the Crevice:

"Ausman" = Omar Khyam
"Abdul Waheed" = Waheed Mahmood (Also known as Abdul, Esmail or Javed)
"Abdul Rahman" = Anthony Garcia
"Khalid" = Salahuddin Amin
"Imran" = Zeeshan Siddique
"Hamza" = Jawad Akbar (cousin of Nabeel Hussain who was found not guilty)
"Ibrahim" = Mohammed Siddique Khan
"Abdul Haleem/Halim" = Kazi Nurur Rahman

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, it clearly shows that they loitered outside a donor kebab shop at some time or other.

Anonymous said...


Even if it weren't cropped it doesn't occur to these tin-foil hat wearing shills that some systems do not record the timestamp superimposed on the image but rather record the timestamp/slate in tandem on a seperate 'sidestrip'.

But don't let a lack of knowledge on how things work get in their way of declaring the moon is made of cheese and they such geniuses for spotting it first...

ziz said...

To SH 37

Thank you for your helpful advice.

There is a great deal in this world to be ignorant about. It is the nature of scientific enquiry to identify apparent inconsistencies and seek a rigorous explanation and thus narrow the amount of ignorance.

It was by this persistent attention to detail of the J7 crew which resulted in the necessary adjustment of the published timeline of events on 7/7by the Home Secretary.

For example it is still unclear what explosives were involved in all 4 of the 7/7 bombs. It is of course widely claimed to be some sort of peroxide based bomb ... which would not be consistent with the burns many victims experienced .. nor with the description of a flash at Aldgate station as described on the CCTV film that has yet to be made available.

Please do keep dropping by to unburden yourself of your evident expertise ... you can be sure if it is discovered that the moon is made of green cheese, you will hear it here first.

Stef said...

still, you've got to give SH37 credit for his/her ability to combine superb analytical skills with originality and side-splitting humour

that's a rare skill these days

The Antagonist said...

Especially among Section Heads.

Stef said...

@anon 2.54

Lord Patel's post asked for possible explanations for the lack of a stamp and one has been provided by yourself - neither he, nor subsequent comments weaved any fables around that possible inconsistency

and it would be daft to anyway - given that, as commented, this clip shows nothing more than a few blokes walking past a kebab shop

the timestamp on the Luton 7/7 photo is of significance because of its relevance to the official timeline for the events of 7/7 which as ziz has noted above had to be amended in response to research undertaken by 'tin foil hat wearing shills' who, wherever possible, prefer to spend their time trying to hold the establishment to account rather than heaping abuse on the occasional on-line sadster

ha ha ha, 'tin foil hat wearing shills'

so funny...

ziz said...

paul : " ..they loitered outside a donor kebab shop at some time or other"

Notable they didn't stop and buy a kebab.

Loitering without intent ?

Anonymous said...

Notable they didn't stop and buy a kebab.
All ice blooded carnage wreakers knows that any contact with foodstuffs is a dead give away to the plods.

The real crevice plot was to use the fertiliser to grow wheat, which would then be harvested and milled into chapatti flour, bypassing any nosy catering suppliers, who are all spies.

But of course, that's all been covered up..

Anonymous said...


You are a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing loonies playing into the governments' hands by diverting attention away from the real cover up (read up on the KLA).

Hence, 'tinfoil hat wearing shills'. If you aren't in the pay of MI6, then you should get organised and start pay bargaining.

Well done. Keep "researching" the "truth"... who knows you may get lucky again and blow the lid off another timetable error!

TfL are quaking in their boots, whilst the Home Office and MI6 (no error) are laughing their arses off.

Stef said...

