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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dell to continue to sidelne Vista and supply machines with XP installed...

Gavin Clarke at the Register has 3 pieces of news.

Billy boy is no longer working at the Office, XP will not be supported from today.

The Dell blog has the really good news.."Dell can sell what we've branded 'Windows Vista Bonus' which allows us to preinstall XP Professional with a Vista license (on select system categories). This lets customer's upgrade to the Vista platform when they're ready. And yes, Dell will support both OSs."

Earlier this month Dell vowed to keep selling PCs running the operating system until "at least 2009".

Gavin points out that this is no coincidence... Billy boy has played hardball to push new Windows OS's and says that in an antitrust case with IBM that IBM revealed Micro$oft had delayed giving IBM access to Windows 95 simply because IBM refused to kill its own OS/2 operating system or agree to not bundle its SmartSuite rival to Office on IBM PCs. (all the sordid details here)

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Venturer said...

The original name for Vista was Longhorn. So Microsoft want to butt XP out

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