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Friday, September 05, 2008

HRW report Cluster bomb use was right - they were used - but by the Georgians not the Russians and they were M85's of Israeli manufacture

On the 16th August we posted Russia uses Cluster Bombs on civilian targets in Georgia which was based on a widely reported Human Rights watch report. A friend kindly pointed out what a bunch of lying fuckers they have been .. in fact they have an impressive track record. (of which more soon)

Now it turns out the bombs were M85 bombs of Israeli manufacture, and used by the Georgians. A letter from the Georgian Defence Ministry to HRW said the bombs were used "against Russian military equipment and armament" near the Roki tunnel that links Russia to South Ossetia. The Georgians have admitted using them. The original report was by a helpful chappie called Marc Garlasco, who moved over to Human Rights Watch after working 7 years at Pentagon. HRW has acknowledged cluster bomb use, but has not retracted their now baseless accusations against the Russians and still maintain the Russians used them. Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Clusterfuck on Blog Simple

One must admit that the Pentagon does take information management seriously. It'd be interesting to know how many other operatives are out planting propaganda, and using NGOs as fronts. Lots and lots, I bet.

Before coming to HRW, Marc Garlasco (see pic) spent seven years in the Pentagon as a senior intelligence analyst covering Iraq. His last position there was chief of high-value targeting during the Iraq War in 2003. Marc was on the Operation Desert Fox (Iraq) Battle Damage Assessment team in 1998, led a Pentagon Battle Damage Assessment team to Kosovo in 1999, and recommended thousands of aimpoints on hundreds of targets during operations in Iraq and Serbia. He also participated in over 50 interrogations as a subject matter expert. See him on CBS video accuse the Russians.(Warning includes interview with Alexander Stubb not suitable for children)

So the report was true when - Asked about reports of the use of cluster bombs, deputy chief of Russia's General Staff, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, told a news conference "We never use cluster bombs. There is no need to do so." Another report from RIA Novosti says he said,""We did not use cluster bombs, and what's more there was absolutely no necessity to do so."

We apologise for the misinformation but it helps to identify the way these lying bastards spread their fictionalised acounts.


paul said...

Reporters without borders are a similar bunch
As Jean Bricmont says of NGOs:
Its the N I have a problem with.

glock on the floor said...

MofA has been banging on about this for days. Is the Postie late or would some attribution be appropriate??

Tumerica said...

OK, wait--Israel/Cheney pump lotsa moolah and arms into Georgia, help them create attacks to stir up the sleeping dragon of Russia. Russia pounces. And WWIII is seeded like snow clouds by, um, the U.S. of A. As if Iraq and Afghanistan and Iran were not enough. Uggh. I am sorry for what my country hath wrought upon the face of the Earth. In no way do the monsters in charge represent the usual US citizen. After all, they ripped us off by stealing two elections fraudulently.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remembering reading somewhere before that Human Rights Watch was a tool of the Bush administration.
Russia is underpopulated so maybe all those with any sense of morality should go and live there.

ziz said...


We didnae see the Moonie post which is excellent. Where can you get the staff these days ?

We do have other sources, which as you see confirms how HRW cannot be relied on. As promised we have been up to our oxters in tracing HRW finding.

You will note that the pic used by HRW is correctly attributed to AP here and we stole it from the Voice of America Website ... who were happy to retail the HRW story for their listeners and readers.

ziz said...

Just to show the Postie is not asleep with his bag MofA has followed up again 5th Septmber


with 2 good external references



paul said...

I too am becoming very dissatisfied with the free service you provide
<standing outside blog resentfully puffing on a fag in the wind and rain/>

Anonymous said...

HRW was a systematic and shameless understater of Iraqi casualties. In the same vein, there should be an unofficial register accessible to US families who've lost a grunt/family member in Iraq. A blogger

pointed out in 2005 that the 'dead' quota in the 'dead' vs 'injured' ratio for US troops in Iraq is way too low (ref low death rate in Falklands war due to cold conditions - vs hot and sunny Iraq - and further ref ban on photographing/counting coffins returning from Iraq).

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