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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

L'affair Dreyfus , Gorgeous George doesn't say J'accuse which is French and so is agent provocateurs

Stephiblog reprints a letter (not French) from George Galloway to Jacqui Smith the kebab fetishist Home Secretary identifying an Inspector Chris Dreyfus as an agent provocateur at the anti Bush Rally described by Yasmin Whittaker-Khan in the Mail on Sunday 22nd June . "Was 'friend' who yelled abuse at police on anti-war demo a stooge or a thug, asks writer"

"This man" , says George, showing his age by the changing fashions of street argot,"This man, to my direct knowledge, committed four criminal offences during the 30 minutes or so he stood next to me. First, he repeatedly chanted the arcane, antiquated Americana, “Kill the pigs!” This is a clear incitement etc ., etc., which you can read for yourself.

He concludes ..."It now seems that what happened was a deliberate conspiracy to bring about scenes of violent disorder, seen around the world and for purposes on which we can only speculate." ... cause enough to lock him up and spend the next 28 days assembling a case of terrorism, utlising the whole range of Police still photographs and video taken by Police evidence gatherers.

...but then of course if he isn't a policeman ... the IPCC couldn't possibly investigate.

Not all men who have truncheons and helmets in their trousers are Policemen.

Curious how the national Press have remained silent on this one, or is the Lord Patel worldwide news gathering service falling down again.?
They were not previously silent when the Soaraway Sun printed news of this wonderful Plod revealing his Face book page and invitations for gay sex and for people to “bite, grope, lick or spank” him.

Remarkably (in the light of his activities in Whitehall on the anti-bush march) the Sun says this chappie , "Insp Dreyfus used to head the Transport Police’s Counter-Terrorism Proactive Unit.

He was in charge of 30 officers and was on the frontline at King’s Cross during the July 7 suicide attacks in 2005. " Stable paper the Times raking over the ordure also carried the story of his "gay" lifestyle at the time.


paul said...

Perhaps protestors should institute a policy of citizen's arrests when they find these odd people disrupting their march.
It would show good faith with the police and rid them of people who do not seem to share their interests.

Anonymous said...

studying dna is bad for your health

an odd story.One to watch.Pound to a penny noone gets arrested.Plod will be scratching his helmut

Anonymous said...

The Home Secretary has to respond to George and if she finds out that he is police officer, there has to be an offical investigation unless, she decides that it's not in the public interest and signs an PII but even if there is an investigation, it could be D noticed.

At a guess, he was probably on duty, and the commissioner knew about the operation.

Anonymous said...

"At a guess, he was probably on duty, and the commissioner knew about the operation."

Freedom of Information Act request, anyone?

s said...

Go ahead with the FOI request. You can do it here.

C said...

Check out this post from 05/19/2001:

Range Practice in NYC

My experience is mainly in rifle shooting (I'm ex-Army)

Chris Dreyfus
Special Constable
British Transport Police, UK

Ex-army as well?

Mariam said...

George Galloway is a reliable witness?

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