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Friday, September 05, 2008

Army "Shoot to kill" policy in Northern Ireland and Drumnakilly Massacre remembered 20 years on

This Video recreates the The Drumnakilly Ambush which refers to the killing on 30th August 1988 near Drumnakilly, County Tyrone, of the brothers Martin and Gerald Harte and Brian Mullen, who were Provisional Irish Republican Army (pIRA) members.

The IRA version is clear .The three IRA men were on active service in a car patrolling the area, armed with two AK-47 rifles and a revolver. They spotted what appeared to be an abandoned lorry on the road. They stopped and SAS officers hidden in trenches and a nearby building fired a lethal barrage of 236 bullets. It is claimed this shoot to kill ambush was a consequence of the bombing of an army bus which has caused eight deaths 10 days previously.

The army "official" version is (of course)different. The security forces had obtained information that the three members of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (pIRA) were intending to murder a coal man who was also a soldier of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR).

They had no idea when, where or how the killing would take place and drew up a plan to provoke the Provisional Irish Republican Army (pIRA) into action. A scene, covered by two Operation Posts (OP's), was created with a lorry, a flat tyre and an officer disguised as the coal man. Martin, Gerald and Brian showed up. With high speed the car approached the scene and, while hanging out the windows of their car, they opened fire to which the SAS reacted.

About a dozen soldiers in camouflage were lying in a shallow ditch nearby and more were manning a heavy machine gun at a nearby derelict building.A helicopter arrived immediately after the shoot out, airlifting a number of soldiers away from the scene.
The subsequent inquest failed to establish who had opened fire first.

In 2003 a man claiming to be one of the SAS soldiers appeared in a Channel 4 documentary claiming the IRA trio were 'lured into an ambush'

The Drumnakilly Martyrs Commemoration Committee, in partnership with the families of the three volunteers arranged a weekend commemoration of the deaths of the 3 men last weekend.

Brian , a bricklayer was gentle giant and from the well known Mullin family from Foremass, known locally as the 'Bards' whose grandfather was renowned as poet.

Martin Harte was captain of Loughmacrory Saint Teresa's Gaelic Football team and married to Brian Mullan'ssister and had a son, Declan.

Gerard was a popular player and manager with St Teresa's GFC. He was married with a young son, Colm.

At the unveiling of a memorial in 2004 at the aniversary events West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty said: "The Drumnakilly ambush was an example of the British shoot-to-kill policy in Ireland and gave lie to the British Government's claim that there was not a war going on here. Republicans throughout Ireland hold in high esteem the three Volunteers killed at Drumnakilly and their families, and any initiatives taken to honour their memory has my support."

On Sunday West Tyrone Ă“gra activist, Aidy O’Donnell said
"20 years on, and a new generation are spurred on by their sacrifice, and by the example that they left. They viewed their struggle as a community struggle, and dedicated their lives to ensuring their people where organised and empowered, whether it be through the community association or the GAA."

"The flame they carried still burns on among the youth of Tyrone, and as Martin Ferris passionately put it, they will remain our inspiration to achieve the 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic. Beir bua!"

A song whose authorship is unknown and unclaimed remembers the event.

Once again black flags are hoisted in the county of Tyrone
Three more good men lie butchered by the forces of the crown
We shed tears of grief and anger as the news spreads quickly round
How the SAS had waited and without warning gunned them down.

Now the green flag is wrapped around them
Gloves and berets on their chests
We salute three gallant soldiers
As we lay them down to rest.

On the road past Drumnakilly sorrow shrouds the roadway still
There the SAS men lay in ambush to do Maggie Thatchers will
Like Loughall and like Gibralter, British justice has no frills
They came to Tyrone for vengeance and their orders were to kill.

Now the green flag is wrapped around them
Gloves and berets on their chests
We salute three gallant soldiers
As we lay them down to rest.

Gerry and Martin Harte we've lost you we, remember you with pride
You both had so much to live for, now your dreams have been denied
Brian Mullin we shall miss you, with your friendly smiling face
Though you died with your fond comrades in our hearts you hold the place

Now the green flag is wrapped around them
Gloves and berets on their chests
We salute three gallant soldiers
As we lay them down to rest.

Three brave volunteers are gone what is there left to say
It was Ireland's love that called them when they joined the IRA
So let Thatcher send her murderers to the hills of green Tyrone
It is she who will be mourning when we send her soldiers home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These were 3 Volunteers in the Army of the Irish Republic who fought to end oppression and unite Ireland. The many thousands of people who turned up over the weekend rememebered them with pride and honour.

The IRA fought the British army to a standstill and brought the brit govt to the talking table. However the struggle for Irish freedom is not over.

Until a 32 County Democratic Socialist republic is achieved irish republicans will not rest. The greatest (and only) monument that can be build to the men and women like the Drumnakilly Martyrs is the establishment of a 32 County Democratic Socialist Republic.

Beir bua agus tiocfaidh ar la.

Oige na hEireann

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