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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taliban very nearly kill PM - inches from certain death - one bound our hero is free .. : Amazing Pictures

Crikey! We are very lucky. The Taliban very nearly killed Gordon Brown 64, (Prime Minister currently) when he made a surprise visit to Kabul before spending time enjoying himself at the Olympics with Boris.

Two gunmen (see pic) were seen when he was going to be ferried in one of the few helicopters we have left, from the roof of the Embassy - regrettably when ,"Afghan police rushed to the rooftop scene the two gunmen are understood to have realised they had been spotted—and escaped"


"The PM spent another 45 minutes sheltering inside the embassy ." Then .... "....a massive security operation swung into action for the 10-minute flight to the city’s international airport."

Phew ! Crikey! PM Minutes away (literally) from death.

Now this 2 week old story can be told - HOLD THE FRONT PAGE ! More thrilling details at NWOT Plus Gap year girls porn shame


sam_m said...

A shocking revelation. I hope the P.M. was nowhere near anyone with any camouflage equipment as that's a dead giveaway of terrorist intent.

OBTW Your bimbo link leads to Corrie, not Gap Year.

Stef said...

shocking, chilling and very real

ziz said...

No apologies for link to my old friend Margie Clark - you might check up on the age given to her in the article BTW.

Sorry you were misled and failed to endure reading about gap year porn.

sam_m said...

I note your "Push on the Picture" at the page top reveals more Gap Year Gals "working" their way around Europe.

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