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Friday, April 10, 2009

Ian Tomlinson Memorial March April 11th

A march has been organised to protest the savage and unprovoked assault on Ian Tomlinson and his subsequent death, lying alone on the pavement in a London street, surrounded by the police, isolated from everbody who had tried to help him in his dying minutes.

Assemble 11.30am, Saturday 11th April at Bethnal Green Police Station, 12 Victoria Park Square,Tower Hamlets,London,E2.

The march will proceed to the spot in the City of London where Ian died. One of the few spots in London where CCTV cameras are not (according to the Head of IPCC) installed or don't work.

People have been asked to wear black and bring flowers to lay where Ian died. (Covering faces with a balaclava and concealed your badge number is an option only for Police attending).

Excellent Telegraph timeline (9/4/09) of Ian Tomlinsons movements known so far, eyewitnesses etc., here Guradian eye witness statements here

CCTV cameras - Stockwell Redux

Krishnan Guru-Murthy inerviwed Nick Hardwick, chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission,(since 2002) on Channel 4 news April 9th 2009.(see video)

Nick (Rapid Eye Movement when lying Champion ) Hardwick said of the assault (3.42 into above video):

"We don't have CCTV footage of the incident... there is no CCTV footage, there were no cameras in the location where he was assaulted."

Speaking to More 4 News, the IPCC confirmed Hardwick's comment, saying that the CCTV cameras overlooking the incident were not working.

So the boss says, No CCTV and the office say they weren't working ..... liars..


Anonymous said...

The IPCC is then just an organisation to give us the illusion that the police are subject to scrutiny just as the CCRC is there to give us the illusion that an unfair/corrupt decision by the courts can be reversed.

Edo said...

Spot on Lord Patel, some liars are convincing, but Hardwick needs a bit more practice. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. No seriously.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the initial post-mortem of Ian Tomlinson was carried out by a Home Office pathologist (Dr Freddy Patel) who had been previously reprimanded by the GMC, similarly as with the case of initial Jean Charles de Menezes pathologist (Dr Kenny Shorrock).

Anonymous said...

cctv cameras never seem to work when something nasty happens; 7/7, Jean Charles and now Ian Thomlinson. So whats the fucking point of having them everywhere?

When the shits hitting the fan for rotten government and police the terrorism threat is wheeled out again. What a fucking yawn, is there a hole big enough to throw all these useless cunts into?

Anonymous said...

Photographs of the the black hoodie/mask wearing "anarchists" are interesting. All brand new clothing and like a proper anarchist one of the females plucks her eyebrows. Next time they try to cause trouble they should be heavily dissuaded by the crowd.

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