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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Cressida Dick and the Common Purpose network - early days

Paul Gapper works as a Detective Inspector within the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

In 2004 Paul obtained a BSc (Hons) in Policing and Police Studies with Portsmouth University. Elements of the degree included psychology, sociology and political science. He is currently studying for an MSc at Roehampton University in the Management of Diversity and Equality, which will provide invaluable additional tools that can be used in his current position.

Paul is a member of the Investors in Diversity National Quality Board - that's part of National Centre for Diversity - which is an independent organisation, which has a wide range of support from high calibre individuals from all sectors right across Britain. They have established excellent links and or strategic alliances with a number of world class Businesses, Agencies, Umbrella Associations and Organisations. Paul also works as an independent training consultant.

This has a fascinating National Advisory Board a member of which is multi lingual Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose - you can watch her talking here about leadership and her book "Beyond Authority" published in March 2007 - a mixture of Norman Vincent Peale and Ron Hubbard.

In the autumn of 1988, Julia formed Common Purpose which now operates in every area of the UK. The organisation aims to improve the way society works by increasing the number of informed individuals who are actively involved in shaping the future of the area in which they live and work. By bringing leaders from diverse backgrounds together, Common Purpose creates new networks for current and future senior decision-makers.

Common Purpose is developed world-wide through Common Purpose International and currently runs programmes in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, South Africa and Hungary and is currently developing programmes in India.

An enthusiastic supporter of Common purpose is Cressida Dick, colleague of Paul Gapper at the Met and very much in the news for having organised the murder of Jean Paul de Menezes (and endangering the public ... apparently).

Great people for Advisory Boards these common purpose folks - indeed Cressida Jack addressed the 4th meeting of the Leicester Police Independent Advisory Board at 246 people from 100 agencies crammed the Hanover Hotel, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, on May 24/5th 2004.

Lord Patel reported her remarks which were available on the Web at this url http://www.leics.police.uk/library/IAG04_summary.pdf - but they have disappeared (even from the wayback machine) apart that is from those copied by Lord Patel although an evaluaition report is still available - www.leics.police.uk/files/library/documents/IAG04_evaluation.pdf - which tells us that
the conference was funded by the Government Office for the East Midlands (then part of John Prescott's domain - and Julia Middleton is Head of Personnel selection in that office. Crime Concern undertook the evaluation, who are a charity funded by the Home Office. Chairman of Crime Concern is Michael - and from July 2005 - Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE - Michael Hastings who is the BBC’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and also a recent communications and strategy adviser to Lord John Stevens QPM, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner

Now Cressida and her pals are jointly in the dock at the Old Bailey and lissome, pert, intelligent, charming, well paid Clare Montgomery ( who defended Pinochet, Silvio Berlusconi and made sure Boris Berezovsky became a UK citizen) is leading the prosecution - she's not bringing the actual murderer into the dock (might upset them maybe, and who benefits from hearing from the guys who actually pulled the trigger , what was it 6/7/8/9//10/11/12/13/ times as he was held down ?)

Whilst well represented within the Police it is noticeable that members of the legal profession are well reprsented - Janet Paraskeva, the Law Society's Chief Executive Officer, also a publicly self declared lesbian and is also a Common Purpose graduate and there are many and increasing numbers in the law and enforcement professions. She is a non executive Director of the Serious Organised Crime Agency along with Sir Roger Wheeler - Director of the mercenary quasi MOD outfit Aegis who are well set up to provide the couple of battalionas that OAP Lady Jane Dame Pauline Neville Jones thinks should be on hand to quell public disorder.

Daily Mail 26th July 2007

Meanwhile, the Conservatives today published their plans for a homeland security force made up of two battalions and headed by a permanent leader. Former intelligence chief Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, who led a national and international policy group for the Conservatives, said: "We feel there needs to be a small force which is readily available, properly trained and has a command centre dedicated to looking after our territory at home."


The Antagonist said...

There are numerous examples of various 'world leaders' throwing the phrase 'new world order' into their speeches to various high-faluting audiences, a practice which has set alarm bells ringing in the minds of many.

So, by extension, if what the ruling classes say is anything to go by, and if you have a few moments to spare, google or scroogle for the names of prominent 'world leaders' and the words "transcript" and "common purpose".

Here's a few for starters:

* George W. Bush
* Tony Blair
* Gordon BrNWO is at it too.

Pernicious? You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Suresh Grover, representative for Hasina Patel, has Common Purpose connections.

Shutter said...

For those not familiar ... Hasina Patel is the Indian born (Gujerati) widow of Saddique Khan the alleged 7/7 "bomber".

SURESH GROVER - Director of The Monitoring Group of the National Civil Rights Movement - an organisation that grew out of the Stephen Lawrence Campaign - she is a solicitor and can be contacted on Suresh Grover on 020 8574 0818 or 020 8843 2333 or

You can read more about her work for common purpose on their website here ...

Another interesting person is Teresa Hayter well educated daughter of Sir William Hayter one time UK Ambassador to Moscow . At one time ran an alternative bookshop in Leeds with a crew of raggedy arsed International Marxists, a revolutionary Trotskyist group near the University after having done a post graduate degree at Oxford where her dad became Warden of New College.

She has been very active in immigration politics demanding free access to all - her latest book is latest book is Open Borders: The Case Against Immigration Controls and has joined with Oxford Students Action for Refugees (STAR)(funded by The Big Lottery and the Department for Education and Skills) to try and get Professor David Coleman of St John's College, Oxford Professor in Demography at Oxford and co founder of Migration Watch sacked.

She lives in Oxford and has been very active in trying to close the Campsfield Refugee Detention Centre closed.

There is a miasma of these organisiation which erupt, merge, coalesce ... eg

London Action Trust (LAT), with the support of the Association of London Government, set up the Community Safety Advisory Service (CSAS) in 2002.... "to co-ordinate, capacity build and develop voluntary sector and community organisations to enable their participation in crime reduction across London.”

The London Action Trust ... "Development work is a key activity of London Action Trust. We develop ideas, identify and bring together partners to manage projects that those ideas become, and we fundraise to make them a reality."

The Antagonist said...

There's a little more about Grover / Patel (no relation to His Lordship) on the J7 thread covering Hasina Patel's arrest.

Anonymous said...

An outline of Common Purpose's criminal activities is available at
and the facts behind the CP book "Beyond Authority" are exposed in
on page 6.
David Noakes. 07974 437 097

Stop Common Purpose said...

Common Purpose is a corrupt and evil organisation and must be stopped: http://www.stopcp.com/

Anonymous said...

The IAG reports are available at the following links (from archive.org):


Anonymous said...

stoke-on-trent City council

(C) Very Seriously Disorganised Criminals 2002/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - copy anything you wish