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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

"... the Taliban ..on the back foot.... leadership ... severely dislocated and fractured.."licking their wounds" Brigadier Gordon Messenger June 1st

In a well-coordinated attack , which had taken 2 months to prepare, at 9pm on Friday a huge tanker truck bomb blew open the front of Sarposa prison, Kandahar. After a brief battle between 30 attackers on motor bikes and prison staff / police 1,000 prisoners including 380 Taliban "insurgents" escaped many in minibuses ready to take them away.

Wali Karzai drugs overlord, Governer of the provincial council and brother of President Hamid Karzai (in Paris currently begging for more money from the West to give to his crony warlords) was amazed.

"There is no one left," Wali Karzai said after the jailbreak.


British Troops Put Taliban On The Run In Helmand Province

The Taliban have been tactically routed in southern Afghanistan, with enemy forces "licking their wounds" after a series of emphatic defeats, say senior British military commanders.

In one of the most bullish assessments yet of the conflict in Helmand province, Brigadier Gordon Messenger said the Taliban's command structure had been "fractured" and its fighters forced on to the back foot.

As British forces continue to consolidate positions throughout the Helmand valley, Messenger said latest intelligence indicated that the ferocious fighting that had defined Helmand for the past two summers was unlikely to be repeated. "It's become apparent that the Taliban are very much on the back foot. Their leadership both south of the border [Pakistan] and also their local leadership has been severely dislocated and fractured.

"We are not complacent and suggesting that they do not have the capacity to regenerate, but they are very much off the front foot and licking their wounds." ... Read more of this gung ho shite here in the Guradian - Observer Sunday June 1st


Anonymous said...

wow what a jail break!!luv to see the bad guys getting away.

Anonymous said...

5 brits killed this week as well as various Eastern Europeans, 4 marines today.
The glad tidings never end.

paul said...

Despite these difficulties, heroin productivity is up year on year.
Look on the bright side, mr postman!

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