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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicago's First Lady, Patricia Blagojevich heard on Fed's wiretaps of her husband

Since we named Jesse Jackson Jnr as candidate 5 in Rod Blagojevich auction of Mr Obama's Senate seat on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 -Rod Blagojevich AKA soon to be Rod "canary" Blagojevich arrested, charged and in custody the MSM have followed our lead. (D. Telegraph and fascinating article in Newsweek)

What we didn't follow up was the fact that with the Chicago Royal Family, the Blagojevich's , like the Clinton's you get a twofer ... talk of Rod and Patricia is rarely far behind.

It is evident that a close reading o fthe fed's 76 page indictment shows that Pat was busy helping her ambitious husband in hatching a plan to sell President-elect Barack Obama's old U.S. Senate seat. She angled to trade her husband's power for lucrative spots on corporate boards. And she unleashed an obscenity-filled tirade suggesting Tribune Co. ownership should "just fire" Chicago Tribune editorial writers if the company wanted the state to help it unload Wrigley Field to ease its crushing debt.

"Hold up that ******* Cubs ********," she is quoted as saying in the background as her husband talked on the phone, authorities alleged. " **** them."

Patricia Blagojevich, 43, has not (yet) been charged with wrongdoing.

The affidavit also alleges she participated in a two-hour conference call (!) last month in which she, hubby Rod and his aides and cronies discussed selling Obama's seat in exchange for place for her on paid corporate boards. Patricia Blagojevich suggested she would be qualified for such positions because she has a background in real estate and appraisals, while the governor stated that he hoped she would pull in at least $150,000 annually to alleviate the family's "financial stress."

Chicago newspapers have reported that tax records show that in 2007, the Blagojevich family’s income dropped nearly 20%, to US$214,580 in combined wages. (He earns US$177,412 as governor.)

During this epic call, the governor mulled appointing himself to the Senate seat and a major concern was that it would be easier for his wife to become a lobbyist.

Patricia is a tough lady - missing out on her hubby's bail hearing Tuesday, and grew up as the daughter of longtime ward boss Ald. Richard Mell (33rd), so was aware at an early age to the bruising world of the Chicago Machine. Politics runs in the family of course and Pat's sister, Deborah Mell, a gay rights activist, was elected a state representative in Illinois last month. (See biog and lengthy interview with her partner Christin Baker here)

Wikipedia says that, Mell announced she would run in the special election to replace Rahm Emanuel, who will be resigning from the US House of representatives, to serve as President Obama'sWhite House Chief of staff. (The Hill) Her brother in law , Governor Blagojevich has 120 days from Emanuel’s resignation to set the special election and primary dates.

Patricia Blagojevich fell out with her dad when he accused her hubby of pay-to-play politics in 2005, but had been briefly reconciled after her mother's death 2 years ago. Despite their chilly relationship in recent years, Mell expressed concern for his daughter on Tuesday—but showed little concern for his son-in-law.

"My main concern right now is for my daughter and my grandchildren(Amy and Annie). That's all I want to say right now" the Chicago Tribune reported him saying.

The First Lady of Chicago , a graduate in economics from the University of Illinois, continued to work as a real-estate agent (River Realty) until a federal investigation into her hubby started revving up .

She has championed popular liberal causes such as literacy, children's health care and public breast feeding. In 2005 Illinois became the first state in the nation to offer affordable, comprehensive health insurance for every uninsured child through the All Kids Health Insurance Program. Patricia has been an outspoken advocate and served as a spokesperson and key partner for All Kids, working with schools and hospitals across the state to pre-register families in this landmark program.

She also created the State Beautification Initiative. Through this initiative, thousands of native wildflowers have been planted along state roadways.

Patricia has however continued to work in her own real-estate business until a federal investigation into her hubby started overheating.

The first lady's once-lucrative real estate career suffered after her most famous client, Antoin "Tony" Rezko, was convicted on political corruption charges. Apparently she earned more than $700,000 in commissions on other deals after her husband began raising money in 2000 for his first gubernatorial campaign.

Of those commissions, the Chicago Tribune found more than three-quarters came from clients with connections - which may be the cause of her recorded hostility to Chicago Tribune editorial writers .

As commissions faded, she started up as an investment banker. She touted her ability to land state business upon her hiring with a local banking house, but those deals never materialized and she soon left.

In September, she began working as a full-time fundraiser for the Chicago Christian Industrial League—a job she obtained after a longtime political ally of the governor talked to the director of the very well established non-profit homeless agency.

A spokeswoman for the agency told s that Patricia Blagojevich still worked at the agency. Period.

Now go and read that Newsweek article and the implications of the the disclosure on the activities of the JJ family - they by the way also pick up on our disclosure that Valerie Jarrett was Obama's pick for his Senate seat.

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