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Monday, January 05, 2009

Gaza - the horror from inside - DANGER War criminals at work.

3 blogs from inside Gaza, including International Solidarity volunteers which provide an authentic view of events and especially the work of the ambulance / medical crews.


From Eva Bartlett at ingaza blog today What the medics see, do, and are subjected to; uncensored

I start in Jabaliya, in northern Gaza at the eastern border, where I meet an amiable team of professionals. After delivering a pregnant woman to hospital, our first serious call is to retrieve the bodies of two killed resistance fighters, hit by shells. The sight of the one in our ambulance is ugly, his face has exploded. The knowledge of his life and death is uglier: he was born into a life of occupation, and he has chosen to resist, as one would when being invaded. The ugliest aspect lies in the knowledge that he was undoubtedly a father, a husband, a man who probably has a mixture of photos on his phone: beautiful women, cute children, cats, a fighter with a gun, pictures of his family, random lovely scenes of nature, and the slapstick video clips that seem to be common among those with high tech-cell phones. He was a regular guy, of this I’m sure, thrust into an unbearable, deadly role. His silver lining is that at least he doesn’t have to live in hell on earth any longer.

There are more photographs , including the bombed roads to prevent traffic movement.

UPDATE : 0700 GMT Scotsman has a story Beyond hell: Eyewitness tells of fear and panic in Gaza With information from colleague of Eva Bartlett - Ewa Jasiewicz, a British human rights activist accompanying the ambulances as an independent witness, who uses the term "beyond hell".

No wonder the Zionists don't want the international press sniffing around - upsetting everybody.

Please pass this information on - to your MP and especially Louise Ellman MP and her staff

Julie Lloyd (PA: lloydju@parliament.uk) and Rob Carney (Constituency Assistant: carneyr@parliament.uk) Senior Parliamentary Assistant, Zeev Portner (portnerz@parliament.uk) or E-mail her directly ellmanl@parliament.uk

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