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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magic Footprints my arse - How can global TV mislead 4 Billion people ?

Lord Patel apologises. On the 9th August we posted Paleontological TV - Neanderthals of the networks edit history whilst it is made elsewhere -"billions at stake" .. in which we poked fun at the gigantic swindle, that NBC in the US had conveniently time shifted the Olympic opening to maximise ad revenues.

Lord Patel's old pal in Psyops , Zhang Yomou now tells me that the whole ceremony was all a completely contrived computer generated spoof.

Hong Kong Phoooooey !!


Nigel (No)Planer said...

More details of the biggest completely contrived computer generated spoof.

ziz said...

By jove that was quick.

Edo said...

loads of no-planer movies. Interesting, but pointless for ruthless persuance.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Nigel (No)Planer said...

Nigel your full of it me ol son!

fuck they really did a good job of faking the second plane impact from ground level!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are at it!

Anonymous said...

yea the chinese are at it again, just like the chinese government issued passports to the 14 year old gymnists

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