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Chinese premier Wen Jiabao 12th March 2009

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Father of Brighton "Babe in the Wood" rape/murder victim arrested for attempted rape pf daughter over 23 years ago

Nicola Fellows 9 and Karen Hadaway, 10 were both found raped and murdered in Wild Park, Brighton in 1986. Labelled the "Babes in the Wood" murder by the press it remains unsolved - though keeps re-surfacing see post Sunday, March 16, 2008 PC Uncorrectness - and PC suicidalism.

There have also been connections through the murder of Katrine Taylor when London drug dealers Trevor Smith and Fergal Scollan, convicted and jailed for life at Lewes Crown Court in 1997 for her murder, were cleared after a retrial at the Old Bailey.

Yesterday Sussex Police Sussex Police said a woman had come forward and as a result 59-year-old was Nicola's father, Barrie Fellows, was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to rape his daughter; Douglas Judd, a family friend from Brighton, was also arrested on suspicion of rape.

The source said the woman who came forward was not a relative of Nicola. The force stressed the allegations were not related to the 1986 murders.

In 1987, Russell Bishop, a 42-year-old roofer who knew the girls, was tried and acquitted of their murders. He is now serving a life sentence for the abduction, molestation and attempted murder of a seven-year-old in 1990.

Mr Fellows, who was bailed, condemned the police and claimed the allegations were based on a lie made by an ex-girlfriend of Mr Bishop. Rumuours amongst the trhiving brighton drug culture suggest theseinvolved the receipt by the police of video evidence.

The investigation is being led by Detective Chief Inspector Adam Hibbert, of Sussex Police's Major Crime Branch who has a proud record of public service in Sussex.

Other Brighton News

Leila Deen 29, the dumb member of the Plane Stupid campaign group who slimed the precious Trade Secretary Lord High Pooh Bah Mandelson attended a central London police station on Thursday and accepted a "caution" ...a punishment devised "on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service".

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