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Sunday, January 04, 2009

TW9zc2Fk the de-bunker of the Market Place carnage - and a curious connection with Mossad

UPDATE : Monday 1015 GMT

If anyone has any doubts about the fact that TW9zc2Fk is a team of IDF / Mossad / cyeberwarriors playing an elaborate (and they hope) damaging psyops ploy - go and read the messages left on reddit by this Tyro blogiste (registered 1 day) here http://www.reddit.com/user/TW9zc2Fk/.

Such an elaborate, relentless focussed response requires a team of people dedicated to working this cynical ploy.

OK . We got sucked into their cunning scheme - the whole episode displays lengths and depth of vile manipulation the Zionist, apartheid state goes to, in support their rapine and slaughter within Gaza.

May their consciences rest easy with the photographs now surfacing of the bloody mess they are leaving the rest of the world to mop up.

-------Original post

The debunker of the "market carnage video" on Reddit who signs with the very distinctive username TW9zc2Fk has some odd connections - readers might find it fascinating to try this out, which popped up after a little Googling etc., by our vast technical team.




and this is what it returns from fr.ffinf.org

[[Image:Logo Mossad.gifthumbrightLe sceau officiel du Mossad]]
Le '''Mossad''' (Nom complet: המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים (''hamossad lemodiin ouletafkidim meyouhadim''), l'institut pour les renseignements et les affaires spéciales) est l'une des cinq agences d'espionnage d'Israël.
Le Mossad est le service d'espionnage externe du pays d'Israël qui prévient notamment contre toute attaque terroriste de l'extérieur (hors Israël et Territoires occupés qui sont de la responsabilité du service intérieur, le Shin Beth). C'est l'équivalent israélien de la [[Direction générale de la sécurité extérieureDGSE]].

Il a été créé le 1er septembre 1951 par décret émanant du 1er ministre israélien de l'époque David Ben Gourion. Son but à l'époque était de favoriser l'immigration malgré et à cause de la surveillance anglaise. ...etc follow link ...

How very, very odd.


Stef said...

Personally, I don't think that many of these covert types; Mossad or any of the others, are particularly excellent

What they do have is a tremendous amount of influence on the mainstream media

And, as we know, if a story isn't acknowledged by those media, especially the BBC, it's not real is it?

As long as you control the information flows you can make a complete hash of things and still carry on regardless

Fans of 1970s era paranoia-laden political thrillers will recall that getting incriminating documents into the hands of 'the press' was apparently a big deal back then

Would any potential whistleblowers with access to some serious material be so daft today?

For their sake I hope not

sam said...

I believe you are onto something

That guy pops out of nowhere on reddit.com a week ago (keyword:a week ago hint:Gaza) and just look at his posts there. Somebody actually confronted him. You might want to look at it. Not very convincing "Base64 decoder" ? LOL. The Mossad google hit is the plain ASCII text name of the page. LOL

If not from Mossad he definitely comes on as a trained IDF spokesperson or someone with alike preparation. That's definitely not your average Joe emotionally motivated pro-Israel supporter. This is the type that seems to have a script at his desk while replying to other internet users. He sounds definitely trained for PR to me. The right dose of facts mixed with bs and when confronted with facts using the "terrible mistake"/collateral damage card as a last resort.

Oops I believe somebody has been wearing the equivalent of a Star of David :) on the internet by adopting a rather unique code TW9zc2Fk (only 8 total hits on google) with 5 actual unique hits without that french search engine cached page.

Whoever this guy might be his credibility regarding Israel actions is equivalent to an IDF official to me. Zero. At a minimum he is just one of many "israeli cyber-soldiers" as the Times calls them

Man From Atlan said...

Well aren't we glad that after 9/11 and 7/7 we've become so um, well-trained at spotting dodgy videos?

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