You are a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing loonies playing into the governments' hands by diverting attention away from the real cover up (read up on the KLA).

er, no

I don't doubt for a second that the UN occupation of Afghanistan and Kosovo and rather benign treatment afforded to certain drug dealing bastards and oligarchs are part of the same old game that has been played as far back as the Opium Wars and beyond

nor do I discount that drugs may very well have played a part in the lives of some alleged UK terrorists and their adventures in kitchen chemistry

nor do I have any doubt that one particular group of citizen researchers over at J7T must be doing something right as so many groups - the BBC, do nothing Leftie bloggers, 9/11 debunkers and even many 9/11 UK 'Truthers' seem to go to so much effort in their attempts to distract their efforts and smear them using some of the cheapest tricks you're ever likely to see

you have not demonstrated how scepticism about the official 7/7 narrative or the lunatic, hysterical press coverage of the current round of show trials distracts anyone from the activities of the KLA, British government or NATO. Chucking names around playground style, in an attempt to anger and/or offend, certainly doesn't even start to get there

and why not drop the anonymong tag.? I can have a fair old guess who you are but casual onlookers might not

Anonymous said...

the truth has many faces, little one, and there is no one true path

ziz said...


Cameras in car park of McDonalds
Cameras outside kebab shop

Does this betray the dietary habits of the obbo team perhaps ?

Stef said...

and for dessert...

Anonymous said...

Well, you wouldn't want their blood sugar dropping:
This results in a whole host of symptoms - the brain symptoms include difficulty thinking clearly, feeling spaced out and dizzy, poor word finding ability, foggy brain and sometimes even blurred vision or tinnitus.
The symptoms may be harder to determine amongst our guardians

Anonymous said...

Probably what happened to Michael Todd. Either that or someone told him there was a knocking shop up there.

Anonymous said...

'The Home Office and MI6 (no error) are laughing their arses off'

I don't think so. More likely they are s....... themselves and putting their minions to comment to comment on this blog to distract genuine bloggers having a logical debate.

I have little doubt the UK secret services set up 7/7 just as the US government was responsible for 9/11

Anonymous said...

"I don't think so. More likely they are s....... themselves and putting their minions to comment to comment on this blog to distract genuine bloggers having a logical debate."

So that means that you believe that there a scores of people who know all about this "false flag". A sprawling silent plot to undermine Troofers' quest for the smoking gun. All those people and not one single rumour of a rumour of someone who knows someone that knows something.

Do you also believe that the government is covering up evidence of contact with aliens and that Mossad are reading this?

Do you suffer from the feeling of being watched and perhaps also from auditory hallucinations?

Since when has knitting fantasy out of thin air been ragrded as "logical".

Logical means you progress on an evidential basis, not that you impose any junk you like on an uniformed understanding of the subject.

The only way that you may be worrying the security services is that you finally go over the edge and the voices in your cavernous skull start telling you to kill.

But I guess your voices are just Them and their microwaves, disrupting "logical debate".

The thing that makes me laugh the most is that if they had the balls to kill Dr Kelly in plain view, what would make them hesitate with a bunch of non-entities like you... how many Troofers have disappeared, died in car accidents, turned up dead in the woods, overdosed.

On, none at all.

Carry on as you were, Loons!

Stef said...


there's really no need to reply is there?

you seem perfectly happy putting words in my mouth and do all the hard work for me

that's one way of engaging in debate I suppose but not mine

so fire away

Stef said...

could you work Elvis in next time though - I'm a little disappointed you missed him out

top marks for the alien reference though, very original

nice one ;)

Anonymous said...

to anonymous miscellaneous keyboard monkey #879: there's a lot more of your sort of cogency being used as a weapon against Troofers than yer actual assassinations, this is because, as you well know, we're just powerless geeks in our bedrooms and bedsits with mental health issues, all that's needed to defeat us is the kind of heart breaking and relevant critique that you so artfully epitomise

i hope that we have supplied with enough of our best most growed up counter taunts and that your alien hybrid controllers can make suitable use of the info in your next atlantis debunking operation

our anonymous and ever so devastatingly goading chum seems to know a lot more about the truth™ of haunted alien chemtrails from outer space than we do, a true Loon to be proud of

perhaps we could arrange for a seminar in which his/her/lizard's extensive knowledge of all the real mossad holographic bigfoot holocaust denial conspiracies going on could be shared with us ?

only, i'd pay a tenner for that

twelve if you tell me you're Jesus

Anonymous said...

Now that IS funny!

