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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ACPO recognised by Parliament as a "Pressure Group" and a couple of likely (but unlikeable ) Plods

We first became aware of the extraordinary legal status of ACPO when it was raised in debate in the House of Lords (cannot currently find reference) a fellow and noble Lod pointed out that the Home Secetary had no legal right to examine their financial records thasn a member of the public.

However those interested in these interesting matters might be interested in a the CV's of a couple of interesting people who join Lord Patel browsing and sluicing in the bars of Westminster


*12(f) Regular remunerated employment

Chairman of Capital Eye Ltd (a security consultancy, vetting and pre-employment screening agency and security Advisory company employing former police personnel). Now wholly owned by Inkerman (Group) Ltd but founded mid 90's by M' Noble Lord See Footnote with further and better peculiars.
Strategic Advisor to Inkerman (Group) Ltd
Member of Editorial Advisory Board, Professional Security Magazine
*13(a) Significant shareholdings

40% interest in Capital Eye Security Ltd, Dunley Hill Court, Ranmore Common, Dorking, Surrey (a security consultancy, vetting and pre-employment screening agency and security Advisory company employing former police personnel; a family business with maximum value of £100,000)
Minor Shareholder with Group 4 Securicor and Retainagroup Ltd (both security companies)

15(d) Office-holder in voluntary organisations

Trustee, Metropolitan Police Museum Trust, (a trust to raise funds to establish and run a Metropolitan Police Museum)
Trustee, Police Foundation, (an independent research organisation to examine issues to improve Police/public relationships and improve police services to the public)
Patron, Association of Security Consultants
Member of Worshipful Company of Security Professionals
Member of Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) (So even retired officers are involved)
Member of National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO)


*12(d) Non-parliamentary consultant

I serve on the Advisory Board of Vidient Systems Inc (surveillance software) who are based in Sunnyvale, California. I am not paid for this role but I have been given share options
*12(e) Remunerated directorships

Non-executive Deputy Chairman and Senior Independent Director, Group 4 Securicor plc
*12(f) Regular remunerated employment
Chairman, Anti Corruption Unit of the International Cricket Council See FOOTNOTE & Pic

15(c) Office-holder in pressure groups or trade unions

Life Member, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
President of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) (unpaid)

Note how Lord Imbert describes ACPO membership differently


Capital Eye (website) is an international security and policing advisory company, based near London, England. We specialise in:

Designing and implementing security systems for our clients. We provide security consultancy and advice to governments and authorities, business and commerce as well as for private individuals.

Working with police services. We maintain a powerful, multi-skilled, and highly respected, international team of consultants with senior police, military and security industry backgrounds.

There is of course more, much, much more - see especially DNA profiling ..

FOOTNOTE 2 Liberty led by their ex Home Office lawyer doe eyed scarf juggling Sami Chakrabarti (soon to join Ladies Amos, Handbag, Scotland etc.,) have seen fit to question the legal status of ACPO - well dear lady it is perfectly legal, her ex colleagues at the Home Office have made sure of that - desirable ?

FOOTNOTE 3 There are of course other ex Plods / MI5/6/7/8/9/ Defence Forces (Lord Inge anyone ?) on the burgundy benches earning the odd bob or so from providing their expertise, expereince, contacts, use of ex professional colleagues etc., etc.,

Click on pic to enlarge - rumous by the way that Lords Imbert and Condon are of the pinny wearing, trouser leg rolling fraternity are probably based on very sound information according to our old chum the Kent - Duke of - he doesn't know them personally of course. Well, yes he does, actually.

Interesting thing is of course Plods can't be members of BNP but can be top pinny wearers or even in ACPO - a private company - beats running a car / taxi business like the head of terrorism at the Yard Bob Slow, Slow, Slow, Slow (Tipped for starring in Strictly Come Prancing next Xmas)


Anonymous said...

i think the scottish legal system has BIG problems.


Did I say "legal system" include the political and law enforcement systems as well.God help us for we have no one else.

Anonymous said...

The "Mail" is having a field day with this one today.

Whilst they're enjoying how much money ACPO are squeezing, they haven't mentioned its role in advising CPO's on DNA and fingerprint retention.
Advice which comes with the Home Office as its mouthpiece.

Get it from here by scrolling down to "Download PDF file" (see Appendix 2) or as a Word doc direct from ACPO.

See just how reluctant they are to remove the innocent from their database.

Anonymous said...

This link will show you the influence/power the unelected and private Association of Chief Police Officers has...


Anonymous said...

16 Feb 2009

"Possible Scotland Office interference in Megrahi negotiations"...


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