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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Presents from Israel

Lord Patel is not a deluded paranoid but a few minutes into BBC1 The Antiques Road Show ... at about 7.30 pm, the front door was answered.

Unexpected callers on a freezing cold night at that time are rare or even unknown and certainly unwelcome.

It was a man, 25' ish with a thick almost gutteral English voice and a large portfolio containing crap artwork explaining he was a student trying to sell a few pictures to make a few bob .

"Where do you come from ?"


After expressing a total lack of interest he asked if his origin was the cause of rejection. After a short discussion about the wisdom of doorstep selling on dark nights he disappeared into the night. Subsequent enquiry showed he had called at no other nearby mansions.

This has happened in another country at another of Lord Patel's many mansions in September.


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke or are you serious?

Israelis like to disguise themselves as art students or sellers of fine works.
They roamed the streets of New York prior to 11,09 2001

ziz said...

Totally serious my friend - pics, video and car details to boot.

Anonymous said...

Always when I type in Postman Patel your blog comes up top of the list but not at the moment

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear all this.

Time for some CCTV cameras me thinks...


You can try e-bay as well.

I don`t know if you have my e-mail Postman but if you do e-mail me I have some VERY good CCTV cameras (black and white there the best for nightime) you can have for nothing...no recorder sorry.

Anonymous said...

Israelis are known to use art students, moving companies, "concessions" at malls as fronts ..

Anonymous said...

Lord Patel,

a guy called Daniel Obachike also had spooks and dodgy fuckers watching him.

see here.


I´d be checking under the car every morning just incase.

Anonymous said...

A pattern...


I would inform local bobbies Postman...a just in case thing they might keep an eye open ?.

There again maybe not.

Edo said...

The above link sounds in itself as a warning to other online bloggers.

Look at the way it reads:

"To emphasize the point, the thug pulled back his jacket to reveal a gun while barking out the warning."

Sounds like a movie script.....

rob said...


Anonymous said...

"FBI plans large hiring blitz of agents, experts"


"FBI Domestic Intelligence Activities"



"The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent"...


Anonymous said...

"Feds Attempting To Entrap Truthers?"...


Careful what you say and how you say it,is the order for today and in the FUTURE.

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