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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paul Rowen MP reveals the Pension benefits of our Judges

Ernest, worthy but dull, single and debonair, ex school teacher and Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale has improved his PMQ techniques and he recently managed to unearth some fascinating information about the pension arrangments of the Judiciary in England and Wales.

He asked the Secretary of State for Justice
(1) what the average payment per person to members of the Judicial Pension Scheme was in 2008;
(2) how many individuals belong to the Judicial Pension Scheme.

The lovelyBridget Prentice (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Justice; Lewisham East, Labour) replied in a written answer

The average annual pension paid to members of the Judicial Pension Scheme (including dependants) for 2006-07 was approximately £36,000.

As at 31 March 2007 there were 2,101 active members of the Scheme.

1 comment:

rochdale rapper said...

Cute photo- makes Paul Rowen look a little like John Imman of Are You Being Served?

What does Dave Hennegan, Paul's PR Guru paid for by the taxpayer, think?

Or Adam Power- Dave's other half (in the office), who according to Paul Rowen apparently doesn't work for him?

As Work and Pensions shadow, shadow minister Mr Rowen MP should know all about Income Tax and National Insurance contributions for employees.

As the photo suggests-
pucker up buttercup!

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