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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Independent , a newspaper that relies on others for the news and then prints it 2 weeks later....

Which you could have read about nearly 2 weeks ago on Stef's blog "Famous for 15 Megapixels", post "Slugs" Monday June 16th and here the following day, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 David Davis who hates ID cards , Fleishman-Hillard, Kevin Bell and getting "Public Acceptance" of ID cards... and more with a picture of the man who set up the website Fleishmann-Hillards Paul Borge and details of Bell's lecture.

Should the Editor of the Independent wish to make a contribution to costs or even simply acknowledge the source of their scoop....

Gemma Garrett the Tesco Party Girl , has been saying some very nasty things about David Davis and his mysterious backers...not a patch on what she says about Editors who freeload on the blogistes.... and then don't mention her as a candidate.


Stef said...

in fairness to the Independent, I think the connection was possibly intended to be publicised in the course of the Davis circus show - just not so soon

Stef said...

...Guy Fawkes and his acolytes are very quiet about all this aren't they

ziz said...

To date, whoever is paying the bills at Fleishman -Hillard they aren't getting much for their money...unless 1 hr on You and Yours and 1 hr on Any Questions is considered good value.

Totally puzzled about TOTAL POLITICS, their backers, aims, ... why Davis has decided to parade himself in this way .. unles of course he has serious ambitions of knocking the boy David off his pedestal.

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