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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Michael Martin fingers Jill Pay in fancy dress party national security terrorist drama - Plod finds drugs

Plod, like God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.Two examples of how they seamlessly work protecting the public at a national and local level :-

The official hounding of of Damian Green and his Conservative friendly mole is a tale of threadbare patches. Final and full understanding plus informed comment awaits further and better particulars :

1. Sir David Normington, Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, has taken responsibility for calling in the police (although failing to tell his political masters) - there are rumours in the press that "national security" was claimed by him , to be at peril. Presumably there is some doucmentation which may / may not see the light of day.

2. Sir Paul Stephenson the the acting head of Scotland Yard, and applicant for the top job admits he personally sanctioned the actions taken - again some documentation which may / may not see the light of day.

3. Bob Quick Assistant Commissioner responsible for counter-terrorism at the Met , chairman of the ACPO-TAM committee and also a contender for the top job was placed in charge of the investigation. He sent some 20 of the Met's anti-terrorist unit to arrest an MP, root for hours in his house, constituency office and House of Commons office and have the House of Commos server either directly or by instruction altered to deny e -mail services on the MP's account is a mystery. Again some documentation may / may not see the light of day.

4. Jill Pay, Serjeant at Arms and career civil servant is approached inthe House of Commons some time prior to 7 am and a large , firm but polite policeman politely attempts to blag his way in, to examine an MP's office. She contacts her boss Michael Martin presumably on the sensible Civil Service , "Onward & Upward" ..above my pay grade Guv...

Quite who says what and to whom the result is that Jill Pay provides a written authorisation of some form (a letter - Dear Plod..do what you need in the cause of National Security etc.,).

Michael Martin never seems quite in grasp of affairs at 3 in the afternoon so in his Puginesque apartments, fiddling with a mutton chop and the Sun at 7 am one can readily understand that , as he admitted to the House yesterday he had failed to question the legality of the operation or even ask if the police had a warrant.

Again some documentation may / may not see the light of day.

5. Later in the day, no doubt armed with the Jill Pay document, purple gloves, camera etc., Plods arrive and start rooting.

6. At some time, recorded on fillum David Cameron's bag carrier Andrew Mackay, Senior Parliamentary and Political Adviser to the Conservative leader, timidly enters Mr Green's office and confronts the officers carrying out the search. He is politely told to get out - which he does. A police camera used to photograph evidence is clearly visible.

7. The Home Secretary will make a statement today.

8. Michael Martin in floods of tears desperate to save his skin after fingering Jill Pay pledged to set up a committee of seven experienced MPs to look into the seizure of Mr Green's papers, computer and mobile phone following his arrest in connection with the leaking of secret Home Office documents.

9. Ian Johnston, Chairman of ACPO Crime Committee and Chief Constable of the British Transport Police, was appointed by Sir Paul Stephenson on Tuesday to conduct an urgent review of ..."our decisions, actions and handling of the investigation to date and to provide me with an interim report within 7 days and a final report within two weeks. "

The relentless fight against home grown Cannabis sativa ....

The industry of growing high THC yielding srains of Cannabis sativa is national and it appears is so successfu that it will soon have supplanted imported supplies.

Capital costs for set up are small, rented premises of almost any form imagineable are rented, electricity is stolen and plants frequently tended by illegal immigrants (Vietnamese appear to have cornered the market).

In Rochdale the former premises of Rochdale Alternative Press (RAP - Thursday, February 28, 2008 " ..all he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" David Steel on Cyril Smith 1979 (probably identified by the thermal signature from overflying helicopter) has been revealed in the Rochdale Observer as one such thriving enterprise.

In raiding the premises , Officers seized over 500 plants, just days away from being harvested, which could have produced enough of the class C drug to fetch dealers tens of thousands of pounds on the streets of Rochdale.

Police Sergeant Jamie Collins, who was involved in Friday’s operation,"This was a highly fortified premises and a sophisticated set-up. Inquiries are still ongoing to trace the offenders."

Quite why they didn't set up remote CCTV observation (the equipment required is manufactured about 500 yards from these premises) and catch the perps red handed ......

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