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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Policing your Freedom - War criminals escape

BNP’s Richard Barnbrook (and Mayoral candidate for Bristol) leading Januaru 24th's coppers’ march of shame (Barnbrook’s ’s on the left of the picture looking pleased with himself in the light brown suit)

Searching for details of the news bunny (don't ask) this popped up on Google, thanks to thebristolblogger.wordpress.com who evidently has some sort of long running row with the Editor of the Bristol Cancer (who Bristol Blogger calls News Bunny Norton).

This pic shows 650 brave local bobbies (20% of all serving officers of the Avon & Somerset Police) - who apparently managed to get all the way from Hyde Park Corner to Westminster without stopping for doughnuts or writing off a police car - no room was found in the paper for the uncomfortable truth that this poor hard-done-by bobbies’ march was led by a senior member of the BNP and defied the very SOCPA laws the coppers are happy to violently uphold on most weekends while trousering generous overtime payments.

The law Bristol Blogger refers to is of course the The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Designated Area) Order 2005 which restricts demonstrations in the purlieus of the House of Commons (The Mother of all Parliaments).

It is interesting to note that the march today protesting about the war criminal President George Bush was refused entry down Whitehall . The Daily Mail reports smart arse Deputy Assistant Commissioner Allison of the Metropolitan Police saying : 'We have not banned their march. They asked for a particular route. That route is just not open to them. Part of Whitehall has to be closed, and is being closed, on security grounds.' Film at Indy media as Mp4 or as .wmv Uniformed coppers using batons and then the heavy mob move in. Also available at YouTube

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Designated Area) Order 2005
is of course another of those restrictions on freedoms of expression and right to demonstrate that David Davis and the Conservative Party were happy to support.

See Liberty Briefing Wikipedia Entry Repeal SOCPA website meanwhile if you have trouble going to sleep read this BBC report

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