Troofers sneering at Elvis spotters.

Oh, the *irony*!

But seriously, is there a pecking order of nutty theories? Is 9/11 supreme and Bigfoot right down at the bottom?

Stef said...

/ less disappointed now

Anonymous said...

jon doy

You fool. Jesus doesn't exist. The Russians made him up when they took over the world after Chernobyl... it was a smokescreen for a false flag where they unleashed a biowarfare agent that didn't harm anyone with a Soviet Union passport (which was about 33 people).

The Whole of the Bible and the Mahabarrat are based on the 'Caspian Sea Tide Almanac, 1972' and Soviet shipping weather broadcasts.

You are such Sheeple!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theorist sites occasionally say/imply/theorize crazy things I don't agree with, and that's what I assumed this was. "There was a conspiracy to insert a timestamp" would have been one of the less crazy ones I've seen, so given that expectation why wouldn't I just assume that's what you were implying? Especially since, until SH37 spoke up, I thought didn't think it was possible the video surveillance could somehow not have a timestamp, as I thought the post therefore also implied.

Let me clarify some of my first post:

"You guys might want to reevaluate this one [of your crazy theories]."

"... not inserted in the video (by implication [that you thought the timestamp could somehow not be in the video surveillance, which I thought was very unlikely, and still do])"

Not very charitable of me (although said perhaps too charitably), which might explain why you're all happily "heaping abuse." You guys certainly seem more research-and less paranoid speculation-oriented than some other conspiracy "researchers" I've read (particularly in temperament!!), so I suppose I could have given you more credit.

Anonymous said...

Nah. They're just a bunch of loons.
It just so happens that a site that takes the piss out conspiracy theorists linked this story and some people with half a brain turned up.

Why on earth would Mossad be falsifying evidence when they don't have to.

The people who were accused actually did it, and they did it WHEN alleged. Doesn't matter how many times you run ambiguous isolated quotes through your Torah Code software and check the results against Nostradamus.

It's the backstory has a big question mark above it. And it's the whitewash of the backstory that makes the question marks over method of bombing interesting.

Anything else is your standard Faraday Hat wearing jabbering of fools.

Troofers aren't interested in any other story but "false flags" and Mossad.

That's why the are Troofers and not researchers.

But they make great entertainment. So keep it up!

All of us at Vauxhall are great fans.

ziz said...

"All of us at Vauxhall are great fans.

Most of the effort spent in monitoring, evaluating, interfering with the curious band of obstinate un believers (as distinct from the deranged demi-religious who are allegedly in pursuit of the TRUTH) co-locate around a rather agreeable manor house in the Midlands donated to the nation by a wealthy Arabist.

Vauxhall is really nothing more than a few Sqash courts with some offices in the attic - and susceptible to attack by home made missiles of the IRA .

The informal band of inquisitive souls who perceive some aching voids in the explanation of the curious events of 7/7. 21/7. the murder of de Menezes, Kelly et al are happy to point to inconsistencies, evident nonsense lies, in the "official" cosnpiracy theory of these evemts.

Whilst it would be desirable to arrive at some wonderful Unified Theory of State control most participants are happy to simply chip away at the foundations of the rather unsteady sructure that the State has (so far) erected and it's dismal attempts to keep erect.

It should also not be forgotten that they do have;

a) A sense of humour
b) a capacity to mislead / obfuscate / erect signs to blind alleys - even tell lies.

Perhaps by raising the question of the authenticity of such vodeo surveillance, it has at least made a few more interested citizens to critically examine evidence presented in court and satisfy themselves of the utility to the argument that the 3 defendants were in any way involved in what has been presented as an elaborate criminal conspiracy involved in making extraordinarily sophisticated chemical weapons in a household kitchen, to disrupt the nation's capital in what the ex head of Mosssad ( Rfraim Halevi - olsd schoolchum of Lord levy) was able to report (in print) in the Jerusalem Post hours after the event as ..."The multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place today on the London transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational capacity of considerable scope. ....
There was careful planning, intelligence gathering, and a sophisticated choice of timing as well as near-perfect execution."

