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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

John Bolton : text book case of how having no power can drive a man crazy

Probably we should be grateful to Rupert Murdoch for having taken over the Wall Street Journal so crazies like John Bolton , who used to be the USA Ambassador at the UN, can publish things like his op/ed in the WSJ today, Israel, Iran and the Bomb Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Iran...

An irreversible, turning point was reached he claims , when Iran stage managed their military missile fireworks and adjusted their rattling sabres last week.

Using two faced greasy wog diplomatic charm with the cheese eating surrender monkeys (how do you say the name of Javier Solana, without spitting ?) and exploiting military might is an exclusive privilege of the US , so naturally he feels it's pretty bad when someone steals Uncle Sam's thunder.

Not only this, these sand niggers are just buying time to ," produce deliverable nuclear weapons" - say, like ..er .. Israel did for so long.

But warns John ..." a shadow may fall: targeted military action, either Israeli or American."

5 years of failed diplomacy by the EU-3 (Britain, France and Germany), and Iran is 5 years closer to delivering Armageddon - which is where Israel (with a lot of US help) is today.

Hey .. Look what is coming down the Pike, wake up you guys !!! The limp wristed Bushies are on their way out and the newbies will need 6 months to get their act together - that's another 12 months of inaction ( presumably whilst the dithering cheese eating surrender monkeys share their canapes with Khamaini and his mullahs).

Sanctions (John reveals), have just been a stone in their shoe , " Iran's real economic woes stem from nearly 30 years of mismanagement by the Islamic Revolution." .. and everyone else's when they blockade Hormuz ?

More sanctions ..." will simply be too little, too late." Like say Zimbabwe John ?

Regime change , a good idea before, fomenting internal discontent even, they are now a busted flush. (Is this the lesson John has eventually learn from the masterful changing of the regime in Iraq, Afghanistan , Maliki and Kharzai are just such pussy cats ? Mind you those Albanian gangstas are still toeing the line in Kosovo... well, so far.)

So ..."Israel is now at an urgent decision point: whether to use targeted military force to break Iran's indigenous control over the nuclear fuel cycle at one or more critical points." We bomb the German suppliers of high purity magnesium ? The Swiss bearing suppliers for the centrifuges ?

He admits this won't resolve the problem that these damn sand niggers really, really want those nukes ... it also provides however "the potential to buy considerable time"....presumably for regime change ... fomenting more discontent.....

The alternative is we will have both Israel and Iran with nuclear weapons, the most deeply unattractive alternative of all. Apparently...

The urgency has passed the EU-3 cheese eating surender monkeys by and that quasi Muslim terrist Chicago gangsta Barack Obama and his terrist moll (that's at least something the New Yorker got right eh ? John ?).

Look, let's face it says John , "There was a time when the Bush administration might itself have seriously considered using force, but all public signs are that such a moment has passed." Even good old boy ( and boy do we mean old) John McCain's response is to build a sooper , dooper, new , really, really hi-tech Raytheon missile shield.

Wake up John boy old man, shields are ex post facto, they are after the event, they only work when these sand niggers have got the missiles...Goddam it, doesn't anyone around here get it ? Why does nobody listen ?

Dammit we can rely on the Israeli's - they said they would bomb that shed in the Syrian desert. What did they do ? Why Goddam they bombed it. They levelled it. End of. Mission accomplished. (Pollard ? The AIPAC spies ? ..lies .. bad apples everywhere ..not true patriots)
Goddam it who cares what price gas costs ? Well for sure John doesn't ... but then he has never been elected has he ? ..."When the real source of the threat, not just a surrogate, nears the capacity for nuclear Holocaust, can anyone seriously doubt Israel's propensities, whatever the impact on gasoline prices?"

Look, we are going to be blamed for any strike anyway , so let's see how we can provide what .." cooperation the U.S. will extend to Israel before, during and after a strike on Iran. "

Whooop de doo boys ... "place no obstacles in Israel's path, and facilitate its efforts where we can."

PS : AIPAC .. Will this do ? Shalom, salaam , Peace , whatever, send the cheque to the usual account .. John

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