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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Go to M & S and support the Zionist cause on February 14th whilst the IDF visit Teheran with their gifts

Marks and Spencer your friendly Zionist store have revealed that Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli will be the tits 'n' arse behind their Valentine's Day lingerie line.

She has it appears "the perfect qualities to show M&S Valentine lingerie at its best."

A pure beautiful Jewish lass from the settlement of Hod Hasharon (The Splendour of Sharon)and sometime sleeping companion of goyim Leonardo DiCaprio is due to appear semi naked in billboard across the UK.

You can also buy bunches of red roses (25 for £40) grown by slave labour in Ethiopia, using their scarce water using chemicals fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides,disallowed in the EU applied by people without protective clothing , training or access to health care.

You can of course refrain from buying anything from them - and please do even think of defacing any posters bearing the luscious limbs of the Jewish princess from Hod Hasharon .....


Anonymous said...

ill boycott M&S anyways because they support the occupation, but you cannot lie about Bar being from a settlement. Hod Hasharon is a city in the Israeli (pre i967 borders) it is true that it was made into a city by combining 4 settlements, but those settlements were there in Palestine before Israel was even created. Lying is not going to help Palestine. If you hate Jews for your own reason, you can come out and say so, but nothing but facts, logic and humanity can ever accomplish any good in the world.

Anonymous said...

Death to Israel! Death to Zionism!

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous comment above
...but those settlements were there in Palestine before Israel was even created...

So you (who supports the jews) DO admit that that the Jews are STEALING palestinian land?

And Hod Hasharon was NOT declared a city until 1990. Those 4 illegal settlements you mention were combined in 1964 ONLY as a local council, NOT as a city or district council. So when Barvara was born in 1985, she was born in an illegal settlement.


Anonymous said...

she has that look of extreme hubris only israeli women have, you know, the "We're god's chosen, and have a right to defend ourselves" look.

She could also be Livni's daughter, eh?

Anonymous said...

Livni is like Hymie from "get smart"-
an android!

No Personality

Lies at 5 lies per minute!

Anonymous said...

SO jews stole Palestinian land and massacred the indigenous people to get it pre-1967. That means its kosher right? Its still NOT theirs'.

And for someone who is advertising bras- this bitch is flat chested and her face is no great winner. But hey, 'jew' enhances everything... hype those hips android!

rosie said...

I will never walk into a M&S or Tesco again.
I am already checking all produce for Israeli origin

Anonymous said...

Me too and so are a lot of people.
I miss M&S but I'd never be able to down any of their food after seeing the brutally disfigured pictures of Palestinian children. To buy any product associated with Israel is to sponsor brutal terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Bar "Israel or Uganda what difference does it make?" Rafaeli is not exactly a cheer-leader for Israel:

"It comes as no surprise that model Bar Refaeli, Leonardo DiCaprio’s year-long arm accessory, is leaving Israel and moving to Los Angeles. After all, she doesn’t think her native country is even worth fighting for, so why would she want to continue living there?

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported yesterday that Refaeli told Yediot Achronot, an Israeli newspaper, that she doesn’t regret marrying a friend in order to dodge Israel’s mandatory army service. Apparently, she considers defending her country a waste of time and would much rather be posing in swimsuits to advance her modeling career.

The anti-patriot explained her reasons for moving in the Yediot interview:

“Israel or Uganda, what difference does it make? It makes no difference to me. Why is it good to die for our country? What, isn’t it better to live in New York?“

Refaeli said she’ll be living in Los Angeles for a few years, but I don’t expect to see her at any community functions supporting Israel."


She would probably even approve of defacing her own poster with anti-Israel sentiments!

Anonymous said...

"Meet the new girl at the White House (good job Clinton's not still President!)"...


ziz said...


One wonders why, if she is on record saying such things about draft dodging, etc she was picked by arch Zionists M & S and why they have been so anxious to promote her Jewsih Princess ancestry, good looks, flat tummy and terrific tits.

Not too late maybe to have a marketing re-think.

"she doesn’t regret marrying a friend in order to dodge Israel’s mandatory army service. Apparently, she considers defending her country a waste of time and would much rather be posing in swimsuits to advance her modeling career."

Is not going to go down well with Mr Natanyahu,his bosom pals Mr Leiberman and Mr Eitan , Miss Zippy is not going to show a great deal of solidarity either.

Not the ideal poster girl for M & S

V curious.

Anonymous said...

"The Easiest Targets - Part 1"...


"The Easiest Targets - Part 2"...


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