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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Race Riot in Whitehall 14/7/07 - nicely cooking

Odins girl88 on her(?) curious website "Idid it for the lulz" http://odinsgirl88.blogspot.com/ on Friday, 1 June 2007 points to two very curious videos posted by SalafiUK who registered as a You Tube contributor on 29th May. (“I did it for the lulz”. This usually refers to deliberate trolling behavior intended to harass Internet users for the amusement of others....said to derive from the much used acronym LOL for "laugh out loud" - hence "lulz" has the triumphant cry of the schadenfreudist, revelling in the misfortune of others.


Upon which she comments :

"Some enterprising muslim has bodged up a video to advertise the forthcoming "Muslims against British Oppression" march aka "Please don't lock us up for having child porn and bomb making equipment" march.....Please flag it and report as hate speech. Thanks."
To the casual viewer this decently made short video might be seen as a short direct call to action for the "Muslims Rise Against British Oppression Demonstration": Outside 10 Downing St Fri 15th June 2.30pm - 5pm

There is also another video from the same mysterious source ;

If these fillums represent the propaganda of the Muslim jihad then my name's Osama Bin Laden.

Quite whose propaganda they DO represent and quite why jihadist watchers like odins gal 88 spot them so quickly ... well the Sphincter of the Yard may have more information...maybe even the Lady Dame Jane Patricia Neville Jones Fan Club at the RUSI - who are incidentally well placed just off Whitehall to watch it all go down.

It might interest readers in the unreal world on Planet Earth that today is the anniversary of the landing of the first lunar lander in the NASA Surveyor program, Surveyor 1, 41 years ago today which took and transmitted to Earth 11,237 images - the first ever from another obect in space.


Stef said...

The very crudeness of this stunt is itself suspicious - can't whoever's behind it do a better job? Surely it can't be so sloppy dleiberately?

Maybe it's because it's too early in the morning for me but what's the significance of the date 14/7/07 in the post title

jamal said...

Thanks for this article. The plot thickens! Please let me know if you find out more.

odinsgal88 said...

So if, in your opinion, these films don't "represent the propaganda of the Muslim jihad"; whose propaganda do they represent?

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I am assuming you are going to suggest that it may have been made by a British nationalist in order to whip up tension; let me pre-empt that by stating that if this were the case, the film would surely be a lot more graphic and a great deal more inflammatory.

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