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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The plastic newspaper gets nearer the street - Plastic Logic reaches take - off soon.

We first brought your attention to Plastic Logic in March 2007 - Enfucell Oy's SoftBattery™ - a solution for a problem with their "flexible active-matrix displays" (which they were exhibiting at the Flex-Idis seminar Kings College Cambridge 29th March 2007).

Things have moved on since then - the first factory was opened in Dresden In early September and the company site video demonstrates the use of the technology in supporting paperless newspaper (or any other) production.

The Dresden factory (started construction May 2007) is, they claim, a fully automated and integrated facility that has now begun volume production of portable displays based on Plastic Logic's patented and proprietary plastic electronics technology.

CEO Richard Archuleta said portentously , "Today marks an extraordinary achievement for our company and the plastic electronics industry. It also marks a major milestone in preparation for the delivery of our first consumer electronics product early next year."

Plastic Logic's core , proprietary and heavily patented technology solves the critical issue in manufacturing high-resolution transistor arrays on flexible plastic substrates using a low-temperature. The process is simpler than conventional glass silicon processes, and produces active matrix displays that are thinner, lighter and more robust than glass.

Founded in 2000 by researchers out of the Cambridge University Cavendish Laboratory, the Company has received more than US$200 million in funding from leading international technology firms and investors. Plastic Logic has research and development in Cambridge, England, high-volume, state-of-the-art manufacturing in Dresden, Germany, and executive management, product engineering, sales and marketing headquartered in Mountain View, California. NYT article September 19, 2008, Will This E-Reader Replace Papers? iRex Reader device launched ...Amazon Kindle has sold 300K devices so far.


Edo said...

When they can make it 'feel' like paper, smell like paper, and rip like paper... it will win. Until then, I don't think any printers will be going out of business any time soon. The usefulness of a newspaper is not to be underestimated. Swatting flies, Cleaning Shoes, Cleaning Glass, Paper Mache, Funny Hats, Hostage Notes... the list is endless! And as for reading a book, always better!

jack said...

Organic electronics, i.e. using an organic material as semi-conductor, opens the way to flexible displays using plastic substrates. This has been demonstrated for displays based on liquid crystals and electrophoretic ink.Here we demonstrate the use of an organic semi-conductor and anorganic insulator, both applied from solution, in highly flexible active matrix QVGA displays, as well as the realization of logic functions in integrated circuits.

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