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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

""We have a financial system that is run by private shareholders, managed by private institutions, and we'd like to do our best to preserve that system."

Timothy Geithner US Secretary of the Treasury, previously President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1/3/2009

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Labouring for Israel

In considering the staff in Gordon Brown's office Lord Patel had forgotten a previous post ...
Saturday, February 24, 2007 ...

Gila Sacks, expert on Jewish Slavery joins Gordon Brown's SPADS

" ...Gila Sacks, the daughter of Sir Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi since 1991, has landed a job with Gordon Brown, The Jewish Chronicle reports. ".....

"The stunningly beautiful, raven haired, doe eyed, slim, academically gifted, Jewish princess (born 1983) married Elliott Goldstein in October 2004 and now joins Gordon Brown's 10 other advisers @ No. 11("spads" = special advisors paid for by the tax payer) after having been a Director of Strategy and development for the UJIA , a Jewish charity in Finchley, with strong links to Israel and an excellent dating agency. Gila's talented, sports loving, hunky husband is an investment manager in the hotel, cosmeceutical (sic) and insurance industries. "

Labour Friends of Israel in the House by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, March 21, 2005 at
Spinwatch is a useful (if now out of date) background on the LFA - which is very interesting to read in the light of Lord Levy's peddling of honours to fund the 2005 election.

One time chairmans was Jon Mandelsohn listed as the 28th most influential person in "British Jewry" by the Jewish Chronicle this year. The paper wrote: "At ease in the corridors of power, Mendelsohn has the contacts and know-how to advance Israel's case in his LFI role." Pic is of Nicola (Mrs) Mendelsohn,(now 33) head of Grays Advertising where friends of Lord Patel remember her (she is from Manchester) graduating with a degree in English and Drama from Leeds University in 1992. Since elected at the Institute in Practioners in Advertising Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 26th April 2006 to their Council and ferocious networker."I love my work, and you can hold it all together. I have a live-in nanny (and 4 kids) , an array of cleaners, and Tesco.com is a lifesaver - and my husband is very supportive. " Guradian Face of the Future
Nicolas's top tip ..." If you don't ask, you'll never get. Chutzpah is everything. "
Blackberries have made things a lot easier - you can send a two-line message instead of having a 10-minute conversation - we bet it has been overheating today. (e mail nicola.mendelsohn@greyeu.com ) see also "The Power Mum" Independent 18 th April this year. Nicola is also a governor of The Wolfson Hillel Primary School (founded in 1992 as a United Synagogue School **** ) as well as a Director of the Fragrance Foundation - Fragrance Foundation UK is a non-profit making educational organisation setting standards of excellence for the fragrance industry in the UK.
Jon Mendelsohn (friend, protege and general lickspittle for Lord Levy) who took up a job of Chief Fund Raiser on September 3rd (in a voluntary capacity - presumably therfore unpaid - on leave from LLM - Lawson, Lucas, Mendelsohn the Westminster lobbyists) issued a statement just before Gordon Brown rose for PMQ's today.

Yet another piece in the puzzle rasing more questions than it answers (In full at BBC Online) .

Probably the most extarordinary part is ...

"When I was researching previous gifts and plans I enquired into the names of individuals I did not know or otherwise recognise which included Janet Kidd, Raymond Ruddick and latterly John McCarthy.

I was informed by Peter Watt to whom I reported that this was an arrangement with David Abrahams which was long-standing and which was appropriately dealt with in relation to the Party's reporting requirements. He told me these donations fully complied with the law and I had no reason to doubt that information.

was long-standing

How long standing ? Back certainly to the days of Matt Carter ? ... even earlier .... to My fellow Lord Triesman ?... it would appear so. No doubt Newsnight's mystery midnight caller could fill in the details, if asked. ...or Mr Carter or Triesman the Trot.

fully complied with the law

It did not and clarification on the point would have been easily sought. by reading the Act, the Electoral Commission advice, or even contacting the staff of the Compliance Office at the Electoral Commission.

I had no reason to doubt

He had every reason to doubt what Watt said as he was "unhappy with the arrangement whereby donations were taken through a third party and was determined it would not play a part in our future plans"....."I did not discuss this with the officers of the National Executive Committee or party leadership but I decided to tell Mr Abrahams that his method of contribution was unacceptable. "

Quite extraordinary - he doesn't tell anybody (although Baroness Jay's antennae had picked this up) and finally gets round to writing a letter to David Abrahams (AKA John Martin) with whom he had a dust up on the LFI (" given our personal history of past disagreements") that lands on his Northern doorstep just before the Daily Mail blows the gaff.

Mandelson accordingly wrote a letter (when is very,very unclear)

PS : To unclear the air there is of course the letter about which Mr Abrahamson was so anxious to discuss on Newsnight, a handwritten letter according to Abrahams, typed according to Mandelsohn (a curious and tangling discrepancy ). Abrahams received the letter yesterday, Tuesday - in his telling it appears not via a postal service but was "on his mat".

This is the text according to Newsnight's account

Dear David,

Thank you for your message which Oliver(Labour Party apparatchik) passed onto me. The party is of course very appreciative of all the support you have given over many years. At some point I would like to have the opportunity to talk with you personally about what we are doing and our plans for the time between now and the next general election. I know your diary is very busy but as one of the party’s strongest supporters it is only right that you are kept informed of what we are doing and the priorities that we are assigning to our resources. Any time that your diary allows, when you are next in London, I would very much like to meet to discuss this with you.

Warmest regards, John

The Director of General Election Resources (so far)

Perhaps that's how these things are done in Israel.

Update 4.30 pm : The deeply unpleasant Stephen Pollard on his Spectator Blog has a fascinating insight of his time at the Fabian Society and the egregious and pusy David ("Dave" to Jack Straw who has never, seen, heard , felt, touched,smelt or known)Abrahams.

A commentator calles Joss Fitzsimmons makes the entirely ludicrous and ill founded suggestion that perhaps DA's subscriptions were DA acting as bag man for the Israeli Lobby ... and suggests ..." Blair said Israel needed "more time to complete their objectives" when they were bombing defenseless Lebanon. Did David Abraham pay for that statement I wonder?" As if.

Macaulay said that the Puritans hated bear baiting not because it hurt the bear but because it gave pleasure to the spectator. PMQ's resembled an unruly bear pit today and Vincent Cable (en passant - but then aren't they all, leader of the Lib Dems launched the wonderful image of Stalin transforming into Mr Bean.
**** Incidentally Steven Twigg Opened the Wolfson Hillel's Scool Pears' Foundation Early Years Unit in 2005 when he was Minister of State for School Standards. Alas no longer an MP but he was Chairman of the Labour Friends of Israel.and also had a very exciting social life at Oxford where he sometimes read PPE at Balliol. (BBC)

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