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the usual cocktail of arrogance, delusions of grandeur, pomposity, ignorance of the archeology of the opinions they endorse, zealotry, false opposition and the clincher: 'if you are with us, you are against us' (a.k.a. paranoia.

All the hallmarks of a loony cultist.

It seems to be completely lost on Troofers that activists have been chipping away at the Establishment for centuries, often risking their liberty and and livelihoods in Britain. Elsewhere in the World activists literally risk their lives on a daily basis (such as trade unionist and human rights activists in the 3rd World) and they don't even profess to be any sort of elite moral leaders.

The Troof cult however, parades around like the Reverend Moon and does nothing but pick fights with Aunt Sallies.

Let's face it Troof is just a big fishing substitute. It's a hobby to while away the hours.

You don't really truly believe that the security services are on your case.

If you do you really need to research how easy it would be for them to make all your lives a complete and utter misery with not a whisper of an evidence trail. In fact anyone with a little spare cash and the motive could make anyone else's life a misery if not totally ruin it.

It would not be difficult to nudge you off the radar by pulling something like they possibly did with ALF or Fathers For Justice. Like they tried with the NUM...

But there is no reasoning with a Troofer. Anyone who is contra is naturally a state agent, a dupe, or brainwashed.

That's the kneejerk hallmark of fanatical, unthinking, uncritical devotion.

It's what makes you so amusing and it's what makes you such a great insult to the concept of activism.

You seem to think you are a cut above Troof. If so prove it. Start using an evidential process instead of the usual total nonsense of being guided by the presumption that we are living in a 'false reality' and that everything bad that happens is the shadowy puppetry of the Establishment.

Let evidence guide you and let a CRITICAL appraisal of your conclusions govern what qualifies as evidence. Not whatever dots you can join in selectively quoted newspaper clippings (which should be regarded as potentially inaccurate to begin with).

Put the horse before the cart!

ziz said...

" Start using an evidential process ..."

By all means Anon.

Let us start with the materials used on the explosions on 7/7.

These colums are free for you to provide the necessary evidence. Hint : It was recently suggested that pepper was a major ingedient.

"The deadly devices were made of a mixture of black pepper and hydrogen peroxide so 'unique' that the bombers must have had help designing and building them, Neil Flewitt QC, prosecuting, told the jury at Kingston Crown Court."

Anonymous said...

But there is no reasoning with a Troofer.

I totally and categorically agree with you. You are completely wasting your time (unless its your job , I suppose) trying to yoke such people with your vague but I'm sure most excellent epistomology.

But it's heartening to know that you care so much that you persist in this thankless and entirely pointless mission.

Man with no name - he funny.

Anonymous said...

Pepper: Which if true (and let's face it they got caught planting evidence at the JCdM inquest...) flies completely in the face of the official "lone bombers" narrative. Which at face value seems pretty absurd anyway. That a bunch of blokes from England would be able to figure out how to make a viable TATP and detonator device with no help whatsoever.

In fact much of Crevice as I understand it points to an "international dimension".

I'm no great expert, but the pepper ingredient sounds very similar to the cahapati flour component of 21/7- a source of highly combustible carbohydrate)... which could possibly indicate that both exercises shared a common denominator... whether that denominator is one person close the to the incident or a general bomb-building concept far from the incidents is really a question for an explosives expert.

If you can get a few professional opinions to independently chime on that issue you may be getting somewhere.Perhaps some academics would answer the questions (How unique was the design? How likely is a close common denominator?).

This of course is also risking that the information in the public domain from court records is accurate to begin with. But that's shouldn't prevent the question being raised, but rather be caveatted against any conclusion.

I'm not in denial of a cover up. Just have a passionate hatred of Conspiraloons and their predictable paradigmatic conclusion leaping, usual unfounded claims and stock villains.

Anonymous said...

Paul. Yeah the Establishment really pays people to argue with fuckwits and lunatics. It's run out of contracted call centre in Dudley.

They also keep the shills' families held in a dungeon under threat of murder should they divulge the Grand Scooby Doo False Reality to the world...

