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Monday, February 02, 2009

Get ready for a BIG BANG - Cobra ready to strike

Cobra met Sat / Sun / today. It was they who decided to shut down ALL London buses. This enabled them to save gas by shutting down interruptible gas supply contracts.

Our current parlous state of energy supplies (something like 15 days of short term left the Mole at the Ministry says), is the result (originating with barmy Margaret's hatred of miners and her "dash for gas") of over decade of indecision, delay, and the fastest revolving dor in Whitehall being attcahed to the Energy Ministry (in it's various disguises) not to mention the forward thinking people like Timms, and greedy cunts like Truscott sliding through.

How do we deflect interest, concern and more importantly blame ?

Well we have a very BIG BANG. (maybe more than one)(Search this site 'Bacton')

Not a million miles from revolting plebs realising the Con job worked on them over the years.

Who EXACTLY are those BNP hooligans infiltrating the milling crowds ?

What are THEY up to. Are there others less high profile. If you think 14 plus wildcat strikes some of over 1,000 don't attrcat the attention of the state terrism mob you are simple minded.

Cobra are meeting, as we speak with Jack Straw, and Alan Johnson cracking the whip - and First responders up and down this blessed isle have been having emergency planning meetings today.


jon doy said...

been thinking similar thoughts myself, Lord P, let's hope we're both wrong but with near revolt from the military in regard to illegal/illegitimate war, the strikes, and all the other shite the state has brought upon itself and us, i am concerned we're due something on the nasty side

The Antagonist said...

As far as I am aware, it was only the excellent Channel 4 News that covered the presence of someone who claimed to be "the Wakefield organiser of the BNP" (Video here), although the clip was cut just as he was giving his name.

The report included footage of someone handing out BNP leaflets and a scene involving a trade union rep and a policeman. The clip showed the trade union rep stating the presence of the BNP man was not acceptable, citing musical (not really) and ideological differences.

Meanwhile, the BBC dig up the corpse of Nigel Farrage to provide the commentary in an increasingly vain attempt to promote fascist ideals among the bourgeosie.

The Antagonist said...

According to Google search summaries, the Wakefield Organiser of the BNP is one Ian Kithing. Google doesn't seem to know much more about him which, in itself, is interesting.

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ziz said...

Paradoxically the UKIP energy policy for the UK (and their analysis of the past 11 years of dither, delay and inactivity) has always been clear, straightforward, sensible, costed and presented in concise English.

They are of course all barking mad bit have for many years directed those interested to reading their policy statements on energy.

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