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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A free Web-based Virtual Computer for every human being - G.ho.st

G.ho.st ...the shortest, neatest, url around and the product of an extrordinary alliance. Palestinian programmers in Ramallah and Israeli programmers in Israel who meet in a petrol station cafe on the Dead Sea or by teleconferencing.

G.ho.st (the Global Hosted Operating SysTem pronounced “ghost”), offers what they term ,Web-based G.ho.st Virtual Computer (VC) free of charge to every human being.

The G.ho.st Virtual Computer already allows users to access their desktop, files, settings and apps from any browser. Now they have launched a G.ho.st Mobile service which allows the same users to access their files, settings and apps from any mobile phone! The main VC service is live at http://g.ho.st/ and the new Mobile service may be accessed from any mobile phone browser at http://G.ho.st/m .

The G.ho.st VC, together with G.ho.st Mobile allows a user to keep their entire digital life professionally hosted at G.ho.st, which in turn uses Amazon.com’s data center (AWS). A user can then access heir digital life from any browser or mobile phone.

The solution requires no administration, such as installing software, backing-up or syncing, and is provided completely free of charge. For people who travel or use different devices in different locations, the G.ho.st solution provides a complete alternative to Microsoft Windows® + Windows CE which are tied to specific devices, are expensive and require syncing and other administration

Of course if you want your entire digital history accessible to an Israeli based hitech software outfit that is a choice you are welcome to make.

G.ho.st lead investor is Benchmark Capital which operates in California and Israel, has US$2.5 Bn. under management, and is known for such successes as EBay and MySQL.

Several individual investors are also claimed , including ex-Microsoft executives and veteran industry investors, and have participated in investment rounds in a personal capacity. These included Paul Maritz, (Zimbabwean / S African) who managed the development of Windows at Microsoft(which he left in 2000). Prior to that, he spent five years at Intel Corporation.

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Stef said...

Good stuff

Match it up with 'fring' and you should have all your Israeli hosted computing and communication needs covered

cf. Google, Wikipedia, Zone Alarm etc etc

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