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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Korova Jacqui Smith gets a good tolchocking from the malchick droogs opposite in ultra-violence khorosho

Kebab loving Jacqui Smith variously described as Home Secretary has obviously been getting her ideas from Stanly Kubrick / Alan Burgess

In 2 public TV interviews, this weekend, including one with Sky News's bulky Adam Boulton on Sunday, she was asked by Boulton: "One of those proposals is that people caught carrying knives should be taken to see people in hospital that have been stabbed or to meet the families of victims. Is that correct?" Smith replied: "It is."

Smith said yesterday she wanted those responsible for knife crimes to go on weapons awareness workshops at which they would see graphic images of the impact of knife crime. "We are not, and I have never said we are, proposing to bring young people into wards to see patients."

Set in a dystopian sometime future, Clockwork Orange features a disturbingly adult and violent 15 year old, Alex. His droogs Pete, Georgie and Dim, who roam the streets at night, committing violent crimes ("ultraviolence") for enjoyment speaking in Burgess's inventive bastardized Russian / Slovenian Nadsat.

Alex gets 14 years for murder. As an assistant to the chaplain he plays with an interest in religion, and amuses himself by reading the Bible for its lurid descriptions of "the old yahoodies (Jews) tolchocking (beating) each other", imagining himself taking part in "the nailing-in" (the Crucifixion) of Jesus.

Alex hears about an experimental rehabilitation programme called "the Ludovico Technique", of Drs Brodsky (Bad Cop) and Branom (Good Cop) which promises that the prisoner will be released upon completion of the two-week treatment, and will not commit crimes afterwards.

Alex becomes the first guinea pig in the crazy full scale Ludovico Technique of aversion therapy. Alex is given a drug that induces extreme nausea while being forced to watch graphically violent films for two weeks. One of the films has a soundtrack of Alex's beloved Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, (some of the first Moog music) and through his pleading to stop the music, they refuse. It is for your own good and that the music is the "punishment element".

Later the ardent insensitive and excited clinicians demonstrate the Ludovico Technique 's success in front of an audience (including the prison chaplain): a man taunts and abuses Alex is abused and taunted , unable to defend himself as each time he tries he becomes nauseated (He must lick the man's boots to appease him). Then a beautiful, naked woman (Jacqui Smith ?) is shown him, but Alex is unable to think of touching her without feeling ill.

Maybe Mad Max Mosley has had an effect on her ?

Well it was an original idea .. but not hers - maybe she should be locked up to watch Clockwork Orange non-stop for 42 days, whilst we think of something to charge her with ...even if it is only Bed and Breakfast.

Singin' in the Rain - when Lord Patel taught in a detention centre in the 70's the inmates claimed his was the best part of the film ... catchy number.

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