They also fly around in unmarked helicopters spying on you and the are controlled by a cabal of Jewish vampire lizards.

They read your mail and send you offers of cheap medication. Which is just a 'Manchurian Candidate' type trigger phrase to try and disrupt your Troofquest.

Skin up eh!

Anonymous said...

Just have a passionate hatred of Conspiraloons and their predictable paradigmatic conclusion leaping, usual unfounded claims and stock villains.


next thing you'll be trying to tell us that UFOs aren't alien craft

dear anons: trying to discuss anything with you folk is like having a conversation with Smeagol/Gollum - very bipolar - it's difficult to know which anon is saying what

my meds and ect aren't working any more, Mum says they'll have to keep me in another six months

why not some sort of name ?

only, i like to know which anon i'm calling what sort of paid spook debunker

i would try using my feeble mentally unstable mind to come up with more cutting and truthy accusations, but the off-the-shelf jibes some of you are coming out with suggest you're working from ten characteristics and prefabricated mockeries of an Antiloon, which leaves you as being in the position of being the very thing you consider so irksome

i can't talk to you any more, i have chembusters to build

Anonymous said...

jon doy.

How's this name?

I'm afraid that David Icke will put me on his death list. So that's as good as it gets until we (shills) have ousted his Satano-agostic crypto-paleo-facist cult- wedon't like the competition and it's dog eat dog out here in the Illumaniti.

Though mostly we are just breaking up the drudgery of staging the whole of reality by bickering about the tea making rota.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I am lost in admiration for the zeal of your posts.
Like those that build buckingham palace out of matchsticks, you can wonder at the effort, but completely fail to grasp why they fucking bother.

Anonymous said...

most recent and hurtful anon:

your merry-go-round has the same view each and every rotation, i got bored after one spin

i told you i am busy making chemtrail busting equipment, the resin is nearly cured and i have to hold certain bits in place or it won't work when it's finished

whoever you are, and whatever the cause of your moth-like determination to be the very thing you hate so efficiently and resolutely, i just don't have time

as for miscellaneous accusations of stock phrases ?

if you project any stronger you'll be able to hire yourself out to film theatres

like i said, the resin is curing, and i have to go charge up my torches because we're going to stand on top of Kinnock's Hill later trying to flag down a UFO (from space)

it's been lovely, but i'm out of time - time ending/armageddon beginning at around 3.17am sunday

it's going to be just like that factual 'fictional drama' Jericho - but with aliens

Stef said...

a ghoulish hyena rants

Anonymous said...

"Anon, I am lost in admiration for the zeal of your posts.
Like those that build buckingham palace out of matchsticks, you can wonder at the effort, but completely fail to grasp why they fucking bother."

Through a looking glass dimly...

That Bible junk for "right back at ya!"

Anonymous said...

Stef: "Life is just too plain fucking short"

Not too short to write it all up it seems.

And someone disagreeing with your worldview isn't a polarisation, a dichotomy or whatever. Because I am not offering merely an 'I'm right and you are wrong' gainsaying exercise.

I'm saying you are nuts and there are billions of sane narratives vying for the "truth".

Just because you default mechanism is the same as GW Bush's doesn't, as was the case with Saddam's WMD, make it so.

Why do I bother? Pure disdain and self-indulgent mockery to while away a tea break on a valid target.

Keep the false flag flying!

Anonymous said...

I am Antiloon

I am Anon

I am right and you are wrong

I am the Earth to your Loon

I hope you spin off someday soon

I cannot ignore you for one day

In orbit it seems we must remain

For I need you to be me

Without this symbiosis

Life, existence, could not be

Why upon me must your light be shone?

Why must you have this draw for me?

What would I do if you were gone?

Who would pull my tides so strong?

Seemingly I must with you disagree

My hated sole purpose to be

And yet I hate you Loon

Why must you never desist?

I stand, scream, and shake my fist!

I need you, Loon, is the truth you see

And yet I don't think you need me

I love you Loon, but secretly

Anonymous said...


(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish