"“We have lent a huge amount of money to the U.S. Of course we are concerned about the safety of our assets. To be honest, I am definitely a little worried.” "

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David Davis - Another silly conspiracy theory from Lord Patel

There are many observers, players, commentators, on the Westminster scene puzzled by ;
1. David Davis MP's resignation
2. The response of David Cameron in actively campaigning for and with him
3. The muted response from his Party
4. The total and rapid unwillingness of the Labour Party to field a candidate
5. The total and rapid unwillingness of the Liberal Party to field a candidate
6. The curious case of Shami Chakrabarti very publicly swinging the non - political Liberty behind David Davis's campaign
7. The curious and shadowy role of an expensive and very well connected PR company, Fleishman-Hillard in so swiftly erecting David Davis's website (not to mention the source of funds to do it etc.,)
7 (a) The clumsy attempt to conceal the role of Fleishman-Hillard
8. The extraordinary coverage that the BBC gave to David Davis across the spectrum, Radio 5 Live phone in (1.5 hr), You and Yours (1 hr), Womans Hour (20 mins), Question Time (1 hr), Any Questions (1 hr) (plus repeat and Any Answers), Newsnight ...not to mention endless news items covering the election without any opposing or dissenting views
9. The role of the new Total Politics magazine that has so mysteriously appeared, fully financed by unknown sources, and with the ubiquitous help of Shami Chakrabarti OBE CBE , Governer of the Ditchley Foundation along with Lady Dame Jane Baroness Pauline Neville Jones.

There was however, a curiously congruent and interlocking series of events also going on, which received virtually no coverage and certainly no discussion....Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill.

June 18th The Lords Davis ruling on anonymous witnesses published (but of course known of within Government circles)
June 18th - Also the day when David Davis applies for the Chiltern Hundreds

June 21st (Saturday) war criminal Jack Straw announces he is going to rush through legislation to allow anonymous witnesses

June 23rd Judge Paget halts trial using anonymous witnesses

On BBC June 24th Commissioner Bob Quick, for example, called the ruling “catastrophic” and criticised the criminal justice system for “too much principle and not enough pragmatism”. (This was the guy who with Sir Ian Blair couldn't remember how any terrorist plots there were when asked by MP's. see Counter terrorism Bill ..and the Old Bill... Fiction is stronger than the truth )

June 26th “Chaos as Law Lords ruin trials” (The Sun, 25 June); “Anarchyis unleashed” (The Sun, 25 June); and “Terrorists, murderers and other violent criminals will escape justice unless emergency laws are passed within weeks” (Daily Mail, 26 June).“Britain could witness unrestrained violence like the slaughter in Zimbabwe” ( Sun 25 June). (All these quoted in Liberty brief Page 4 - "Thankfully" says Liberty n contrast to the Press "Thankfully, the response of Government and opposition parties to the decision did not follow suit. It was, in contrast measured and informed."

June 26th the Government makes routine sotto voce outline the plans for legislation with dates for debate in Commons on 8th July and Lords on 10th July (Bill published July 3rd). This after cross party "consultation".

26th June East Riding of Yorkshire council announced the long, long , varied and entertaining list of accepted candidates and date of election to be 2 weeks on Thursday 10th July.

So the Bill is to be debated (?) 8/9/10th July which means press comment could be 9th/10th/11th but curiously enough they were busy looking at Gemma Garretts teeth and tits and Elvis and the Cow girl.

Of course David Davis gets his seat back, without actually having said a fucking thing, except a few mildly critical remarks about useless CCTV pictures, and DNA databases. But he and Shami had very effectively hi-jacked the so called debate on "civil liberties" - and she hen goes on to pat herself and David on the back (see top).

Debate on the Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill, somehow, slips by and " 42 days or not 42 days " has monopolised any concern about stealing fundamental liberties and freedoms and the proper conduct of trials. Psyops success, in fucking spades.

What about dear sweet, doe eyed, scarf adjusting, Shami Chakrabarti offering TLC to DD in late at night , heart to heart's on the cellphone? The ex Home Office lawyer whose non-political Liberty winds up supporting a politician's election, one who agrees to 28 days and the loss of habeas corpus.

Shami Chakrabarti the ex Home Office lawyer who leads the non-political Liberty but ends up helping edit Total Politics ?

Shami Chakrabarti the ex Home Office lawyer who leads the non-political Liberty who provided a brief for the Government which agrees in principle to the Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill.

Shami Chakrabarti the ex Home Office lawyer who leads the non-political Liberty who provided a brief for the Government written by Jago Russell & Michael Spencer which agrees in principle to the Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill.

Prior to his post at Liberty, Jago Russell worked as a legal specialist in parliament where he advised select committees on a range of matters including counter-terrorism laws and corporate accountability. He has particular expertise in international and comparative human rights law, the UK government’s anti-terrorism policy, constitutional and criminal justice issues and has written and spoken on these and other matters for parliamentary and wider audiences.

Nu Labour has an eye for colourful ladies they can promote Baronesses, Vadera, Amos, Scotland .... arise Baroness Shami Chakrabarti of the Pashminas .... you have earned it.... and who knows maybe to join her soulmate and phone-sex pal David will reluctantly pass on his seat at the next election to a Tory hopeful and pass onwards and upwards as Baron Davis of the Blinding Diversion

Of course Liberty will need a new leader ... someone with the right ideas.. step forward Jago Russell.

PS : Here's a nice summertime job for a media studies student .. and god knows there are plenty of them... A good detailed annotated Timeline, fleshed out with details of all press coverage / comment , of the above.


Watching Them, Watching Us said...

"9. The role of the new Total Politics magazine that has so mysteriously appeared,"

Iain Dale has been trailing his new publishing project for several months now.

"fully financed by unknown sources, "

Nothing mysterious about the Tory backer Lord Ashcroft of Belize

"and with the ubiquitous help of Shami Chakrabarti OBE"

Shami Chakrabarti CBE rather than OBE

The other members of the Total Politics editorial board are:

Lord Ashdown the former leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Brian Brivati professor of contemporary history at Kingston University

Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman and the MP for Eastleigh.

Rt. Hon. David Davis MP (Conservative) - Iain Dale was his Tory party leadership campaign manager, and is obviously a friend.

Caroline Lucas, a Principal Speaker for the Green Party and is a Member of the European Parliament for the South Eastern Region

Angus MacNeil Angus, Scottish National Party Member of Parliament for Na h-Eileanan an Ia.

Rt. Hon. Denis MacShane Labour Member of Parliament for Rotherham and previously Minister of State for Europe

Who have you nominated as the member of the Baroness Neville-Jones fanclub ?

Surely not

Andrew MacKinlay Labour Member of Parliament for Thurrock who takes an interest in UK MI5 / Russian SVR matters, something which they seem to reciprocate ?

He is also the father of the editor of Total Politics , Sarah Mackinlay

paul said...

"Too much principle"
The midwich political class's idea of original sin

Stef said...

One of the personal disappointments about this business was seeing Bob Marshall-Andrews share a stage with DD and CC in Haltemprice

I thought, hoped, he was smarter than that

ziz said...

"9. The role of the new Total Politics magazine that has so mysteriously appeared,"

Iain Dale's efforts at trailing his non-subscription magazine had passed our resreach department by, as has the fact that the fascinating champion of democracy and reluctant UK taxpapeyr Lord Ashcroft of Belize picked up the bills ... source ? Costs for this exercise in open democracy ?

Shami's OBE has been correctly upgraded to CBE - bloody proofreaders.
The other members of the Total Politics editorial board are:

Lord Ashdown the former leader of the Liberal Democrats ex (?) MI6 point man in Balkans.

Brian Brivati professor of contemporary history at Kingston University . wannabe academic "thinker" - this is the man who wrote in the Guradian April 13th 2006 "The (Euston) manifesto offers a fresh vision for the alternative left in Britain and beyond. It is for a progressive left that is committed to egalitarianism, human rights and democratic participation everywhere. It is for a left that embraces plurality, equality and freedom of expression and is not scared of asserting the universal nature of the universal declaration of human rights. This is a left perspective which is not unthinkingly anti-America. It is a left that is in favour of a two state solution in the Israel-Palestine dispute and opposes all forms of racism."

It might be pointed out that some Henry Jackson Society members are among the signatories of the Euston manifesto which they see as more leftist soul mates (Nick Cohen supporter of Iraq invasion for God's sake) . An American chapter of the Euston group includes Martin Peretz and Michael Ledeen (JINSA , Adviser to genl Hague at SCAEUR, CSIS, American Enteroprise Institute and probably source of bogus Uranium documents for Iraq etc.,)

Chris Huhne Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman and the MP for Eastleigh.Westminster SChoool, Sorbonne, Magdalen and as MEP big chum of Ms Lucas. (and Ms Kinnockio)
On record saying he wants to "roll back [Labour's] security-obsessed surveillance state" but not on record for showing any enthusiams for doing anything about it - apart from supporting ....

Rt. Hon. David Davis MP (Conservative) - Iain Dale was his Tory party leadership campaign manager, and is obviously a friend and most certainly a happily paid up member of the lady jane fan Club. Ditto Dale, whose political ambitions are evidently well financed by the democratic champion of Belize.

Caroline Lucas, a Principal Speaker for the Green Party and is a Member of the European Parliament for the South Eastern Region - see Huhne above.Gets the Lord Patel Good Egg award, early and active CND member,widely respected as local MEP and gives local lefties a run for their money. desperately wants seat at Westminster which may explain her signing up with this lot.

Angus MacNeil Angus, Scottish National Party Member of Parliament for Na h-Eileanan an Ia.who has very nearly brought down the NU Labourgovernment but certainly has effectively fucked up their supplies of dosh from the private sector. A process which his pal Mr Salmond will probably effect (with help from voters in Glasgow) within the next 2 weeks.

Rt. Hon. Denis MacShane Labour Member of Parliament for Rotherham and previously Minister of State for Europe. Also previously known as Denis Matyjaszok and fully signed up member of the henry Jackson Soc (as is Lord Trimble - who is marginally to the left of Ian Paisley).

Which has many. many , fully paid up mamebers of the Lady Dame Jane Baroness Pauline Neville Jones Fan club as members - Michael Gove, Michael nacram, EX spook Sir Richard Dearlove, BBC Military rentagob Col Tim Collins, and from across the pond and amongst our colonial cousins, Irwin Stelzer, Richard Perle, Wiiam Kristol,James Woolsey Ex CIA Director, Dr Gary Schmitt of the Project for the New American century. (PNAC) - all curiously anxious to rpomote the cause of the Arabds of Khuzetstan, especially the Azdi who they claim are dreadfully persecuted - all part of the FCO Arabist love affair which goes back to the days of the Arab Bushehr Protectorate (seee blog for details) and even now site of US sepcial forces ..er..regime change .. fomenting trouble which substitutes for a sane diplomatic policy by the US.

Andrew MacKinlay Labour Member of Parliament for Thurrock who takes an interest in UK MI5 / Russian SVR matters, something which they seem to reciprocate ?

He is also the father of the editor of Total Politics , Sarah Mackinlay

No-one wishes the sins of the father on the sons (or daughters) but A McK distinguished himself in the murdr of Dr David Kelly by demonising the guy publicly. At best a useful idiot, at worst an SIS House of Commons 5th

You forget( or don't mention) gay charming "Lord" Simon Milton, (ST Pauls and Gonville & Cauis Cantab.) such a good friend of the charming and democratic , shy taxpayer Lady Porter , who has now stepped into Ray Lewis's shoes helping the far left London Mayor Boris J, chum of Cambridge thugs as various as David Cameron and ex con Darius Guppy... for whom he used to do PR work.

Having worked through that it becomes even more curious why Shami, leader of a non-political body pursuing a liberal, freedom , human rights agenda throws her lot in so strongly with them ... and especially DD.

cui bono ?

ziz said...

Forgot to mention Simon Milton's chum in the North East Sir Jeremy Beecham who was Simon's 2 i C in the LGA and also has some fascinating friends in Gosforth as mentioned for some odd reason by Natalie Bracht - now safely, it appears in Police custardy- or is that doin' porridge ?.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem much of an accident that the Robert McCartney murder trial came to a close or that the spate of knife murders peaked around that time.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (Maria Eagle): I shall respond briefly, given that I shall deal in more detail in Committee with some of the points that have been raised.

I welcome the constructive way in which Members in all parts of the House have dealt with the Bill so far. There has been wide agreement on much of it. My hon. and learned Friend the Member for Medway (Mr. Marshall-Andrews) observed that it was small but perfectly formed. I do not think I have ever heard him say that about a Bill before. Between all of us, we must be doing something right. I am also grateful to the Front Benchers in all parties for the constructive way in which they have worked during the short period available to produce the Bill in its current form.

Source: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200708/cmhansrd/cm080708/debtext/80708-0012.htm

The following speech by Marshall-Andrews raises the likelihood that witnesses who act against the 'public interest' will be the exceptions to the rule of witnesses being given anonymity and be intimidated by the differential treatment afforded to prosecution witnesses

Robert Marshall-Andrews (Medway, Labour) Link to this | Hansard source | Watch this

Let me start, perhaps uncharacteristically, by congratulating my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State on the Bill, which is small but near-perfectly formed.

I do not agree—in fact, I fundamentally disagree—with some of the commentary in the press over the past two or three days, which has come from people who not only should know better, but who do not represent, as we do, real people in the real world. I particularly noted the commentary that said that we managed to convict the Kray brothers and the Richardson brothers without laws relating to anonymity. I well remember the extraordinary difficulty that we had in convicting the Kray brothers and the Richardson brothers, and the mayhem, chaos and pain that was caused during the course of the period when we could not convict them, for precisely those reasons. It is no more than common sense to say that we should have sensible anonymity rules, and enshrined in the Bill are very nearly wholly sensible anonymity rules.

Let me turn to specifics. I hope to take far less than the eight minutes that we have been allotted. I entirely agree that special counsel are wholly appropriate in these circumstances. I was wholly against them when they were mooted in this House, but they have worked very well in terrorism cases, and my experience of them has been nothing but good. The idea has been commendable, and there seems to be no reason why it should not be adopted, particularly in this Bill.

I, too, would favour a clause that refers to the exceptional nature of the power—not that that would do any good, in truth. As my hon. Friend Rob Marris pointed out, the word "exceptional" is in the eye of the beholder; it is merely an adjective that can be used by courts as they so wish. However, it does set a climate—it is very important to do so—in having regard to what is happening at the moment in criminal courts, particular in senior criminal courts, in relation to special measures generally. The Bill will simply add another special measure.

It is undoubtedly the case, and it is causing widespread concern, that special measures are now being used to such an extent that we are creating a culture of witness protection rather than necessary witness protection. The effect of that, as has been alluded to many times, is that special measures become a form of inducement used by prosecuting authorities to obtain witnesses when those witnesses do not need them and should not have them. Giving evidence is never a pleasant thing, and it is sometimes hard, but that is what citizens are there to do. To create a culture of this kind is ultimately extremely damaging, because people who hear that such provision is available are less likely to give evidence if they do not get it.

There is another aspect worth considering, if the aim of these measures is, as it undoubtedly is, undoubtedly to obtain more, though just, convictions. Juries do not like them. Juries do not like screening, in particular, and they do not like obtaining evidence by video link when it is plainly unnecessary. Some cases involve the giving of evidence by young people who are as tough as old boots. They may be members of opposing gangs—they often are—and they sit in a separate room, in circumstances of conspicuous comfort, being watched by a jury who are asking themselves time and again, "Why is that man not in this court?" Skilful manipulation of the cross-examination of a witness in those circumstances, by repeated questions such as, "Are you sitting comfortably?", "Is everything all right?", "Do you still feel vulnerable?", "Is this a photograph of you on the top of a bus at the time?" or "Is that your pit bull terrier?" does the cause of justice, in terms of prosecuting people and obtaining convictions, very little good.

I make a plea now, in advance of the Bill into which these measures are bound to be incorporated in due course, that we do not approach them on the basis that witnesses need more protection. At the moment we have too much, and we need to cut into what is becoming an extremely damaging culture.

Source: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2008-07-08a.1304.0

Another limited hangout, Craig Murray, lavishes praise on Mackinlay:


Anonymous said...

more dodgy fuckers.

Our friend Rachel North is one of Britain's most thoughtful and insightful commentators on terrorism and civil liberties and she's written another excellent article on the subject, this time a speech she delivered during David Davis' successful election campaign.
I expect terrorists to attack our way of life and to try to use fear to divide us and change our behaviour. I do not expect our government to do the same, nor us to collude in giving up our ancient liberties and thus to do the terrorists' work for them.
They say if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything, and I am glad to stand shoulder to shoulder with people from all across the political spectrum, knowing that freedom is something worth standing for, worth fighting for, worth dying for.

Holy fuck!!!


is Blairwatch a spook site??

ziz said...

Re Anon 3.34
This may interest some folks ...

Craig Murray Blog ..January 25, 2008 (Lord Patel's [official] birthday !) A Life Saved!
"... Jahongir Sidikov has phoned me to say that the Home Office has just granted him asylum." .. Craig had brought attention to the intention by the Home Office to this young dissident ( and refused asylum seeker) to Uzbekistan , he thanked everyone, .."Several deserve thanks, but Bob Marshall Andrews deserves a really special mention."

See http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2007/11/britain_institu.html
November 20, 2007
Britain Institutes Death Penalty

Bob Marshall Andrews who likes to think of himself as a modern day Rumpole, bluff, honest, good hearted barrister deserves more than this brief note but in response to his charmless remarks in the "debate" in the House, in which he evidently wished to act as a riposte to Geoffrey Robertson in the Guradian about the nailing Krays, Richardson and the NI terrorists.

Lord Patel seems to remember that this was the apogee of the really, really bent coppers (AKA roten apple)at Scotland Yard in the Obscene Publications , Vice Squads, Sweeney etc., which did in the end see a few dishonest Plods go down.

He also seems to recall that the NI Police Ombudsman Nuala O'Loan has produced painstakingly clear and detailed reports of the way NI terrorists of all stripes were state funded, protected, directed, armed and indeed the current head of MI6 was very active in organising such murderers, torturers, extortionists, drug dealers, and money launderers - with a bit of wholesome prostitution and paedophilia for the top pols thrown in for good measure.

See this blog Friday, March 09, 2007
God´s curse on you Britannia for this cruel deed you´ve done/ But god will have his final say when your judgement day it comes

Also Saturday, January 27, 2007
" a campaign of State Terrorism" - McGuinness
http://postmanpatel.blogspot.com/2007/01/campaign-of-state-terrorism-mcguiness.html ... a tiny bit ..

"After the meeting, Mr McGuinness in remarks not widely reported said ,

"Collusion was a British policy, it was about upholding the Union [with Britain] and its result was a campaign of State terrorism in Ireland."....the report by the Police Ombudsman was he said "the beginning of the process to uncover the full extent of collusion and the involvement of the most senior political figures in the British system in it."

He went on to refer to a recent press report (?) quoting former RUC/PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Raymond White, who has apparently admitted that British Ministers and senior officials were "regularly briefed"on undercover operations and that he personally had briefed former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

In the case of the criminal gangs and the political killings there was no thirst to start cases and bring in witnesses, protected, or otherwise, who might under cross examination reveal far more than many senior Police and Politicians wished to be revealed.

Anyway with Diplock courts there was no need to go to the trouble of convincing a jury.

It is hardly surprising that Uncle Bob Marshall Andrews takes the view of his Trade Union, who have so far extracted over £180 Mn pounds from a fruitless, pointless exercise in examining (at a leisurely ace and with no great rigour) the events of Bloody Sunday.

So often, and as seen quite nakedly in the desire (No ! Demand) for anonymous witnesses, the Police the Prosecution and the Politicians are combined in their aim .. they don't want justice .. they just want a result.

Measured principally in Newspaper headlines.

In banging up some ill educated, gun toting, amoral, shiftless, drug dealing niggers for the rest of their natural .. they have got it.

.. not to mention a license for the technique to be used and abused in dealing in the future, with the awkward squad.

ziz said...

Anon @ 7.31.

Rachel, whom I suspect of being a good Catholic girl has her quotes slightly confused.. RC G.K. Chesterton is frequently quoted as saying .."When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything"

Although it now appears he didn't say it ...

Anyway folks must make their own mind up about the sincerity and accuracy of the views that Miss North propounds and the way the BBC are willing to give her a platform to air them.

Coincidence has propelled her in the most anguishing circumstance to both both a victim and a witness to a barbarity , which whilst it afford her a unique viewpoint does not thereby afford her any special qualities of diagnosis and observation on that event, surrounding politial developments , legal consequences and political developments above any other well informed and intelligent observer.

Blairwatch ?

The original concept appears to have morphed into a hotch-potch, rag bag, of disparate voices devoid of clear conviction, sense of purpose or direction. qv medialens.

The raw beauty of the Internet is we do all have a voice, and an on/off switch.

Lord Patel is especially fond of kippers (not those dyed with a couring banned everywhere else in Europe) , grilled, with ripped chunks of crusty white batch bread he has just made, smeared generously with artery clogging butter.

Not every day, not once a week or even every month. Now and then.

Stef said...

Lord Patel is wise beyond his years

rob said...

"Lord Patel is wise beyond his years"


Bert said...

God, I miss the Postie's blo writings...
'Bert' 24 June 2010

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