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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Lambeth Palace will feature the SIOE Street Theatre on Thursday

Well PC Plod will be busy on the anniversary of 9/11 on Thursday - Go to London Calling for full details, but SIOE are promising trouble with a demonstration starting at Lambeth Palace at 18.00 hrs . This kick off point was chosen because of what they call the Archbishop of Canterbury’s unwise comments on Sharia Law.

SIOE opposes Sharia law at any level existing in English law and any national sovereign law in Europe.

SIOE organiser Stephen Gash is quoted saying, “Rational people all over Europe believe in democracy, not theocracy. In a working democracy legislation may be enacted and repealed according to circumstances prevailing at the time. Muslims believe that Sharia law is the unassailable word of their deity Allah and is unchangeable. The vast majority of Europeans consider the stoning to death of a woman for being raped and beheading a person for leaving Islam to be barbaric punishments. Those punishments represent the thick end of the wedge. The thin end of the wedge is, for example, uniquely allowing Muslim men multiple welfare benefits for multiple wives as happens in the United Kingdom and other European countries.” Which may explain these leaflets picked up today ..Stand for Islam"Hizb ut-Tahir has launched a UK wide campaign aimed at confronting the on-going media and political onslaught gainst Islam." ... " Former British PM Tony Blair once infamously presented the war on terror as a counter to an "evil ideology" that he said included calling for the Caliphate and Shariah." www.hizb.org.uk
There seems to be a Danish connection with a website Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark which has evidently moderate views ..

It should be clear to everyone that Islam is a racist religion which does not tolerate dissidents and other religions, and is fighting democracy in every way. Islam is working through fear and terror, just like their NAZI allies. Yes, it is not so well-known to many people, but the Middle Eastern Islamists, especially those in Palestine, had a very close collaboration with Hitler and Nazi Germany both before and during World War Two.

We always get nervous here when people use the Argument of the Wedge (Thin end of) .. something usually associated with Unripe Time. The other observation is that it is curious that people take all the trouble to uproot themselves, settle down here, find they don't like the way we live and then want to change the law and the way we live our lives.


glock on the floor said...

I find it curious that beheading is considered a "barbaric punishment". For instance, in the heart of civilised Europe, France last used the Guillotine as a method of capital punishment just over 30 years ago.

Albert Pierrepoint said...

The Spanish only abolished the garotte in 1978 with the new constitution, and was used by the Franco regime until at least 1974.

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