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Friday, April 17, 2009

Ian Tomlinson's death - more inconsistencies revealed, more lies exposed

So Lord Patel's namesake pathologist said Ian Tomlinson died of a heart atttack and this turns out to be wrong - or at least another patholgist (Dr Nat Cary, one of the country’s leading forensic pathologists,)says death was result of internal bleeding.

Ex London Mayor Kenny the Red on Channel 4 says Mr Patel has a history ...Hmmmm

Then he spoils it by suggesting Shami Chakrabarti be brought in to examine the evidence.

Whoop de doo, an ex Home Office lawyer to examine what part ofthe Home Office (police) is up to ? Perhaps not.

The Tomlinson family would be unwise to accept any help from that quarter.

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Anonymous said...

ian tomlinson never existed. its all fake. show me an official death notice in a newspaper (not just a news story) that announces the death of "ian tomlinson". there is none. this story is a complete hoax and was obvious from the very beginning. the videos were completely staged.

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