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Monday, February 02, 2009

Blast from the past - Rentagob Peter Power appears on BBC2 Newsnight

At 10.55 (ish) tonight , after the remarkable story how every single London Borough decided in concert to NOT clear bus stations of snow, and all buses (yes all LT buses) would not run today, after stories of wildcat non Union Unity / Unison led strikes by Union leaders in de - nial. Then stories about the threat to power supplies by workers at Heysham and Sellafield on strike / wildcatting etc.,as the subject of corrupt fuck peter Hain in the House of Commons Fuck me!

There is Peter Powers (Ex Dorset Police under mysterious circumstances) of 7/7 fame suited and booted - billed as a Crisis Manager - telling the camera a seul - spieling about snow crises, unions.

Such is the shorthand skills left here we were short handed in the paper and pencil department and failed to get much down coherently.

The technical department have failed to show.

So can someone out there .... grab the bit of the show and You Tube it ASAP to share it with everybody. BTW the complete and fascinating J7 Truth campaign File on the elusive but evidently very well connected PP is here

UPDATE 6.00 GMT Tuesday ; Ant (see comments) has managed to post PP on Newsnight here


Stef said...

My technical skills don't appear to be up to the task but in the course of my efforts I couldn't help but notice and be amused by the 'Got a Whistle to Blow' tab at the bottom of the Newsnight home page

Tonight's piece is worth saving for posterity if possible. After Power, viewers were treated to some words of wisdom from that legendary slack cock of weather forecasting Michael Fish, who explained that, thanks to global warming, snow in the UK will soon be a thing of the past

Stef said...

A recent example of the BBC/ Met Office's Ace Forecasting Skillz...

Milder and drier winter predicted

Thursday, 25 September 2008 12:48 UK

This winter will be milder than average and drier than last year in the UK, Met Office forecasters have predicted.

After a summer that saw high rainfall and the dullest August on record in terms of sunshine, the winter months will see relatively high temperatures.

That follows the trend of recent years, the Met Office said. Last winter saw an average temperature of 4.86C, compared to a long-term average of 3.7C...

One month later, it snowed in London for the first October in 70 years

Apparently, that was a 'one off weather event', just like this week's fun and games

Stef said...

The UK news media are peppered with articles and comments tonight on the subject of 'Why can't the UK cope with the snow?'

The possibility that it could be something to do with the fact that we've got fuck all energy reserves and consumption is being deliberately and quietly reined back seems to be eluding everyone

Oooh, I know, maybe I should give Newsnight a call and blow the whistle

Stef said...

but wait!

There were plenty of energy reserves all along

If only those thieving froggies and krauts hadn't started nicking them all...

THE freezing weather has caused a run on British gas reserves by European buyers bolstering their own supplies.

Stef said...

2009-02-02 BBC Two - Newsnight - Peter Power

2009-02-02 19 43 BBC News - Peter Power

courtesy of The Antagonist

Anonymous said...

It's alleged that Fortress GB organised a training exercise with Visor Consultants on 7/7. It's interesting that the registered address of Fortress GB is 55 Baker Street, London which is the address of BDO Stoy Hayward An article An article at File Select stated 'Stoy Hayward had a particularly strong presence in the Defence Sector during the 1980s and, because of this, has long-standing connections with the intelligence services.'
Also interesting is the fact that one of the companies of John Drewe, 'the art forger', was registered at the same address. In his trial John Drewe alleged that the sale of art was for the purchase of weapons. Even more interesting is the fact that he was not able to prove his case because he was denied the right of disclosure both at trial and appeal.

12:54 AM

ziz said...

Ant, as ever has done a good - as has PP The National Risk Register has passed our research teams by - But you can read it here updated Nov 9th 2008.




Fascinating read of which the first risk considered is bad weather!! Page 8

Conclusion re Snow etc is (Stef will love this)

"There have been other less recent but more severe events, such as the period of snow in 1947 and also in 1962/63, which was the coldest winter in over 250 years. As the climate continues to change,
we expect the frequency of these sorts of events to continue to decrease in the future."

Curiously enough there are no risks such as

1. Energy shortgae due to failure to plan
2. Energy shortage due to blowing up pipelines of gas / oil
3. No mention of Buncefi3eld
4. No mention of disruption to nuclear power from workers, failure of Frogs to build replacement reactors etc.,
5. No mention of reliance on the ragheads controlling our LNG supplies who can switch the American owned, based, run gas tankers that can change course and deliver cargoes where they want mid voyage where the offload price is highest.

What it is hugely big on - indeed the greatest risk of the greatest impact is pandemic flu.

File in "Tosh" for tosh and then re-cycle.

If this spooky PP guy really is advising the Gubment then we do have good cause to be worried.

I would put him on the scale of risk as very high.

The Antagonist said...
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The Antagonist said...
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The Antagonist said...

Thanks Lord P. The following is taken from the description on one of those videos, merely because the Word Verification for this comment is beautifully coincidentally "SHILL", which seems all too apt given the subject matter:

After a little bit of snow that everybody vaguely human enjoyed immensely for its day off work, day off school, and a day of fun and frolics chucking snowballs around, Mr Peter Power seizes the opportunity to advertise his Crisis Management company courtesy of BBC Newsnight. Again.

While ordinary people enjoy a few inches of snow every now and then, the economy, along with Mr Peter Power's own personal bank balance, isn't very happy about that sort of thing. To Peter Power and his ilk, the economy -- the thing that left in the hands of the likes of Peter Power has entirely gone to hell in a handcart -- is very, very important indeed. Far more important than all the people that had a fun day off playing in the snow.

So, here he is, fine hairdo and everything, blathering on in his usual way and trying to sound a little bit helpful and a little bit scary all at the same time. Amaze and amuse yourself at quite how he managed to get from home to a TV studio what with all that terrible, ghastly old snow.

cmain has some further thoughts on the matter: Most free advertising on TV 2009

ziz said...

Ant re free advertising and Visor


"After all, I haven't heard of anyone demonstrating outside Old Trafford that Christiano Ronaldo should be sent back to Portugal. "

Well Lord Patel , despite direct requests to Fergie has been kept from appearing for the red devils for some weeks now and the Portuguese Diver (NOT diva) still keeps (for inexplicable reasons) being selected - and scoring the odd goal and making the most beautiful (ie luckily placed) passes to Berbatov - a bloody Russian not even a EU member.

Trying to get the lad driving the lorries from Granegemouth for ammeasly basic of £42,000 to picket on his behalf. maybe Truscott could rustle up some dodgy Russian bride to improve chances ?

Maybe even bag carrying for him at RUSI ?

It's a bloody unfair world out there my son.

Stef said...

Conclusion re Snow etc is (Stef will love this)

"There have been other less recent but more severe events, such as the period of snow in 1947 and also in 1962/63, which was the coldest winter in over 250 years. As the climate continues to change,
we expect the frequency of these sorts of events to continue to decrease in the future."

/ goes long on parkas and huskies

The Antagonist said...

Putting it all together: Mind Your Business, Peter Power

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