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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sami Chakrabarti is like a 29 bus..

Just when you mentin how few Sami Chakrbatis there are about - up pops Ken Linvingstone sasyin gthe demure doe eyed, ex Home Offic lawyre should exaine the case of Ian Tomlinson etc.,

Then like the 29 bus, several Chakrabartis appear.

Apparently Plod seized an obscure Tory MP's computers and set about searching for evidence of the telegenic scarf adjusting,bright eyed feminist who leads Liberty in his e -mails.

No - show.

Which may be of course because Bob Quick (now Ex - terrist in Chief) was typing in the query list and got his vowels in a twist.

Cue : Sami thinks all this raises some "important questions".

Of course it does chuck, but tell us what you think the important questions are.

Hands up those who see the "crumple zone" of dissent adroitly shroudng public dissent and argument about waht Craig Murray calls Ian Tomlinso'smrder.Stepforward the Lady Dame Jane Pauline Baroness Neville Jones, David Davis, and all the the appalling people (Andrew McKinley) in the pay of Lord Ashcroft who support both "Total Politics" the removal of habeus corpus and locking people up without charge for 29 days whist you hunt for evidence.


The Underdoug said...

Would this be a Mancunian No. 29? The London No. 29 is plied by Mercedes Citaros which bend in the middle and have a tendency to spontaneously catch fire... oh, I see what you mean.

w.v. 'consents' - to what exactly?

paul said...

Crumple zone or pop up air bag?
I remember an interview with her in a newspaper just before she joined liberty, very much the icy careerist rather than freedom's firebrand.
fucked if I can find it again though.

ziz said...

It is a function of age that short term memory fades and long term memory remains .. this was the 29 from Leicester City Centre to Oadby in the hippy 60's

Yes I ike the idea of the op up air bag - maybe even the enshrouding safety of a condom? ... although they require some prior preparation.

No doubt the lithe lady does bend in the middle probably with Teutonic efficiency but she is definitely the Pied Piper for the "libertarian" classes who favour throwing away habeus corpus.

Lord Patel's grandfather has for many years had a bus in Brighton named after him, and very recently in Newhaven a road.

Maybe we could have a blue plaque on the steps of the Royal Courts of Injustice suitable naming the step she stands on when announcing another great failure of the legal system to protect civil freeedoms.

Somehwat on the lines of memomrial inside the old Bailey to the jury who told the Judge about habeus corpus

"In 1670 a jury of twelve, led by Edward Bushell, acquitted two Quaker activists, William Penn and William Mead, of unlawful assembly, despite having been directed by the judge to convict. When the jury refused to reverse their decision the judge sentenced them to prison, but after an appeal the court ruled that they should not be punished for their verdict. To this day, a memorial plaque to the steadfastness of the jury in 'Bushell's Case' hangs in the Old Bailey. The jury's power of a verdict according to conscience is enshrined as a bulwark against oppressive measures of the state. "

Well worth Googling on this long forgotten and overlooked incident.

Dread at the Controls said...

^ What happens now (as in the case of the 'airline tango bango plotters') is that in the first trial a number of the accused admit/(plea-bargain) conspiracy (to cause explosions likely to endanger life, however the jury was unable to reach verdicts on a second charge of conspiracy to murder by blowing up passenger jets) & another trial is then staged (but we're not to be told about that - CoC order). (Oh & the person touted as the ‘key’ ‘ringleader’ (Mohammed Gulzar) was acquitted of all charges and was formally discharged in Trial #1).

In the trial #2, the jury are replaced twice...

Both the 'tango bango' conspiracy & the '7/7 helpers' (Mohammed Shakil, Wahid Ali & Sadeer Saleem) conspiracy trials are due to conclude very soon.

sami_m said...

Why invoke the name of Ken "shoot to protect" Livingstone ?? He and his protege Ian Blair nurtured the culture in the Met that has led to the current situation.
It was one of the reasons for him losing office.

Anytime Ken speaks now it's because he thinks he hears the distant rumble of a bandwagon that'll embarass BoJo. Better he should STFU, as he doesn't seem to realise how widely he's perceived as being corrupt.

And BoJo can embarass himself far better than anyone else can.

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