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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Italian Job - Manchester City Centre Selfridges ram raided and 1/2 Mn goods stolen

Here is a remarkable story.

Manchester is reading goggle eyed about the massive conspiracy by 12 Pakistanis to blow up major shopping centres in Manchester. (Correction now down to 11, an 18-year-old arrested in connection with the alleged plot has been released into the custody of the UK Border Agency.)

At around 10:30pm on Monday evening, 6th April while contract workers were still inside, 4 men in a Black Ford Ka (! - stole from a Chris Lysaght) ram raided from Market Street the doors to the entrance to the alley between M&S and Selfridges.

They then smashed through into the ground floor through the main entrance doors. The four men then proceeded to scoop up (according to the Daily Telegraph today) £500,000 of jewels, watches etc,

They then drove back into the alley , down it, and exited into Exchange Square at the other end by smashing that door down. The Ka was dumped and the men switched to a silver Honda Civic. The Kaw as found abandoned in Blackfriars Road, Salford and found the following morning, it had been stolen from the Eccles area. and found abandoned in the morning.(Key 10 artice appeared on Wednesday3)

The Manchester Evening News first publishd the story last night.

This was a major and serious crime - the car indeed could have been a car bomb - why does it take days for the Press to pick it up ?

Distracted perhaps by the lies dribbling out from GMP HQ about the Northwest 12

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